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Nexus Prime head for CW Bruticus Small
AutobotQuaternion @LuigiGT It is easy for me to update this for Hot Spot but we will have to wait and see on PotP Inferno. They may have done some slight retooling.
AutobotQuaternion @HarleyQuinade it wont fit because Hotspot has a ball joint attached to his head instead of having in mounted on his neck like bruticus. If you want one for Hotspot, I could easily make one with a ball joint to fit him. let me know.
AutobotQuaternion @HarleyQuinade let me check and get back to you
IDW Elita One head for CW Onslaught
AutobotQuaternion @AztecLos13 It will work for any version of CW Onslaught.
Beachcomber head for OS KO Toyworld Searchlight
AutobotQuaternion @ShadowConvoy Pumper: http://shpws.me/OOdK
AutobotQuaternion @ShadowConvoy how about i just retool it as pumper?
AutobotQuaternion @ShadowConvoy its actually a mushroom peg not a ball joint. I could make one for you with a ball joint though. let me know what figure you want to put it on.
Crasher for CW Dragtstrip - http://shpws.me/NvXu Crasher For CW Dragstrip
Strika head for CW Onslaught
AutobotQuaternion @ShockBlade501 forgot to tag you. see answer below.
AutobotQuaternion ball joint is 4.9mm. Not sure how you want me to measure the depth (from what reference point - the bottom of the head or the base of the neck?). Pictured is how it looks. If you are trying to fit in on another figure, then let me know which one and I can try it out.
Spaceship for Titans Return Titan Masters
AutobotQuaternion @carlojmalijan ok i added BHDA. But I don't think you'll like the price. FYI, I am currently selling this at cost so there is not really anything I can do about the prices :(
4mm Double Ball Joint
AutobotQuaternion @sephthestoryteller sure. do you want same overall length?
G1 Lancer for AOE Drift
AutobotQuaternion @Caliburst Skydive's ball joint is 4mm so Slipstream head wont work on it as it currently has too large of a socket. Here is what it would look like (i just balanced the head on there). I agree it looks better on Skydive. Let me know if you want this and I can whip one up for you.
AutobotQuaternion @Caliburst My chromia head is for the lambo but that is the only current one i have for specifically for that mold. I actually have a chestplate for it too but I think I never uploaded it for purchase. i believe it is pictured on TFW. I'll have to double check the slipstream head for skydive since i made it for fireflight and I cant remember if it fits that. i can check.
AutobotQuaternion @Caliburst it does work for Groove. However, IMO, it would look better if i designed it specifically for groove. You be the judge - see pic.
AutobotQuaternion @Caliburst yes the ball joint will fit but that doesnt mean that the head will fit during transformation. let me know which one you want it for and I will try it out for you.
AutobotQuaternion commented on Maxima Blaster by AutobotQuaternion
May 23, 2017
Maxima Blaster
AutobotQuaternion @drbanzai Hey nice paint job! Yeah all the strong and flexible stuff on shapeways comes out a little grainy. its a little better with the polished but nothing really beats the hi def acryl. i wish they'd come out with something cheaper than that though.
AutobotQuaternion @drbanzai Shapeways does not offer Black strong and flexible polished for some reason. The black hi def acyrl is used for this and actually looks alot nicer than the strong and flexible stuff. It is more expensive material though, but if you are interested, I am already offering that option. Or, you could get the polished in another color (e.g. white) and paint it to your liking.
AutobotQuaternion @drbanzai sure. what color do you want?
Thunderblast head for CW Air Raid
AutobotQuaternion @NovaBoltAH yeah i agree. Ok I will work it.
AutobotQuaternion @NovaBoltAH haha, good idea. I can do the resize easily. Did you want it as a faceplate ? That is a bit more complicated, but potentially doable.
AutobotQuaternion @wregis Ok, I will do this.
Thunderblast head for CW Air Raid - http://shpws.me/ObzT Thunderblast head for CW Air Raid
Elita One head at 1.6cm with no ball joint socket - http://shpws.me/O56m Elita One 1.6cm head with no ball joint socket
Beachcomber head for OS KO Toyworld Searchlight- http://shpws.me/NXxl Beachcomber head for OS KO Toyworld Searchlight
Airachnid gun-legs for CW helicopter - http://shpws.me/NUs6 Airachnid Legs for CW Helicopter
Null-rays for CW Slingshot / Fireflight - http://shpws.me/NUrH Null-rays for CW Slingshot/Fireflight
Mistress of Flame head for CW Bruticus - http://shpws.me/NAN3 Mistress Of Flame head for CW Bruticus
AutobotQuaternion commented on Moonracer Head by AutobotQuaternion
January 21, 2017
Moonracer Head
AutobotQuaternion The head will fit the breakdown mold but IMO it sets the head a bit too high since breakdown has a longer neck. If you want me to make one for the Breakdown mold, it is relatively easy for me to do. However, no the chests will not fit Breakdown. IT has a totally different chest design from the other cars. I am working on redesigns of those chests for Breakdown.


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