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Check out this cool product and 58 other new items! - 3125 Scale ISC Star Cruiser (CA) SRZ
This is the 70th ship we released today! - 3125 Scale Orion Battle Raider (BR) CVN
This is the first of 70 items we will release today! - 285 Scale Federation F-16 "Falcon" Fighter MGL
Release Day is completed with all 135 items live! - 3125 Scale Lyran Running Tiger Fast Cruiser CVN
The first of 135 items is now live! - 3788 Scale Tholian Stellar Dominiation Ship (SDS)
All 54 items are now up, including four space dragons! - Omni Scale Space Dragon Old Male MGL
This is the first of 54 new releases! Enjoy! - 3788 Scale Lyran Refitted Cheetah Frigate (FF) CVN
This is the 20th ship on 20 for the 20th. Enjoy! - 285 Scale Federation A-20 "Avenger" Heavy Fighter
Our Anniversary Day on Shapeways is being celebrated with a new 285 Scale. This is the first of 20 ships! - 285 Scale Federation F-15 "Eagle" Fighter MGL
3125 Scale Federation Heavy Cruiser (CAR) WEM
adbinc @fbc7e25 That is one of the clear stands that originally came with the Starline 2500 miniatures. Amarillo Design Bureau sells them on its shopping cart ( as product M-2500 I hope that helps!
Omni Scale Stand Single Flight Stand WEM
adbinc @fbc7e25 I chatted with the designer and this is his response: It is dimensionally identical to the legacy ADB stands, but not to the Mongoose stands that ship with Starline 2500 (1/3125 scale) ships. The pegs at the top of both types of stands are nearly identical (within hundredths of an inch), but the heights of the "riser" stems are quite different.
This is the last of the 44 ships we released today. Enjoy! - Omni Scale Hydran Hellion Gunboat Flotilla CVN
This is the first of 44 ships we are releasing today! - 3788 Scale Gorn Stegosaurus Heavy Destroyer SRZ
All 54 ships are now live in our shop! - 3125 Scale Romulan RoyalHawk-K+ Command Cruiser MG
The first of 54 ships has just been released! - 3788 Scale Romulan K9R Dreadnought (Smooth) WEM
This is the last of 48 ships uploaded today! - 3125 Scale Romulan Shrike Light Dreadnought MGL
This is the first of 48 ships we will release today! - 3788 Scale Romulan KRC Command Cruiser WEM
And this is the last of the April 1 ships! Tomorrow there will be 48 more ships! - 3125 Scale Tholian Crown of Tholia SRZ
Surprise! Nine April 1 ships are being released! - 3788 Scale Gorn Bubble Dreadnought SRZ
The Franz Joseph Federation Dreadnought is the final one of 101 releases. Enjoy! - 3125 Scale Franz Joseph Federation Dreadnought WEM
This is the first of 101 ships to be released today! - 3788 Scale Kzinti Heavy Frigate (FH) SRZ
All 73 ships are now available! Enjoy! - 3125 Scale LDR Heavy Carrier CVN
This is the first of 73 ships to be released today! - 3788 Scale Franz Joseph Federation Heavy Cruiser
All 61 ships for January 5 Release Day are available! - 3125 Scale Romulan SparrowHawk-C+ Scout Cruiser MG
And the first of sixty-one ships is now live. Enjoy!! - Omni Scale General Heavy Auxiliary Cruiser SRZ


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