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Trent Troop


A pair of new Weaponoid Humanoid kits, based on Diaclone Drivers, available together or individuality - Diaclone Datson Specialist Weaponoids (5mm) (Edited)
Nyah, See! It's the alien Mobster Bugs Mandible, who transforms from Diaclone Waruder Battas Pilot to Kickback/Battas Mecha's gun and back! - Bugs Mandible Transforming Weaponoid Kit (5mm)
Ger your mashup on with this Metroid-themed weaponoid "Zapmus Ion"! - Zapmus Ion Transforming Weaponoid Kit (5mm)
Her aim is impeccable, her outfit is impractical, and she turns into a dual-barrel laser cannon. It's Gun Bunni ! - Gun Bunni Transforming Weaponoid Kit (5mm)
Krok's Electro Pulsator Gun now available for 5mm grips, for TCC, Titans Return and more! - Krok's Electro Pulsator Gun (5mm)
He's a big cat that turns into a big chaingun! - Catling Gun (Lion/Tiger) Transforming Weaponoid
Slog/Kakuryu Faceplate (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @CAT_X25 Looks great. And yeah, there's something about S&F that makes it look way better in person than in photographs.
The current 20% code (FAREWELL2016) is the perfect opportunity to grab some weaponoid kits! - RhinoBlaster Transforming Weaponoid Kit (5mm)
Optimus Prime Face, Sunbow (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @unicron75 If you're looking for an easy paintjob at a low cost, Blue S&F is the way to go. If you want something that will be closer to production plastic in appearance, I recommend black acrylate.
Birdshot (Falcon/Eagle) Transforming Weaponoid Kit
TrentTroop @MikePowers There wouldn't be, unfortunately. He's about the same length in beast mode and blaster mode as Rhinoblaster, so there's not a lot of space to tuck things like the grip into. However, the grip is the exact length of the legs, so it will stand securely in beast mode.
Make your own robo-Corgi to Blaster transforming weapon! - Sir Missilebottom (Corgi) Transforming Weaponoid
Birdshot snap-kit, make your own 5mm bird/gun weapon partner for TFs/TMNT/Etc! - Birdshot (Falcon/Eagle) Transforming Weaponoid Kit
Beat the sense out of your foes with a gnome! - Brass Gnomeckles (5mm)
Jaguar Laser Transforming Weaponoid Kit (5mm)
TrentTroop @Vigilant1000 Most of them. The limbs all use the same connection point, and the rotation-joint is the same, but the lion and corgi have wider blasters and thus hips than the others.
RhinoBlaster Transforming Weaponoid Kit (5mm)
TrentTroop @Vigilant1000 You rang?
TrentTroop @sev051 Stay tuned ;)
TrentTroop commented on IronBison Turret Upgrade Kit by TrentTroop
December 3, 2016
IronBison Turret Upgrade Kit
TrentTroop @GamorreanJedi Set isn't that small, the main cannons are just under 4 inches. My standard markup is 3-4 dollars and change per item.
TrentTroop @GamorreanJedi Not my pick, its a bug in Shapeways' interface changing the default materials left and right.
Cybertron Override Faceplate (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @sephthestoryteller, @reillyd Glad you both like her. When you're done, I'd love to see pics.
TrentTroop commented on Under-3 face (Titans Return) by TrentTroop
December 1, 2016
Under-3 face (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @fbd3e90 One of the Headmonsters is a wolf-face, and others are possible, stay tuned.
TrentTroop commented on Time Sword, 5mm by TrentTroop
November 26, 2016
Time Sword, 5mm
TrentTroop @HarleyQuinade It can, here's one that's about as large as I can make it with the print-bed limitations:
Leader-1 Face for Titans Return Titan Masters! - Gobots Leader-1 Face, Toon (Titans Return)
A Machination Sunstreaker Clone's face for Titans Return figures! - Machination Clone Face (Titans Return)
Sunstreaker face for Titans Return figures!! - Sunstreaker G1/IDW Face (Titans Return)
Ignoble Foe - 3mm Makeshift Battle Hammer
TrentTroop @fb05d57 This one is for 3mm. The 5mm one is here:
5mm Time Sword for any action figure with a 5mm grip! - Time Sword, 5mm


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