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besasama commented on Tech Dice - D100 by Steve3d
December 4, 2015
Tech Dice - D100
besasama This is how my'en ternd out. It's fantastic.
besasama @nursedyer2009 OK so if this is what he wanted it is VARY playable. I'm holding my'en in my hand right now, and I can tell you a couple of things about it. It is hallow macking it lighter, witch is good. Vary balanced, also good. And unlike uthere d100s it is VARY ezy to Reed what you roll do to it's uneek shap. I think this would be a great present for anyone wanting a D100. Just Mack where you get the "frosted ultra detal" opshen. It's the ferst blue square. It will run you abut $40.00 for the small, abut the size of a golf ball, to $130.00 for the larg, abut the size of a baseball. I got the larg, but if you have a budget the small is still a good size.
besasama Also the second picture I posted was the "large size" not this exact one. But the "frosted ultra detal" should work for the small size wonderfully. If you want to get the large size scroll to the top of the page, you will see the diziners name as a blue link, right next to it is "visit shop" click that one. And go through the pages till you see "tec d100 2014 large"
besasama @nursedyer2009 Don't get that one. From uthere comits people have been saying that the "matlic plastic " comes out even worse than the "Wight shtong and flexible" witch was nearly unreadable when I got it. I bot a second one of the "frosted ultra detal" and it locks amazing. Scroll down to look at both of my pictures I have posted.
besasama @nursedyer2009 Ferst if your sun plays MTG "magic the gathering" he won't want this die... MTG players ushalt only use d20s, and d10s. Ales your sun also plays roll play games like "dungens and dragons". But if your sun really would like one of these I segest the " frosted ultra detal " that's what I got that ternd out really good. It's a little more expensive tho, but definitely worth it. I got the "Wight strong and flexible" and it was grany and almost completely unreadable.
besasama The Frosted Ultra Detail came out great. It is the bigger one. Get the Frosted Ultra Detail. The White Strong and Flexible came out terrible. I don't think I can use the Strong and Flexible.
besasama @nursedyer2009 Witch picture? The one I posted of the one that didn't work? Or the one that did?
besasama @thatmarkguy OK. So I have purchased a second die in a higher detail "frosted ultra detal" and it was a LOT better. After getting the Wight strong and flexible, and the ultra detal I will sat the ultra detal is definitely worth the money. I serjest you get that for your sun. I also spent a bit more money and got the "large" size, and did not regret it. Here is a picture of the new one. The numbers are slightly hard to see, but it just needs pant. The numbers are perfectly formed, and lock better in real life then the picktcher.


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