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Anthony Oster


anthony_oster commented on Proton Pack Matrix Core by anthony_oster
July 17, 2018
Proton Pack Matrix Core
anthony_oster @xXBKARXx ask and you shall receive, keep your eyes peeled!
Lots of new products today for Power of the Primes fans! - Pac-Man Matrix Core
Final version of the Energon Scorponok Titan Master Adapter! - Scorponok Titan Adapter
Scorponok Headmaster Adapter Revision with Decepti
anthony_oster @bdbrigman2015 Titan master model is complete. I need beta testers!
anthony_oster @bdbrigman2015 I'm working out the measurents now and will upload shortly. Were you able to nab a scorponok titan master from hts?
anthony_oster Well the rumors are true, we've got ourselves a titan master Scorponok head. I'll get working on the titan master adapter shortly!
anthony_oster Hmm, let me see if I can get my hands on a voyager Energon Megatron. I think the titan head on a leader class would look ridiculous. Ultra Magnus is confirmed as a Hascon exclusive, and the SDCC poster listed Scorponok as the "Ultimate Fireblast" power, meaning that we're still apt to see a titan master version of him (in die cast none the less) soon to round out the four ultimate titan powers.
anthony_oster @bdbrigman2015 There's evidence suggesting we're still going to get a Scorponok Titan master. If that happens I'll definitely tweak this model. Were you thinking the voyager or leader size for Energon Megatron? I don't have a Voyager on hand, but the body style would be great for thunderwing!
anthony_oster @Ashtonmcvae looking great! Does anyone have any interest in titan master compatibility?
anthony_oster @Ashtonmcvae glad you like it! Upload some pics when you get them together! There's not a lot of room to work with, but it makes a nice alternative to the botcon exclusive.
anthony_oster Made several revisions based on feedback, this should solve the printability issues in some materials as well.
anthony_oster @Copplex and @John_Dillinga, thanks for giving this model a go! Let me get back to the drawing board and see if I can wiggle a little more space out of the top of the piece without compromising the actual connector itself. Unfortunately because of the support bar in Scorponok's chest, I won't be able to lower the connector any further, so it'll have to come off of the top. If either of you can get a measurement in mm of the clearance needed that would help tremendously.
anthony_oster @Copplex, getting scorponok apart is a bit of a beast, make sure that you have all of the screws fully removed, some are hidden by his arm and leg. Con symbol should be behind the head. I want to say that the first time I pulled one apart for the old build I used a flathead screwdriver to slowly pry him apart. The upper chest and thigh area have two long pieces of plastic that hold the figure together, be careful not to break those. I've pulled apart 5 or 6 of them making customs for people with the previous part and was able to find a rhythm eventually.
It's finally here, the Energon Scorponok titan master adapter, now in Beta! - Energon Scorponok Titan Master Adapter
Energon Scorponok Headmaster Conversion Kit
anthony_oster @Asphalt there are in hand photos if you scroll to the left. I made a revision that "SHOULD" remove the bulk of the neck piece as well, but no longer have a scorponok to test it out on. The titan master heads are a good deal smaller, I have not made a connector for those yet, but may try to do so. I'm hoping to put TM heads onto my headless G1 Squeezeplay and Nightbeat.
anthony_oster To anyone interested, I've made an updated version of this adapter, that does not transform, but should be more flush with the body and may allow some headmasters to sit in the figure's jet mode. Due to having less material it is also cheaper than this first model!
anthony_oster @Copplex it looks like after having a few people try this out, I'm able to get the price down, in addition to trying out some new materials. Hope that helps!
anthony_oster @Copplex I haven't tested this on Dark Scorponok itself, but it's my understanding that the tweaks were made to tail section to incorporate the cyberkey gimmick. Looking at photos of the figure, it appears that the neck piece is the same between the figures. Post pics if you try it out! I've been a bit busy lately, but have been thinking up ideas to reduce some of the "bulk" from the piece to make a more-flush neckline as well.
Thanks to your feedback I've begun designing an update to the original Energon Scorponok headmaster adapter. This new update features a flush neck design and allows some headmaster figures to pilot the transector's jet mode! - Scorponok Headmaster Adapter Revision


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