Karel Janacek


3D modeler, Product designer
Thought I could make steam engine parts when I started here, instead I make game pieces and jewellry. I'm still having fun, though.

"I've doomed us all... It's the Flying Dutchman!" Or, at least, my dubious interpretation of what the ship may have looked like - http://shpws.me/Ns4b 1/1000 Flying Dutchman
SteampunkKAJA commented on 1/1000 Crimson Corsair Ship by SteampunkKAJA
January 18, 2017
1/1000 Crimson Corsair Ship
SteampunkKAJA @AmericanGr8 *cue, silly, not sue
SteampunkKAJA @AmericanGr8 I'm genuinely surprised that Shapeways hasn't rejected the model for this. I'm glad you were able to fix it on your own, but this is definitely my sue to make the attachments stronger. Thanks!
SteampunkKAJA Wow, this has proved to be my most popular model by far. I've sold more of these than anything else.
SteampunkKAJA favorited 10x 1/2000 Pirate Ship by SteampunkKAJA
January 16, 2017
I recently had issues with one of my customer's orders of this ship. Apparently, polished white is particularly weak, so from now on, I will be offering it in unpolished white. Should be fine now.
http://shpws.me/NaWn 1/1000 Pirate Ship
SteampunkKAJA favorited Articulated Tarantula by chosetec
December 3, 2016
Seven hells, I hope you see the actual model, instead of just an empty box. This is my newest variant of the flying trireme! Be sure to check out this one and the others. http://shpws.me/N0U1 1/1000 Royal Reserve Trireme
SteampunkKAJA commented on 1/1000 Pirate Ship by SteampunkKAJA
November 29, 2016
1/1000 Pirate Ship
SteampunkKAJA Seeing how popular this ship is, I've decided to offer it in all the colours.
And now, the grandest sailing ship you'll ever see (that isn't made up), the windjammer Preussen. Now that I have this thing out of the way, I can tackle any other sailing ship I want. http://shpws.me/MWhl 1/1000 Preussen
SteampunkKAJA commented on 1/1000 Man-of-War by SteampunkKAJA
November 15, 2016
1/1000 Man-of-War
SteampunkKAJA @fb18941 Unfortunately, I can't bring the price of this particular ship down that far, but I can make a 1/1800 scale version of the same model for $10.
Check out this cool product! - Per a recent request, I have uploaded a single model of the M6 heavy tank. http://shpws.me/MUNe 1/285 M6 Heavy Tank
Gentlemen, BEHOLD: the mighty KV-4! (Kuzmin or Shashmurin?) Uh, neither. This is the one from the game. I don't know whose design it is. - http://shpws.me/Mo4F 1/100 KV-4 (WoT variant)
Gentlemen, BEHOLD: object 223! (Uh, doc, I think "KV-3" would be more meaningful to our customers) http://shpws.me/Mo4s 1/100 KV-3
Gentlemen, BEHOLD: World of Tanks has nothing on my latest contraption! http://shpws.me/MmRt 1/100 Chuyinka Assault Gun ShU-1
Move over, steam galleon, here's a the flying galleon - FINALLY. http://shpws.me/M8sP 1/1000 Flying Galleon
Yet another side-wheel sailing steamer. This is just the tip of the iceberg - They will get bigger and better. http://shpws.me/M7Kd 1/1000 Sailing Steamer version 1

If it be nautical nonsense you wish for... check out this steampunk fantasy galleon. 1/1000 Side-wheel Galleon
SteampunkKAJA favorited Steampunk Cup and Saucer by CS1_
March 7, 2016
SteampunkKAJA commented on 1/1000 Trireme (2 piece) by SteampunkKAJA
March 9, 2015
1/1000 Trireme (2 piece)
SteampunkKAJA @Trajanus. The mast is a separate piece, and fits into a hole in the hull. I did this so that 1) the mast would not break off during production or shipping and 2) so it could be positioned at at angle.
Dalek Mini [Dalek Invasion of Earth] 30mm Miniatur
SteampunkKAJA I tried ordering this one in metallic plastic, but it got rejected. Judging from the other ones I ordered, I'd say this one works in every available option EXCEPT metallic plastic. I've had similar problems with my model tanks.
SteampunkKAJA commented on Dalek Miniature 30mm Scale by badwolf42
February 21, 2015
Dalek Miniature 30mm Scale
SteampunkKAJA I have this one sitting on my desk now. Brilliant work, mate!
SteampunkKAJA What is the difference between this model and the beta version?
Dalek Mini [Cushing Movie Style] 30mm scale
SteampunkKAJA I just want to point out that in the first movie, the daleks didn't have slats on the gun box yet. That's the only difference between the two though.
SteampunkKAJA commented on 9 Cruiser by afrodri
January 13, 2015
9 Cruiser
SteampunkKAJA Could you offer this for sale in white? I'm perfecting a process for dyeing WSF models grey and I think this one would look very good.


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