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Brett Isaacs


3D modeler, Designer, Product designer
I am a part time N-Scale (1:160) designer. I do this as a hobby and for fun. 

FINALLY! Check it out Jordan J Type - N Jordan Spreader Type J
baldylox commented on N Komatsu Excavator by baldylox
December 11, 2016
N Komatsu Excavator
baldylox thanks viny! if you have photos of your finished model, send them to me or post them here!
baldylox i can add it to my list, but i wouldn't count on it being anytime soon. between my own needs and other requests, the list is too long.
baldylox commented on JD Grain Headers 2 Pack by baldylox
November 7, 2016
JD Grain Headers 2 Pack
baldylox If I had the time i probably would. I made an 80's combine, but havent pursued much else later than that. I will put them on my 'list' thought. thanks
baldylox I'm sure they could. biggest difference, is i dont think there were 30' headers in that era. I remember our custom harvesters getting them in the mid 80's. I doubt anyone will get out a ruler and measure your loads. lol
baldylox commented on N Coal Rotary Dumper FUD Parts by baldylox
August 8, 2016
N Coal Rotary Dumper FUD Parts
baldylox you are further along than I am on the project, i wish you good luck. lol I would assume you need some kind of motor control if you are going to do automatic control. something that knows the locations or something. some kind of reed swtich setup maybe, or write some software and run it via an arduino. keep me posted. you will be the first to try and automate!! :D
baldylox The wood chip model is longer and the openings are larger to accommodate the much taller wood-chip cars. All I can say about the belt, is see the design image. this was how I plan to attempt it. Other methods can be used, might have to do a google search. some of the prior links i shared with you show using a bent arm lever on the lower part of the rotating drum to "tip it". i did not feel you were complaining. I just want to make sure you and I were on the same page with what I know about the model so far and that i am continuing to improve it.
baldylox i appreciate the feedback. This is a BETA project which means its undergoing testing from others. this feedback helps me to tweak the model. a few questions. 1. Here is a photo of my Kato Coalporter on the very first test print of the dumper. the atlas flex track is recessed into the track pit and there is clearance for the car. Its not a lot, but it does fit. 2. Did you get the polished version or the regular White Flexible? I added the polished to make the rolling surfaces smoother. What needs to be adjusted with the rollers? wider? deeper? 3. Did you use the 225/226 styrene tubes? I double checked the opening for each tubes mount in my design and they should fit just fine. You could use smaller tubing or as you said, drill them out. Not a big deal, but i will add it to my list of items to modify in these models. 4. Making this model truly operational will require a lot more work. I fully expect, on my model, to replace the roller with something of an actually roller bearing. As i mentioned in another dicussion, ive not had the time to build the motor i bought for testing to see how the plastic can handle the operational aspect. It might prove to need a lot more re-design. I beleive i sent you the pages i used for inspiration (HO models). 5. the picture is rather small you submitted, not sure if thats shapeways doing or not. again, thank you for the feedback and ill continue to make changes to improve the product.
baldylox commented on N Herzog MPM XXXVI HZGX205 by baldylox
August 6, 2016
baldylox SWEEEET!! cant wait to see it all painted and in action.
baldylox @nmaniac you should easily be able to remove them with some care of course. The walls are super thick for the grills, the upper fans should easily cut right out as well. i added them as an after thought. the previous build was setup to use BLMA fans.
baldylox ya it is. check your mail...btw...did ya read the description? :P
Now model some trasportation drills! - N JD 55' TRANSPORT Box Drills
Check out this cool product! - N Herzog MPM XXXVI HZGX205
baldylox commented on N Herzog MPM Flatcar Cab HZGX 20600 by baldylox
April 4, 2016
N Herzog MPM Flatcar Cab HZGX 20600
baldylox appreciate the feedback. in trying to keep them small, they do not always work successfully. I'll consider beefing them up for the next update.
N Herzog Komatsu - NO TRACKS or BUCKET
baldylox thanks for the feedback!
baldylox Thanks! I am planning on adding an "accessory pack" to include, tie cutter, mower, magnet, grappler, rock cutter and maybe a few more.
baldylox commented on N 20' Car Trailer 2 Pack by baldylox
October 18, 2015


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