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We have now updated this model so that it has both an 'inflight mode' and a fully deployed landing gear mode - 1:285 - Fighter [Independence Day - Resurgence]
1:500 - Bomber [Independence Day - Resurgence]
Speed @ZINO117 Absolutely, we have made this and the Fighter in the 1:285 scale for you. Here they are:
1:285 ID Bomber now available- 1:285 - Bomber [Independence Day - Resurgence]
1:285 ID Fighter now available - 1:285 - Fighter [Independence Day - Resurgence]
1:200 - Fighter [Independence Day - Resurgence]
Speed @marks4god Hi we had a request for 6mm scale 1:285 also so we have made these versions, check out They are available in FUD and WSF
1:500 [100mm] Rocinante is now available in FUD and WSF - 1:500 Rocinante - The Expanse
FFZero1 - FaradayFuture Electric Concept Car now in WSF, FUD & Full Colour - FFZero1 - FaradayFuture [100-150mm]
1:1800 - Type 45 Daring Class [x4] WaterLine - 1:1800 - Type 45 Daring Class [x4] WaterLine
1:2400 Donnanger - The Expanse [200mm] - 1:2400 Donnanger - The Expanse [200mm]
1:500 - Bomber - 80mm [Independence Day - Resurgence] - 1:500 - Bomber [Independence Day - Resurgence]
Speed commented on 1:500 Rocinante - The Expanse by Speed
12 days ago
1:500 Rocinante - The Expanse
Speed @Steve42082 Just added that option for you and lets see if it prints ok in WSF. If not we will update the model and try again.
Speed commented on 1:200 - Cessna Skyhawk (S) by Speed
23 days ago
1:200 - Cessna Skyhawk (S)
Speed @hariclan The Cessna 172 Skyhawk model is 1:200 scale so will be 200 times smaller than the real thing i.e the 11m wingspan will be 55mm, the length is 8.28m so at 1:200 scale will be 41.4mm.
Speed @hariclan If you look at the last image you will see a 3D rotating view of this model. It comes on a sprue and not assembled to allow users better accuracy to paint it.
Speed commented on Stargate SG1 - Al'Kesh (80mm for WSF) by Speed
December 10, 2016
Stargate SG1 - Al'Kesh (80mm for WSF)
Speed Actually here it is:
Speed @apophis202000 P.s we are also PrintedPlanes :)
Check out this cool product! - Stargate SG1 - Al'Kesh x2 [40mm]
Donnager from The Expanse has arrived- 1:4800 Donnanger - The Expanse [100mm]
Rociante now available upon request at 75mm long instead of 100mm - Rocinante - The Expanse [75mm]
Speed commented on 1:400 - Airstair_v4 [x5] by Speed
December 8, 2016
1:400 - Airstair_v4 [x5]
Speed @fbb2f6e Hi, No problem which aircraft in our collection do you want to see them beside? We have alot of aircraft both here and under our PrintedPlanes shop here:
Speed commented on 500_WS_Quinjet [x1] [H] by Speed
November 29, 2016
1:1800 - Type 45 Daring Class [x2] - 1:1800 - Type 45 Daring Class [x2]
1:200 - Tychio from The Expanse now uploaded at 1:200 scale and in full colour upon request. Its a massive 200mm long so lots of lovely detail! - 1:200 - Tychio (Rocinante) full colour
1:87 - BloodHound Rocket now uploaded upon request - 1:87  - BloodHound Rocket
1:500 Rocinante from The Expanse just added to our shop....I know some of you were asking about this one so happy to be able to get it up here for you. - 1:500 Rocinante - The Expanse
The first in a series of models from the popular 'The Expanse' tv show. This is our 1:200 Scale Knight Shuttle - The Expanse - Knight Shuttle
1:87 BloodHound Missle, Launcher & Pad for FUD now available in our shop - 1:87 : BloodHound Missile, Launcher & Pad
Speed commented on 400_Ave_Quinjet [x1] [H] by Speed
November 2, 2016
400_Ave_Quinjet [x1] [H]
Speed @tank_santa It will now, just added that material for you. We printed this in that material when it was a developer material and it came out better than FUD. Let me know if you want other models in that material and we can change them.


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