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3D modeler, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker
A passion for Transformers, whether original designs or parts to improve on existing figures! Most items have been test printed at home.

POTP Battletrap RoadTrap weapon v2 Rifle
BackToLife @TheTigerKing84 Hey there! Really glad you like them, thank so much! Here's how it works with Roadtrap, it adds a little more filling to his alt mode I think too.
Eliminate That annoying gap in your POTP Transformers Battleslash!
Fansproject Pinchar Fix kit!
Titans Return Power Master Prime Arm Fillers
BackToLife @Aremke Cheers for the pic. Your Prime looks great. (Would look even better with my guns though haha =P What did you do to make the head look so good? Would you mind letting me know how the fit is after trimming the pegs? I did extend them a little to try and get a tighter fit so no glue was needed, if that is the problem I'll change them back.
BackToLife @Aremke Thank you so much for your feedback. I have added a notice :). How is the fit? :) I'd love to see a photo!
BackToLife @fbd12c6 Hey there, they just slot in and should stay there as they have in my tests :)
BackToLife favorited Ninja Squirtle, Mikey by TrentTroop
October 22, 2016
BackToLife commented on Kondorean Warrior Cyber Version by Tresob
July 25, 2015
Kondorean Warrior Cyber Version
BackToLife If you need a little cyber bird in your life, this guy is great. He needs a tiny bit of assembly which should take about a minute but after that you're ready to roll. Each piece fits in well though the neck is really tight and will need some sanding to successfully get all the way into the body, I used black strong and flexible so it may be different with other materials. The wings are perfectly tight so they stay in a position you put them into but aren't so hard to move they feel breakable. They are attached by C-clips which add a element of articulation as well. He is a little hard to balance on his legs, instead opting to take a nosedive forward unless you get him into the perfect position, maybe the head is slightly too heavy? He looks lovely balanced on a block figures arm but doesn't have a hole to attach him to blocks themselves. I love that this design is still remembered and will proudly display it in my SW Collection.
BackToLife commented on Stegomini by Tresob
July 25, 2015
BackToLife Even though Stegomini is, well, mini, he is one beefy beast! This came out fab in white strong and flexible polished and has a really intense sculpt that lets you know he's made to cause trouble. He is so thick and satisfying to hold and when he sits on your shelf you know he is 100% stable and not much in this world could knock him down. If you can paint miniatures, get this! He has so much detail that could be brought out to make him look even more impressive.
BackToLife commented on A Little Excessive Miniature by Tresob
July 25, 2015
A Little Excessive Miniature
BackToLife I ordered this in white strong & flexible polished and it printed beautifully. The detail in such a small size is outstanding and the creator has really done well making sure there are no really small parts that will snap off, even with his tiny little menacing claws. This would look fab if painted up though I confess I am scared to ruin what is a lovely little piece!
BackToLife commented on Kondoreon Sidekick by Tresob
July 25, 2015
Kondoreon Sidekick
BackToLife I printed off this little Kondoreon in white strong and flexible, polished and it came out great. There is a lot of detail in this little guy and he fits perfectly on to block type toys via a hole on the bottom, where he also scales in nicely with his other block type friends. He doesn't need any assembly, nor does he have any articulation but he is very cute indeed and works exactly as you would need him. Be a little careful with his weapons though, they are very small and stick off, as such they could be fragile, so don't go flying him around the room.....too fast.
BackToLife commented on Jagwarrior by Tresob
July 25, 2015
BackToLife @Tresob No problem! It seems like there just aren't enough people leaving info on whether or not to buy here on Shapeways, which seems especially relevant with 3D printing since it can all go horribly wrong and some aren't well tested. Lovely job on this little ankle biter ^_^, go forth and buy it everyone, it's A-OK!
BackToLife I printed off this tiny Jagwarrior in black acrylic with perfect results. He is very very small, as you can tell by my picture taken with a normal sized marble. The sculpt is very nice and the designer has made it so despite its size, he is sturdy and is not going to break easily. His tail is nice and thick so is not going to snap off just by looking at it and his pose is done in such a way that it is no effort to stand him up and he stay solid on the ground. I love him, thanks Tresob!
TMNT Little Turtles (4 pieces bundle)
BackToLife I had these TMNT turtles printed for me in full colour Sandstone and they are beautiful little figurines. They are very small, you could sit one on your fingertip, but have very fine and sharp detail on both the top and bottom which is lovely. The sculpt is also gorgeous and really gives an organic turtle look rather than a shell with some little stumps sticking out of them. Sadly they may just be a little too small for Shapeways as they printed two of these turtles with a deformed and missing leg on each. I'm sure this is more of an issue with Shapeways than the design its self as two out of four were perfect! I have found they really fit in with the slightly flocked line of figurines "Animals in my pocket"!
BackToLife commented on Scorpion Tapebot by tomservo
July 25, 2015
Scorpion Tapebot
BackToLife I printed this Scorpion tape bot in white strong and flexible with good results. The assembly was easy though the pegs to go into the holes needed sanding down a bit to be able to fit in. It is a lovely figure which....converts...from a scorpion to a cassette which is about the same as the original G1 size of cassette converter. I only have a couple of nit picks which are present on my version. Firstly the legs are held on by small dips and nubs to keep them together but unfortunately they aren't deep enough dips or long enough nubs so it doesn't work very well and the legs are forever falling off should you do anything with it. Secondly, the way the claws fold in, you will need a tooth pick or similar small stick to get them out to convert again, there isn't a tab or anything at the side which would have been handy to help prise the claws out. Otherwise, a beautiful figure that fits in very well with the G1 ascetic and design but won't look out of place in a Masterpiece setting either. Sadly, only one pic is allowed on here, if you'd like to see more, have a look here:


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