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Yannick Swinnen


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist
Hi, I am Yannick and a collector of Transformers. I really enjoy making stuff and now with shapeways I can bring life to some designs!

BelFormers commented on Skyfire Rifle WAH by BelFormers
August 22, 2018
Skyfire Rifle WAH
BelFormers @jrvinas Yes, I use another one, a sleeker one, also available in my shop.
BelFormers commented on TW Slag G1 Gun by BelFormers
December 18, 2017
TW Slag G1 Gun
BelFormers @AztecLos13 If the power of the primes Slag has 5mm hands, then yes, but I don't know what size they are molded on the toy. But I think standard is 5mm.
CW Dragstrip Front Spoiler pt2 - Wheel
BelFormers @MrZies Price is for one wheel.
BelFormers commented on Generations Skyfire G1 Cockpit v2 by BelFormers
January 3, 2017
Generations Skyfire G1 Cockpit v2
BelFormers @Hilik It will work with all jetfire models, depends on where you are getting it, from here, I won't be able to paint it. I am currently trying to print this with my own 3d printer which is cheaper. Instructions will be available, but I don't know when, I don't even know if a lot of people are still interested in this.
BelFormers @reillyd Well thanks, it does :p
BelFormers commented on TF Generations 2015 Air Raid G1 Gun by BelFormers
October 16, 2016
TF Generations 2015 Air Raid G1 Gun
BelFormers @pedrop How big you want it to be, I can scale it up if that is what you want.
BelFormers @carloj2011 I don't know, maybe , I'm not sure yet if I will even get the set.
BelFormers @carloj2011 Yes, it'll be all done this summer.
WB01-B Heavy Noisy Extension Backpack V2
BelFormers @urotsukidojishojin I don't have a shoulder extender though I have seen people making it don't know where anymore. For the shipment to Peru that's something that you need to ask Shapeways, that's not something I can do.
BelFormers commented on Handconnector TFC OS Uranos V2 by BelFormers
March 29, 2016
Handconnector TFC OS Uranos V2
BelFormers @fowlerke Not that I know of, don't know the arms use the same hingdesign
BelFormers commented on Arms KO TFC Fireflight/Slingshot V1.0 by BelFormers
September 24, 2015
Arms KO TFC Fireflight/Slingshot V1.0
BelFormers @ss4steve I'm very confident with adjusting all things that need to be done. It will never be perfect, therefor I will need to design the whole chest. But it'll be pretty close, it's not that the original jet mode was perfect, the sides weren't as good , but I'll see what happens. I think my idea for Fireflight is going to be better, new shoulders that will transform, but first I'm going to try and finish Air Raid and then it's time for fireflight.
BelFormers @ss4steve I'm making a coverish thing for it so you don't need to cut the standard shoulders to make the vents for the harrier.
BelFormers @ss4steve This is how it looks like in jet mode.
BelFormers @ss4steve not yet, haven't found the right screws to put the halfs together and the one on the picture is a prototype that was a little to badly printed with my own printer. I'll try and put one up this weekend.
BelFormers commented on TW Muddy G1 Gun Big by BelFormers
September 22, 2015
TW Muddy G1 Gun Big
BelFormers @heirofthedog I changed it also put something in front of it so it wouldn't be to weird looking.
BelFormers @heirofthedog It does fit, though it sticks a bit out, I'll relocate the handle, then it should be able to fit better.
BelFormers @heirofthedog I have muddy myself, someone tested it and he had no complaints but I'll see and test myself this weekend, hadn't ordered this gun before.
BelFormers @heirofthedog I'll have to check, sorry for the late response, forgot it. I'll check this weekend.
BelFormers commented on Feet KO TFC Slingshot/Fireflight V3.0 by BelFormers
September 11, 2015
Feet KO TFC Slingshot/Fireflight V3.0
BelFormers @ss4steve Hopefully this weekend :D
BelFormers @ss4steve of course! :D
BelFormers commented on Classics MP Bumblebee Gun by BelFormers
August 30, 2015
Classics MP Bumblebee Gun
BelFormers @amp888 Great, thanks, I appreciate it that you like it!
BelFormers @amp888 Thanks could you maybe make a photo?
Aerial Chivalry Head for Oversized Uranos Eagle
BelFormers Just got it a second ago and perfect! really nice but indeed difficult to fit together but it better be like that don't want the face to come off with a little force. And a bit of sanding or a little cut with a knife will do. The balljoint is perfect!
BelFormers @SteamShield Also 6mm by the way my harriers also have 6mm ball joints. These are meant to go on the KO Oversized TFC Uranos bots right?
BelFormers @SteamShield I measured it and it was 6.15 on mine, so probably. But 6 will do then since the material will give a bit probably.
BelFormers Is the balljoint 6mm?
Generations Leader Class Skyfire Leg Fillers
BelFormers @ribeiro_m_j_ricardo Thank you for your feedback, of the 10 people that bought it in Beta, you are the first to give feedback. So what I'm thinking now is maybe it's a print error by Shapeways, do you maybe have pictures?
Generations Leader Class Skyfire G1 Rifle Huge
BelFormers @Prowlfan voor welke bot dient het, zodat ik de grote weet.
BelFormers @Prowlfan What about a gun for prowl? You want me to make one for you Sonny?
BelFormers commented on TW G1 Dinobot Swords Set M by BelFormers
July 14, 2015
TW G1 Dinobot Swords Set M
BelFormers @warlordzsinj thanks for being the first one buying them, could you maybe post or send me a picture?
Phantom Racer Head "Spotlight"
BelFormers A little to much on the lips for my taste, otherwise excellent!
BelFormers commented on Streetjacker Head G1 Toy by SteamShield
April 24, 2015
Streetjacker Head G1 Toy
BelFormers By the way you should really do a G1 Cartoon head, you are far better than me in heads, and mine looks fine to myself but people aren't liking it, so you should really do it. There will be definitely people wanting to buy it.
BelFormers Lol I was asked to make that, now I don't have to anymore! Looks pretty good like all your heads.
BelFormers commented on Gen. Skyfire G1 Cartoon Rifle by BelFormers
March 25, 2015
Gen. Skyfire G1 Cartoon Rifle
BelFormers @clarke_kenneth If that jetfire has a 5mm hole in his hands then yes. I think he does have 5mm holes. Don't know it for sure, sold mine when I heard the leader class figure was coming.
BelFormers commented on Aerial Catapult Head by SteamShield
January 30, 2015
Aerial Catapult Head
BelFormers @SteamShield Yeah probably hasbro saw the interest in this and said fuck him :p When you have tried painting the head please let me know, and in Belgium it's the same, the weather is everything but good for painting :D "SNOW"
BelFormers @SteamShield Okay thanks, but probably going to wait and see what Hasbro does with Slingshot, all the rumours here and there. And will definitely have to wait till the CW figures come out in retail, hopefully a bit cheaper than online stores :p. Have you tried painting the heads that were printed in UD or FUD?
BelFormers @SteamShield Okay then it's a great price! Keep up the work. You beat me to it :D
BelFormers Really like this head, is the price going up when it's tested? I was going to make one myself, got some guns already, but now I don't have to :p Really looking forward to this!
BelFormers commented on CW Superion Antennae by fakebusker83
January 5, 2015
CW Superion Antennae
BelFormers Looking good, especially in the Yellow Polished, thought of making them myself if the price is going to get too high, any idea of what you are going to charge when they are tested? Cause I can only get Silverbolt like at the end of this month.


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