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Acriaos commented on Skeleton with a Spear by mz4250
January 13, 2018
Skeleton with a Spear
Acriaos @bwawok It was created with Flashprint, the software for FlashForge printers. Unfortunately, if you use those supports with Cura or other software, it won't work as well, since Flashprint makes a small separation between support and model, but with an stl file the information what was support and what was model will get lost. For Cura, supports created by Meshmixer might be better suited. If you want to try anyway, here's the stl:
Acriaos Nearly forgot: I experimented a bit with support structures in this model, the ones on the attached picture seemed to work best.
Acriaos Very nice looking model, but not an easy print, especially the details on the skull get easily lost. The skeleton also seems to be a relative of Achilles, cause two of the prints broke at the heels. Nothing a bit of glue couldn't fix though :) In one of the prints I separated the spear from the skeleton and printed them separately, but the hole in the hands were a bit small. Not sure if it's better in one print, guess it will depend on the printer / material.
Acriaos commented on Wyvern by mz4250
July 24, 2017
Acriaos Thanks! I'm not sure where I can get Gorilla Glue here in Switzerland (at least for a reasonable price), but I do have some Araldite which is a bit laborious but works well. That's what I used for the double-sized Tiamat model of yours and it's still holding really strong :) For most stuff I use some Swiss universal glue called Cementit.
Acriaos And here's how the wyvern looks (ice wyvern to be specific) at least before his wings are glued on. Will probably fix a few more details (e.g. whitening his teeth, the guy seems to have poor dental hygiene at the moment) but that can wait for later.
Acriaos I just printed it and it came out great. The wings were a bit tricky, but by now I've got some experience with your models :) You can see in the attacked picture how I printed them with autogenerated (and manually edited) support structures of Flashprint. It allows for a smooth wing with no ugly side. I'll post the end result when I'm done painting :)
Acriaos commented on Aarakocra by mz4250
July 24, 2017
Acriaos Now that looks like a friendly chicken :)
Acriaos commented on Red Dragon (Updated) by mz4250
May 26, 2017
Red Dragon (Updated)
Acriaos I know it is supposed to be red dragon, but I was never good at following instructions ^^ (Realized too late I needed a white one and had this one mostly complete, so the solution was obvious :) )
Acriaos commented on Tiamat - Queen of all dragons! by mz4250
May 2, 2017
Tiamat - Queen of all dragons!
Acriaos I mostly put her together, but I have some problems with the wings. Even though I used more glue than Ralph Wiggum would eat in a year, they won't stay on. Might be that with double the size (and therefore 8 times the mass) they are just too heavy. Any idea how I could get them to stick anyway, or is this a lost cause?
Acriaos Alright, I printed the old girl, now she's waiting for coloring and assembly. I *might* have printed her a teeny tiny bit bigger (okay, maybe double :) ) than in your model.
Acriaos commented on Dragonborn Barbarian by mz4250
April 27, 2017
Dragonborn Barbarian
Acriaos The half orc barbarian in the group wanted a mini with a big ass axe, so I edited this model a bit. Here's the result :)
Acriaos commented on Lizardfolk by mz4250
April 22, 2017
Acriaos My collection is still growing - I'll post on reddit (crediting you of course) when it is getting more complete. Currently printing Tiamat, which takes a while. Btw. here you can see how it currently looks in my office, I'm sure you recognize some of your models :D
Acriaos The guardians of the swamp are ready :)
Acriaos commented on Black Dragon (Updated) by mz4250
April 22, 2017
Black Dragon (Updated)
Acriaos Great model, I just have one problem with it: After printing this dragon, it started to eat the minis of player characters (see picture). Do you have a solution for that?
Acriaos commented on Skeleton by mz4250
April 21, 2017
Acriaos The mini seems to be originally from Heroquest, but with a bit of lost details after scanning it in. I printed it (a bit too quick maybe) and put it next to your other minis and it seems the scale was a bit off - the skeleton would at best be of a dwarf. Your other minis appear to be in 1:50 scale, this guy here is probably around 1:60. Was this by design to keep the original Heroquest size? I manually increased the size of the mini a bit to make it look a bit less out of place. Btw. I like that you can easily separate the base from the mini in your models, at least in Meshmixer it's just a click on "separate shells" and it splits the model in mini and base.
Acriaos commented on Corpse Bride by mz4250
April 15, 2017
Corpse Bride
Acriaos Printed this in transparent PET, so it makes for a nice ghost, i.e. Ilda in Rise of Tiamat.
Acriaos commented on Yuan Ti Malison by mz4250
April 15, 2017
Yuan Ti Malison
Acriaos Currently using it in Rise of Tiamat. Nice print and easy to color :)
Acriaos commented on Dragonborn Paladin by mz4250
April 15, 2017
Dragonborn Paladin
Acriaos Came out very nice, now one of my favorite minis :)
Acriaos commented on Tiefling Staff Wizard by mz4250
March 23, 2017
Tiefling Staff Wizard
Acriaos I printed your modified version again today and it came out great. Many thanks!
Acriaos The right leg snapped off on my first try as well. To fix it, I turned off supports in cura and instead manually created them in Meshmixer (free software). Turned out more stable and the support was easier to remove.
Acriaos commented on Knight by mz4250
March 11, 2017
Acriaos I had a bit of a problem with this print at first: Since my printer isn't supported by Cura, I used the Flashprint software and in the preview mode the neck was pretty screwed up, there were multiple layers missing. Same thing happened in Slic3r. To fix it, I opened the stl in Meshmixer and on analysis - inspector it showed some problems, specifically with the neck. I clicked on auto repair all and exported the stl again. Afterwards the preview looked perfectly fine :) I'm guessing Cura does this auto repair automatically, so if you use any other software, make sure to repair the model first.


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