aganouri commented on Smashmaster Seismus by fakebusker83
February 20, 2017
Smashmaster Seismus
aganouri I really had a hard time to build my Seismus, @fakebusker83. Print was in WSF as tested by you. Yet almost all balljoints popped out of their sockets (especially the hip joint still does now and then) or they didn't fit until I had widened the sockets a little. It is still a fragile piece, so I doubt it would survive one transformation into weapon mode without falling apart completely. What a pity.
aganouri commented on Heels for deluxe Windblade by fakebusker83
February 20, 2017
Heels for deluxe Windblade
aganouri @fakebusker83: The two pairs of heels I got in BSF were both very loose, as the sockets for the balljoints seem to be to wide. Just wanted to let you know.
aganouri Hi @fakebusker83! Those heel upgrades are already on my to-buy-list. Great work! Was it your shop I spotted a new design of Windblade's head at some months ago? I can't find it anymore on shapeways. Anyway, would you please consider designing a head of Airazor as she appeared in the latest IDW-Comics (e.g. Windblade - Combiner Wars #6) so it fits on the Windblade body? This would be great for those who are unsatisfied with the exclusive Airazor-version that is identical to Takara's LG Slipstream's design (itself based on the Windblade mold) or simply can't get their hands on that figure.
aganouri commented on TFP Thirsty Head by fakebusker83
February 20, 2017
TFP Thirsty Head
aganouri Hi @fakebusker83 ! Are you going to design some more replacement heads for the TFP Vehicon mold? For example one to match that one character in the new RID series, Shadelock?
aganouri @fakebusker83 Great work! Now I wonder how Starscream's and Knock Out's head would have looked like had they been bitten by the infected vehicons or Silas Breakdown...
aganouri commented on D.R.E.A.D agent Casúr (head) by fakebusker83
November 27, 2016
D.R.E.A.D agent Casúr (head)
aganouri Hi, @fakebusker83, the link you provided some months ago seems is broken now as it seems. Is there something you can do about this during "black weekend" on shapeways? Thanks in advance for your help.
aganouri Hi, @fakebusker83. Are the D.R.E.A.D. heads also printable in WSF or WSFP? Not only would they be available at a significantly lower price (for those who do not need the lightpiping gimmick) but also a lot more robust (good for those like me who made the bad experience that the eyes of the FUD lightpiping part broke off while testing if they fit into the other part of the head). It would be great if you could make WSF/WSFP available for the Casur/Corvus head so I could (re-)order them in the future.
aganouri commented on Switchblade Face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
October 28, 2016
Switchblade Face (Titans Return)
aganouri @TrentTroop I would really like to buy a Switchblade head that fits on a 3mm balljoint. Do you plan to make some of those faceplates you designed available as replacement heads for non-TR figures? That would be great!
aganouri commented on RiD Bee Neck Post by SteamShield
October 28, 2016
RiD Bee Neck Post
aganouri @SteamShield Thanks for replying. I think 3 pieces would be sufficient. If possible, two of them with identical balljoint diameters on both ends, one with the smaller and one with the larger diameter of the original model. Thanks in advance for your help!
aganouri Hi @SteamShield! Is it possible to make this model available as a set of several identical neck posts for a good stock of custom parts? Also it would be cool to have a symmetrical version of both ball joints' diameters for easy head-swapping between different figures.
aganouri commented on Tfa-blitzwing-cannon extension by dougb62
May 6, 2016
Tfa-blitzwing-cannon extension
aganouri Hi @dougb62, thanks for your message. Will those extensions be able to move at the hinges or are they stuck in the position they are pictured?
aganouri @dougb62 Since TFA Blitzwing has 2 cannons it would be less expensive if your very creative solution for the extension was available as a double pack. Than I would really like to order one set.
Penitent Swordsman Head for Prime
aganouri @SteamShield Just wanted to ask about the fate of the Deadlock head for TFP Dead End. Will this one be available someday? Or did I overlook it in your shop?
aganouri @SteamShield Do you plan to also make a Deadlock head in the near future? I think TFP Dead End would be a suitable basis for this one since it uses the same mold as the Wheeljack figure.
aganouri commented on Aimless Shooter Head by SteamShield
May 6, 2016
Aimless Shooter Head
aganouri Hi @SteamShield thank you very much for your effort. Since I'm one of the unpatient kind I already ordered the smaller version a while ago and turned a Generations Jhiaxus into a Deluxe sized Misfire. Should a CW Cyclonus still find his way into my home someday, I will consider to order this version of the Misfire head, too. Since there can't be enough aimless shooters in this world (or on my shelf). ;)
aganouri Hi @SteamShield. Did you ever consider upscaling this head so it would fit on Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Cyclonus? I think that mold captures the character from the MTMTE-comics perfectly.
aganouri commented on Cartridge Minion Warrior by TreadshotA1
April 18, 2016
Cartridge Minion Warrior
aganouri Hello @TreadshotA1, does this model contain both Frenzy and Rumble? If not, is it possible to get a set of both of them in one model?
aganouri commented on FOC Jazz by dougb62
April 18, 2016
FOC Jazz
aganouri @dougb62 Do you plan to create a similar model for TFA Blurr? This one also really needs a proper rear in car mode...
aganouri commented on Wyrm Sword (for Commander BH Prime) by TreadshotA1
October 3, 2015
Wyrm Sword (for Commander BH Prime)
aganouri Thank you very much @TreadshotA1! I just ordered the two parts. I'll let you know about the quality of the prints, especially the blade in FUD.
aganouri Hi @TreadshotA1. I would really like to buy this sword with a translucent blade, so it should be printed in FUD. However, I think the hilt would be much more stable in WSFP - and the model would be less expensive. Is it possible for you to make the two parts that form the sword available separately so they can be printed in different materials? That would be great.
Cybersonic Scimitar Part B (Energized variant)
aganouri Hi @fakebusker83. Just wanted to let you know that my print of part A of the Cybersonic Scimitar seems to be a little too tight for the blade to fit in as depicted. Part A was printed in WSFP, Part B (energized variant) in FUD. I will have to try to scratch out some material off the handle so the blade will slide in the remaining 2 mm. Anyway the energized scimitar is a really cool looking weapon and I'm really happy to have it in hand.
aganouri commented on TFP Knockout's Bodywork Tools by fakebusker83
August 31, 2015
TFP Knockout's Bodywork Tools
aganouri Hi @fakebusker83, the standard ones would be fine. It would be great if you could make them available today until 11:59 pm PDT. Thank you in advance!
aganouri @fakebusker83 Is it possible to make only the backfillers available? My Doc Croc would be fine with sharing the weapons of his Prime Counterpart who is already using them proudly since last year :)
TFP deluxe (FE) Starscream left blaster
aganouri @fakebusker83 I ordered the complete upgrade set last year and I'm quite glad I did so since it seems to be unavailable these days. What I still miss is a replacement head for my FE Starscream with lightpiping and a more show accurate look. I think if the FE figure had included translucent plastic the 2 parts that form the eyes and back of his head would have been of this material so lightpiping would be possible. Tried to use the head of the PRID version which fits but also has no lightpiping effect despite having a partially translucent head. But at least the face looks much more Screamer-like now. :)
aganouri commented on Bad Comedian's Hat by fakebusker83
August 25, 2015
Bad Comedian's Hat
aganouri @fakebusker83 This would be the right thing for my customized Construct-Bots Starscream. It's a pity that the crown won't fit his head that has a diameter of 2,0 cm. Will there be an upscaled version of this model someday?
aganouri commented on TF: BH Cyberverse Airachnid legs by fakebusker83
August 25, 2015
TF: BH Cyberverse Airachnid legs
aganouri @fakebusker83 I ordered this model in BSF this May. It had to be reprinted twice since there were parts missing when I received it the first and second time. Customer service said this could be due to too thin sprues. The third reprint was just fine, but all the legs were too wobbly at the joints to support the spider body enough to let it hover over the ground a bit in spider mode. I had to apply a lot of clear nail polish to the joints to make them stable enough for that. Just wanted to let you know. Good thing is though that I now have 3 Immobilizers for my TF-collection (I only realized that you included this artifact after receiving the first print).
aganouri commented on TFP Dreadwing's Big Blaster by fakebusker83
July 9, 2015
TFP Dreadwing's Big Blaster
aganouri @fakebusker83 Thank you very much. :) Ordered them immediately. Hope they turn out well in WSFP.
aganouri @fakebusker83 Since you made the sword available seperately I'd like to know why there is no seperate set of the bombs so far. Will you upload such a set in the near future?
aganouri commented on idw: Chromia Axe (Blade) by cnomis
July 9, 2015
idw: Chromia Axe (Blade)
aganouri Was looking for that axe for a while now and ordered it once I found it among the myriads of axes available here. Maybe should've tried another tag instead of just "transformers"/"tf" or "axe" ;). Since there are no comments yet I wonder if maybe other customers also need to still find this model. Why not add the forementioned general tags?
aganouri commented on TFP Starscream Fusion Boosters by TreadshotA1
July 8, 2015
TFP Starscream Fusion Boosters
aganouri @TreadshotA1 Thank you for making FUD available. I bought a set to use with my Dark Energon Starscream. However I would't recommend to use FUD since the boosters I received were a) filled with some kind of wax left over from the production process which was impossible to be removed completely so the transluscent effect I wanted to create didn't quite come of and b) the material is so brittle that the tiny finials on the underside of the boosters broke off when I was trying to clean of the waxlike residues. Tinting the boosters in a matching smoke like colour without loosing the transluscence was also only halfway successful. But I'm still quite happy with the results I got.
aganouri @TreadshotA1 Any chance this set will be available in Frosted Detail or Frosted Ultra Detail sometime?
Pharma head for deluxe Armada Starscream (2014)
aganouri @fakebusker83 That design makes me wish there'd be a more comic accurate version of the IDW Starscream's head with different facial expressions, too. Also, what would be awesome is a comic accurate weapon set for the Generations Chromia figure, especially her riot shield and her combat axe and some parts to change the look of her very Arcee-like shoulders (maybe a second shoulder wheel as well?). A new head resembling her appearance in the IDW comics would also be nice. Any chance any of these might be available sometime?


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