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Christopher Creighton


Painmedicine1 commented on Dr Who The Pandorica Ring 2 by DrWhoJohnSmith
December 27, 2016
Dr Who The Pandorica Ring 2
Painmedicine1 Can we order a specific size of this ring? I have huge fingers...size 13-14
Painmedicine1 commented on Animantarx by RareBreed
April 11, 2016
Painmedicine1 Would love to see this printed in full color!
Painmedicine1 commented on Triple gear by henryseg
December 7, 2015
Triple gear
Painmedicine1 I can't wait to see this. Wonder if it could be made in metal.
Painmedicine1 added a product to a list
August 5, 2015
Painmedicine1 commented on 150 ml coffee cup by Konstantin_P
August 5, 2015
150 ml coffee cup
Painmedicine1 I'm just afraid that sandstone won't hold up to coffee
Painmedicine1 This looks really cool. Make it available in the new Porcelan option and I'll uy them!
Painmedicine1 added a product to a list
June 17, 2015
Painmedicine1 commented on Philosoraptor by NikkruGadgets
June 16, 2015
Painmedicine1 What could be better next to my copy of a life size velociraptor skeleton?
Painmedicine1 added a product to a list
June 15, 2015
Painmedicine1 commented on Organic Oddity by farbo
June 15, 2015
Organic Oddity
Painmedicine1 This is amazing. Just love it! Thanks for bringing this to being
ibldi | LAT:40.738933241136024 LNG:-74.00115966796
Painmedicine1 Can you do this for any latitude/longitude I can give you> I would love to do this for my mom's house and neighborhood!
Painmedicine1 commented on Transformed Cup 1 by GHP
June 10, 2015
Transformed Cup 1
Painmedicine1 So how would I order it printed in a ceramic material? It appears only in plastic
Painmedicine1 added a product to a list
June 5, 2015
 Said Koubaa Math Lamp
Painmedicine1 This is wonderful! How is it a lamp?
Painmedicine1 added a product to a list
May 17, 2015
Solid Gold Bar Pipe - Tobacco Herb Smoking Pipe
Painmedicine1 my bad for not thinking of that myself!
Painmedicine1 The heat transmissoin would be ummmm interesting. Gold really conducts heat well! beware
Painmedicine1 added a product to a list
May 15, 2015
Painmedicine1 commented on GoPro Mouthpiece by rthornto
May 14, 2015
GoPro Mouthpiece
Painmedicine1 @rthornto micbergsma is the GoPro god! if he inspried this, then it must be good. I would really like to see it compatable with scuba mouth piece because I have twce lost the headstrap while diivng. Barely caught the camera. Great idea!
Methamphetamine Large Ring Doubled
Painmedicine1 It doesn't come in blue? rats. Surprisingly attractive though!
Painmedicine1 commented on Giraffosaurus Munroeus by baltimore
May 1, 2015
Giraffosaurus Munroeus
Painmedicine1 Well duh!
Painmedicine1 commented on Destroid Monster - 1/60 scale by 7777773
April 30, 2015
Destroid Monster - 1/60 scale
Painmedicine1 So, we can't get this in polished platinum? Oh darn.
Propeller for Animaris Geneticus Bellus
Painmedicine1 gears don't engage properly with sculpture, which locks joints. I have followed the full size models on the beaches and they are amazing. Hoping for better.
Painmedicine1 commented on Animaris Geneticus Bellus by TheoJansen
April 25, 2015
Animaris Geneticus Bellus
Painmedicine1 Pretty but too fragile to move. Propellor gears don't engage either but makes a nice conversation piece on my shelf. Slightly disappointed.
Painmedicine1 commented on London Gherkin 10cm by Dotsan
April 16, 2015
London Gherkin 10cm
Painmedicine1 @UshankaIt would make an awesome lamp, or night-light with a glow. Perhaps if it cannot be made hollow, it could be at least partially drilled out from the bottom?
Painmedicine1 commented on Aleysha 76mm by BITGEM
April 15, 2015
Aleysha 76mm
Painmedicine1 @natalia Families don't have bodies? Lighten up already. It's art.
Painmedicine1 commented on Class 08 Brass - Z - 1:220 by ivanf
March 24, 2015
Class 08 Brass - Z - 1:220
Painmedicine1 Just got it today. it is a real jewel. Wasn't sure what to expect with "rough antique finish" in the description but it is great. A job well done!


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