Azhar Wahab


POTP Rodimus Prime or Unicronus shoulder filler
azmorello @patrickakoch they come in a pair :)
azmorello @AztecLos13 it should be! Didn’t see any retool on the Rodimus unicronus
azmorello @Hyoumaru Hmm nope.. designed it with robot mode in mind..
Darksaber for the black series 6" Sabine Wren!
Combiner Wars Rodimus Side Fender exhaust pipes
azmorello @Dr_Lockdown good to hear that you got your replacements. Awesome picture review! thanks!
azmorello @Dr_Lockdown i hope they rectify this for you and send you a replacement order. There were a few orders before yours, so i think they might have mixed up someone else's too.
azmorello @Dr_Lockdown I think you have to scroll the website all the way down. Find a 'contact us' link. Looks something like the picture I attach here
azmorello @Dr_Lockdown nope, it doesnt need to be unpegged
azmorello @Dr_Lockdown hmm, i have no idea as well. the parts clearly seen is for a left and right part. maybe you would want to highlight this to shapeways?
azmorello commented on Autobot Base Stand by azmorello
September 2, 2016
Autobot Base Stand
azmorello full uncropped picture
Combiner Wars Optimus Prime Smokestacks
azmorello @flapjack21 thanks for the link! Heartwarming to see that people are finding the item useful!
azmorello @flapjack21 so far i didn't design it with PE add on kit. Will look into it once i get my PE add on kit :)
Combiner Wars Menasor Horns upgrade
azmorello @carloj2011 shapeways have issues printing this out.. i have no idea why
Check out this cool product! - Combiner Wars Limbs to Galaxy Convoy/Cybertron OP
Combiner Wars Menasor Shoulder Pad Lock
azmorello @Sigmalock sure, i just opened the material up. shapeways charge those materials quite high though.
azmorello @Scottman_XIII@midrealmdm@frenzyXprime hmm.. good question.. i didnt think of those modes when i created this.. it is purely for Menasor's aesthetic value. Super busy with work nowadays, but i will try to see if i can try to do a v2
Combiner Wars Rodimus Axe Wing Peg Upgrade
azmorello @midrealmdm as a chest piece, im not too sure, most probably will be at the same place? attached a pic for in vehicle mode
azmorello commented on Combiner Wars Superion Thigh upgrade by azmorello
January 2, 2016
Combiner Wars Superion Thigh upgrade
azmorello @MTL79 Hi, sorry for the wrong link, this is the correct link:
azmorello @knightfall payment costs should be the cost of the item + shipping. I am not too sure how much shipping is but I think shapeways provides the shipping cost when you checkout the item. I hope that helps. Thanks!
azmorello @underdog318 sorry, i am not too sure how smooth it will be
azmorello @underdog318 ive put it up, 65 due to shapeways expensive material
azmorello @underdog318 Shapeways frosted extreme detail is not printable. the ultra is.
azmorello @fabiomicallef will do, thanks!
azmorello @fabiomicallef im working on the feet for both superion and menasor. just need to find time to finish them off
azmorello commented on Cloud Rodimus Wing Upgrade 2 by azmorello
September 17, 2015
Cloud Rodimus Wing Upgrade 2
azmorello @diaclone84 i dont have a cloud rodimus, but i do have a picture of TFA Springer with wing upgrade non pointed edge.


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