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Shadowhorizon commented on Stargate Atlantis city 165mm by tomperys
February 25, 2017
Stargate Atlantis city 165mm
Shadowhorizon @tomperys did the email work?
Shadowhorizon @tomperys will do. I'll send you a better link actually
Shadowhorizon @tomperys ok.....checked with one who knows far more about electrical work......telling me that the problem with the water idea for the current would be mainly having to overpower it to get a sufficient result. But he did bring up another idea that reminded me of another way. Operates on a similar concept to a tesla tower, but without the arcs shooting all over. Called Spacial Energy Coherent. Basically integrating the send/receive into the edge of a level tank, and corresponding components into the tips of the piers. Using the points at the edge of the one and the fins a couple piers over could accomplish this, and it would integrate almost seamlessly into the model for wireless energy transmission to the city without high current and with no more risk to components than already exists.
Shadowhorizon @tomperys using water for the current, I don't believe so since the current would simply be using the water as a conductor. A 2 wire setup to the water itself could potentially both supply power and ground with the case plugged in. I know a couple electricians I can check with to confirm. The method I'm saying would essentially use the integrated contacts on the underside of the city to tap into the current running thru the water itself.
Shadowhorizon @tomperys unless you like the idea of the wireless power method. Actually...come to think of it....that provides another possibility. If enclosed in a case partly filled with water, no power source running direct would be needed. A mild current running direct to the water itself and a few metallic contacts on the underside would do the trick. the water would act as both a conductor and a ground.
Shadowhorizon @tomperys the only problem with the connector idea on water would be corrosion and shorting the whole city out. If it's sitting on the surface of the water in something like a tabletop placed shallow tank, it could potentially work. With solid sides to the tank, visibility of the cord would be limited. But a slightly thicker black or grey cord similar to the hull color would look technologically similar and could even be paired with an underwater lantean structure to make it appear intentionally part of the look. I have also considered methods to add an encasing glass or extremely clear plastic as a simulation of the active shield, thereby allowing even an underwater display to remain "pressurized" and make the clamp setup fit right into place as on the ocean floor, which could give an easier time supplying power in a similar manner to that used for for fish tank underwater equipment.
Shadowhorizon I'm looking at the largest scale version you have listed. How much additional would it run to have you paint the lighted city? Or is that included in the pricing on your site?
Shadowhorizon @tomperys not necessarily. I was actually tossing around a few ideas for that which could potentially get around the power supply issue. And the power cord encased and thicker of all things could blend. Remember the line to the drilling platform? Or perhaps a similar setup to the Qi wireless systems used by several newer model cell phones. Those could send power right thru the lower hull of the city and have an access point concealed by surface structures for easier replacement without compromising the underside seals.
Shadowhorizon @tomperys I'll definitely be taking a look. The biggest thing in the way is the financial side of it. And to see the progress being made on a model I have been hoping a skilled designer would build ever since seeing it on screen.....definitely brings back some fan moment memories. Imagine if I knew of this build when I went to the convention in chicago. Anyway, I would definitely like to keep an eye on your progress with the larger version of the city......because I would love to look into arranging a build of it at some point if you'd be willing and finances will work out for it to be possible. If I may ask.....have you looked into waterproofing the underside of the large model that's lighted/painted? If so, I think you can assume the type of display setup I'm considering :)
Shadowhorizon @tomperys ok. would you be willing to do a painted version to send? I ask because I'm not good at that and don't want to make it look horrible. And I saw your larger version of the city on your deviantart page.....that one is amazing work. Might I ask the rough dimensions of that version and costs and such? Not to swamp you with questions, but I would love to consider one like it for a larger display at some point. I showed the gallery with it to a prop maker and he recognized your work and was as amazed with that version as I am.
Shadowhorizon favorited Republic Imperial Destroyer by Carter77
January 15, 2016
Shadowhorizon favorited New andromeda Fighter by Dragon_killer
December 3, 2015
Shadowhorizon favorited Ancient Heavy Fighter by bondp99
October 5, 2015
Shadowhorizon commented on Ancient Heavy Fighter by bondp99
October 5, 2015
Ancient Heavy Fighter
Shadowhorizon where'd you get the Jumper from?
Shadowhorizon favorited Orion by ShadowFury
October 5, 2015
Shadowhorizon commented on Asended Orion by ChrisDraven
October 5, 2015
Asended Orion
Shadowhorizon i'd be interested in this more at about a 2:1 or 3:1 scale myself. can you enlarge the file and upload for purchase?
Shadowhorizon commented on Stargate SG1 by paulelderdesign
September 16, 2015
Stargate SG1
Shadowhorizon The Pegasus model gate....has the back of the gate also been made like? as this one has, but with the pegasus look of course.
Shadowhorizon I would be interested, yes. However, I must admit that at the moment, finances won't allow buying it would have to wait.
Shadowhorizon favorited Asended Orion by ChrisDraven
September 13, 2015
Apophis mothership (Apophis flagship)
Shadowhorizon Good question. i'd love to see it.
Shadowhorizon commented on Coin Price Test1 by dem0n
September 13, 2015
Coin Price Test1
Shadowhorizon umm.....dare i ask? lol....please tell me you're actually a girl now......
Shadowhorizon commented on HMS Victory 2205 Spaceship by dem0n
September 13, 2015
HMS Victory 2205 Spaceship
Shadowhorizon @dem0n truthfully, there's a number of ships on here i'd love to see in a larger scale. my personal designs, however, are too sensitive to put here. rather than see everything 3D printed....i'd prefer seeing those flight ready and combat capable. cuz yes....I do actually design some myself. but mine are intented for reality....not merely modeling.
Shadowhorizon commented on Stargate SG1 - Ha'Tak [120mm & Hollow] by Speed
September 13, 2015
Stargate SG1 - Ha'Tak [120mm & Hollow]
Shadowhorizon could you manage a model like the larger ship in this pic?
Shadowhorizon favorited Empire SSD Retribution class by Gosric
September 13, 2015
Shadowhorizon commented on Andreos by LordMaddog
September 13, 2015
Shadowhorizon do you have a metal version of this?
Shadowhorizon commented on Hellicarrier [280mm for FUD] by Speed
September 13, 2015
Hellicarrier [280mm for FUD]
Shadowhorizon i'm guessing the flat piece underneath is the lower runway platform?
Shadowhorizon commented on Aurora Ship 21cm by tomperys
August 11, 2015
Aurora Ship 21cm
Shadowhorizon Most serious blemish visible. Little white spot at that bright point. Otherwise.....ya see how the rest turned out :)
Shadowhorizon I've been told by family the item arrived on schedule. However, given my job, I have not yet made it back for a visit home yet. I'll be sure to post a couple pics with a comment once I have the chance to open it and get a look at the ship.
Shadowhorizon favorited Teltak by lord_of_the_red_rings
August 1, 2015


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