Randy Herman


Twisting Links Fidget - Dual Action
bgbdrand Thanks! Soon as you let me know I'll buy it! Looking forward to your doing this! Thanks!
bgbdrand This is what I want! Where can I buy it? Why is it NOT for sale?
bgbdrand commented on Mini Fidget #1 by MiddleEarthNet
October 30, 2016
Mini Fidget #1
bgbdrand Twisting link fidget like a larger mini fidget #1 Can't find it for sale! Help!
bgbdrand Please show me where to buy the one in the video! (That's white) The larger one like the #1
Super Tiny RBS Marble Run Rolling Ball Sculpture
bgbdrand Lemme know if you do make one of these larger and I'll buy one! Thanks!
bgbdrand I'll buy one of these if you can make it larger, maybe 4 inches? Can you do that? Thanks! Randy
Christmas Ornament RBS rev b Luke 2
bgbdrand I was wanting one of these Christmas Ornaments, but after recovering from seeing the price of it, this is WAY too expensive for something like this! A hundred bucks after shipping (or darn close to it)??? I can easily live without it all things considered!! Sheesj!!!
Rolling ball earrings
Rolling ball earrings
bgbdrand commented on Mobius Nautilus by joabaldwin
April 21, 2016
Mobius Nautilus
bgbdrand Alright, then! You sold me! Pushing the 'buy' button now! Thanks!
bgbdrand Does the white get dirty if it's handled a lot! I like the white, but if it's gonna turn grey in places, perhaps I should go with a color instead! Also, is this model flimsy or pretty solid? Thanks!
Double Moebius Big 8cm 0.045
bgbdrand With these white nylon plastic items, if they art touched a lot will they get a dirty look to them?
bgbdrand commented on Mobius Tori by Schaewill
April 20, 2016
Mobius Tori
bgbdrand So this seller grabs attention on this site for displaying his item all over the place in the color blue, but when pressed, he admits it does NOT come in blue AT ALL! Can't do it! False advertising if you ask me! I just wanted one like he has in the pic, then he gives me this song and dance then telling me I should buy the white one anyway and dye it MYSELF!!! Unreal! I'd stay away from this shady character if I were you! Doesn't deserve MY business, that's for sure!!!!!
bgbdrand So do you have this piece in blue plastic at all? Please answer!
Borromean honeycomb moebius small
bgbdrand Is this the 'half size' we were talking about?
bgbdrand commented on Honeycomb-borromean-surface by MindEversion
April 19, 2016
bgbdrand A pic of the half size would help, the price, and where to buy it here please!
bgbdrand How much is the half size one, where do I buy that one, and is it exactly like the larger one?


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