Andres Montoya


DJI Phantom Leg Extender (V3) 'Straight'
AEMontoya I will add this one last comment. Comparing the clicking sound that is made when I put my extenders on versus when the one in the video is snapped in place, suggests to me that the one in the video is more sturdy (perhaps the sound was magnified?). On a separate note, it can also be seen in the video that the user begins to attempt to remove the extender by pulling it away by its tip, only to then remove it by disengaging it from where it connects to the leg. During that moment, one can see how flexible/flimsy the extender is. This flexing point is exactly where mine cracked, although mine did not crack from removing it by the tip. An off-tilter landing, or one on uneven ground, or removal by the tip, I suspect, could cause this issue fairly easily. It may be that I received a defective item; but, all of the extenders in my set are like this, and the above video suggests to me that extenders from different batches are the same way. This is just my experience and what I see.
AEMontoya @fusionimaging Yes, no problem. The requested photo is attached. Upon inspection of another extender, I can see that a crack is already forming in the same spot as the crack that appeared on the first one. And this is simply from clipping the extenders in place and putting the Phantom on the table top. This area of the extender is clearly under-reinforced, at least with the particular samples I have received. If the plastic were of a stronger type, or reinforcement "fins" were in place, this would likely not be a problem. It's really unfortunate, too, because these extenders would have been the perfect solution for fitting the H3-3D onto my v1 Phantom. I also previously ordered a H3-3D locking bracket as well as a retainer clip for the Go Pro from different designers on Shapeways. Both items are apparently made from the same plastic, and are also quite fragile. In their case, however, the design provides enough support to prevent breakage; but, the plastic is still underperforming, and I am guessing this is an unfortunate necessity in 3D printing given current technology limits. At this point, I am seeking a full refund, and have already contacted Shapeways support with this request as well as the image seen here.
AEMontoya One of mine broke upon simple installation. No excessive force was used. Even if it hadn't broken during installation, it would have very likely broken after a few take off and landings, regardless of whether sturdy tape was used for securing or not, as recommended by the designer. These extenders are far too fragile for their intended purpose. Either the plastic needs to be considerably stronger, or the item needs to be re-designed to achieve more sturdiness. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this item.


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