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Tempest_512 commented on Bentusi Tradeship by Tempest_512
November 20, 2016
Bentusi Tradeship
Tempest_512 @Chrisnuke I'm working on hollowing this model further. However, it is quite large (almost 8in long).
Taiidan "Skaal-Fa" Missile Destroyer
Tempest_512 @Chrisnuke Great question! This is done to drain the wax inside the model during the printing process. If the other stand hole bothers you, you can use modeling putty or superglue to close it up.
Tempest_512 commented on Bentusi Cargo barges (3) by Tempest_512
October 26, 2016
Bentusi Cargo barges (3)
Tempest_512 @Masterscifiengineer I love the tradeship! Unfortunately, mine isn't finished yet :/
Tempest_512 commented on Blast Markers by Tempest_512
June 1, 2016
Blast Markers
Tempest_512 @ulrik_slayer should be the total of all of them.
Imperial Navy "Overlord" Cruiser
Tempest_512 @aa1777 Thank you. I take a lot of pride in making sure they're faithful to the awesome Navy fleet.
Tempest_512 commented on Tau "Orca" Gunships (3) by Tempest_512
March 11, 2016
Tau "Orca" Gunships (3)
Tempest_512 @foznoth WSF is a disappointing material for these miniatures-I've ordered a number of them in different materials and was most pleased by the performance of frosted detail plastics. WSF simply doesn't have the detail resolution to make it a worthy replica of the originals, and while polished gets rid of the nasty looking steps, it has the added problem of sacrificing even more fine details. FUD and FED produce models with similar (or better) detail than the metal sculpts. Unfortunately, even though they're hollow, the Tau ships tend to have narrow sections that make hollowing less effective than on blockier ships.
Tempest_512 @foznoth Yes, both the Messenger and Defender are due for completion. They are awesome ships.
Tempest_512 @TheTyler101 The defender is almost done and will be put online! Check back in a month or two.
Tempest_512 commented on Kushan Mothership by Tempest_512
February 29, 2016
Kushan Mothership
Tempest_512 @ andrew_chrisstiens The Mothership is indeed hollow! I've knocked down the mass as much as I could.
Tempest_512 @andrew_christiaens This model is absolutely massive. Even at half the scale of the other 1:3600 ships, it's still quite large, coming in at almost 30cm tall.
Tempest_512 commented on Tau "Explorer" Starship by Tempest_512
February 15, 2016
Tau "Explorer" Starship
Tempest_512 @efalsken I'm curious- what makes you say that? FUD has been a tremendously reliable and quality material in my experience.
Tempest_512 commented on Tau "Hero" Starship by Tempest_512
September 27, 2015
Tau "Hero" Starship
Tempest_512 @Feser1 In order to maximize stability, detail, and cost effectiveness, this vessel is a single piece.
Imperial Navy "Endeavour" Light Cruiser
Tempest_512 @davepadenusn I'm sorry about the torn midsection. I'll get a revised model up as soon as possible. I didn't anticipate the model breaking there, but upon inspection it's definitely a load-bearing wall that needs to be reinforced. Thanks for the feedback!
Tempest_512 commented on Beast Mothership by Tempest_512
March 1, 2015
Beast Mothership
Tempest_512 @dukoth Yes, those ships will be for sale when I finish them. The Beast Mothership is currently in progress, and the tradeship/ghostship are a bit further out from completion.


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