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6 days ago
Classics Seeker Upgrade Main
WindbladeZero @fb6e3e1 well i did made a piece to cover the hollow part on the forearm, but about the hand itself...nope, i wont even try taking the pin that holds the hand because for how difficult it was to get a acid storm, or any version of the mold here in my country i wont risk damaging it, sorry i get what you say but no, for now the cover should be enough
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March 3, 2017
WindbladeZero favorited Micro Piggy Bank (Small) by kinobun
March 3, 2017
Sideswipe Blade/Gun Set (100% accurate)
WindbladeZero @fbe4908 specially the battle blades as this version as some connector pieces for the c-clip bars so it can transform without partsforming(removing the wapons) again, it might be compatible with the human alliance, but there is no dedicated spot for the weapons to be stored in vehicle mode, , i recomend using the smaller handle if you plan to use it with that version) blades and guns might look a bit small though
WindbladeZero @fbe4908 might be compatible but it is designed for the deluxe hftd battle blades, dotm and rotf
Titan Masters Alt Modes - Squeezplay Part A
WindbladeZero @Saltonstall a couple of things, get each part on the suggested colors(default materials) those will be already dyied in the needed colors, (part A should be Blue, part B should be purple and part C should be the default white) all polished strong and flexible, techniques for loose joints, use either pledge floor polish, or clear nail polish NEVER use super glue(at least not here because how tiny they are and a simple drop would be way too risky) finally, this set havent been tested yet, each piece was made to be precise and all BUT the printing process and then polishing process used can make a huge difference, finally, there are images(renders) showing what pieces are included in what colors(blue A, purple B, white C), finally you need either a crashbash or even an overboard since those match the colors better, and finally, carefull while assembling, the pieces still tiny, the tail is the 5mm peg, if need any help contact me via PM if you decide to get the set and if, when you get it, i would try to hel you assemble it step by step again, it isnt too complex but its size tiny so care is needed when installing it
WindbladeZero @Saltonstall nope, this are WAY smaller, the peices just replace the FACE backpack,an allows you to transform the tiny dude into the monster mode or a gun, since the new backpack is optional and doesnt use the screw, you can actually swap it easily if you still feel like using the titan master on the vehicles also includes parts to complete the face, so it still can be used , even more so, you can just assemble thoes included head pieces to make a tiny non transformable squeezeplay, you need all 3 sets(part A, B and C) to do this though(i made each of them available in all possible colors so people can make their own combinations or fan characters) but yeah the main parts are each separated into the main colors so one woul only need to paint the eyes and half ot the tail to get the proper g1 color scheme, this is basically a WORLD's SMALLEST TRANSFORMER conversion for crashbash(into squeezeplay) this is not a vehicle for it, assebly goes exactly as shown, juust put the titan master upside down, and put the pieces, there is a belly button screw cover, t can be easly taken by just pushing it with a tiny screw driver though if needed to, thats all information i have as soon as i am able to get my own dcopy i will show all of its modes and features
WindbladeZero @Saltonstall not yet, it can turn intorobot mode and gun mode, and there are pieces to complete the leftover face piece, since the titan master would now use the new backpack instead of the face it used to transform into a...head
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February 2, 2017
updated, starscream hands upgrade! - http://shpws.me/NFHa Starscream Arm Upgrade X2 (L - R) (Rotf Voyager)
MEGAMAN X - AXL BULLETS Check out this cool product! - http://shpws.me/Nh1k Axl Bullets
Titan Master Alt Mode Upgrade JET
WindbladeZero @chrisprime0479 yes but i havent started yet, i wanna make a tape deck for soundwaves titan master next
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December 31, 2016


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