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Stalker/MW Soundwave Upgrade Kit (Titans Return)
TrentTroop @inorinouta That is now the "small" size option on this entry. Hope that helps.
TrentTroop @seanmarclee There wasn't, but now there is. You can get 2, 4 or 8 of those missiles here:
Alpha Bravo & Powerglide, Broadside Scale
TrentTroop @spena1984 Well, Broadside comes with the other aerialbots. Unless you're thinking of other combiner teams.
Deck Broadside's... deck... with the missing Aerialbots, Powerglide and Alpha Bravo! - Alpha Bravo & Powerglide, Broadside Scale
1.75" "Decoy Sized" Beast mode G1 Grimlock, with multiple smaller size options to boot! Grimlock Mini/Decoy
Targetmaster Superion, the only Targermaster the right scale for Broadside and/or Tidal Wave! - Targetmaster Superion, 5mm
TrentTroop commented on Nautica's Wrench (5mm) by TrentTroop
8 days ago
Nautica's Wrench (5mm)
TrentTroop @Hyoumaru I've contacted Shapeways, seeing what can be done. Sent you a PM in that regard.
TrentTroop @Hyoumaru That's a bad print. Those pockmarks are probably left from the support lattice from the printing process, but they should have been largely moved prior to shipping, and should not have marred the surface like that. Usually they're little nubs you can scrape off with a hobby knife, but something clearly went amiss in the curing phase there. Contact Shapeways and send them that picture, letting them know you've gotten a misprint. They should be able to get it taken care of.
Waruder BlueStar, Battle Ready, 35mm Mini
TrentTroop @Xenock I have added those options. Because it required changing the thickness of some parts. Unfortunately shapeways doesn't let us customize variant names yet, so you'll need to pick the "Large" option.
Add a turret/gunner station to any figure or base with a 5mm port in general, or Voyager Titans Return Optimus Prime in particular, with this add-on kit! - Titan Master Missile Turret (5mm)
Guns for Titans Return Quickswitch! - Quickswitch Cannons, 5mm
TrentTroop commented on Quickswitch Cannons, 5mm by TrentTroop
14 days ago
Quickswitch Cannons, 5mm
TrentTroop @Arazyr There are now. One on each side (or one all the way through, depending on how you want to interpret it) and one on the underside
Guns for Titans Return Quickswitch! -
Guns for Titans Return Fastlane (or anyone else with a 5mm grip)! - Fastlane Guns, 5mm
Nautica's wrench looks awesome in Black Acrylate! - Nautica's Wrench (5mm)
Michael joins the Middle-Age Mutant Day Job Tortoises! Remember, tip the driver! - Day-Job Tortoise, Food Service (Sandstone)
The Third Day-Job Tortoise, Ralph is here! - Day-Job Tortoise, Delivery (Sandstone)
You guessed it, we're called Blubb-o's!! - Blubb-O's Drive-Thru Whale
5mm Transformers-compatable Wrench for Titans Return Nautica!! - Nautica's Wrench (5mm)
In case old men in suits aren't the kind of Jackal you're after, here's Jawsome Jackal of the combat creatures!! - Jawsome Jackal (Sandstone)
What you always didn't know you totally wanted, a 2" figurine of Sebastian Jackal, as played by Christopher Lloyd on the 1995 one-season UPN series Deadly Games!!

April Fools has gone too far! (The figure is real, tho) Jovial Jackal (Full Color Sandstone)
Middle-Age Mutant Dayjob Tortoise Tech Support Donald! - Day-Job Tortoise, Tech Support (Sandstone)
Middle-Age Mutant Dayjob Tortoise Middle-Manager Leonard! - Day-Job Tortoise, Middle Manager (Sandstone)
Autobot faction symbol stands for Titan Masters! - Titan Master Autobot Symbol Stands (4)
Decepticon stands for Titan Master figures - Titan Master Decepticon Symbol Stands (4)
Don't forget about the Non-Dino Squad! - BMOG Non-Dino Squad (set of 3)


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