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The TIE Reaper from Rogue One is here! - TIE Reaper (1/270)
(Armada) Combat Hammerhead Corvette
Mel_Miniatures @karategiovanni Those are pretty good! Its nice to see how it looks like in White Strong and Flexible. Thanks for posting those.
(Armada) Lucrehulk Star Destroyer
Mel_Miniatures @thark Not exactly, it's based on this concept art from The Force Awakens
Mel_Miniatures commented on Vindicator Cruiser (1/7000) by Mel_Miniatures
January 10, 2017
Vindicator Cruiser (1/7000)
Mel_Miniatures @jscott991The problem with that is that I use the keyholes to put the holes to make the miniature hollow. If I took out the keyholes I would still need to add holes somewhere.
(Armada) Nebula Star Destroyer
Mel_Miniatures @Wastelandwander Can't wait to see pictures of it :)
Mel_Miniatures commented on (Armada) Scarif Shield Gate by Mel_Miniatures
December 24, 2016
(Armada) Scarif Shield Gate
Mel_Miniatures @taintnum None, it just stands on its own. I thought it would make more sense to have it below every other ship.
Mel_Miniatures commented on X-70B Phantom (1/270) by Mel_Miniatures
December 16, 2016
X-70B Phantom (1/270)
Mel_Miniatures @chrislybear I corrected the official size. In the game these ships are oversized to fit the large interiors for game mechanics. Once you make the cockpit of the Fury Interceptor be the same size as a TIE everything else fits perfectly. The XS Transport is close to the size of the Falcon, the Mantis is about the size of the Slave I etc... So, it's a personal liberty, but you will notice the cockpits and hatches are now human sized.
 (Armada) Lucrehulk Battleship JUST THE TOP
Mel_Miniatures @exonautsblog Indeed, as the title says, this is just the top for a more afordable miniature.
Yuuzhan Vong's Yorik Akaga 1/270
Mel_Miniatures @rrpierce It doesnt include base nor stem piece.
Mel_Miniatures commented on XS Light Freighter (Large) by Mel_Miniatures
November 18, 2016
XS Light Freighter (Large)
Mel_Miniatures @fbf81a1 Dont worry. There are more chances of breaking the laser turrets than the whole structure of the ship breaking. I have many models hollowed like this one and none have ever tore apart like that. I have dropped them on the floor and they hold.
(Armada) Assault Frigate Mk I Type III
Mel_Miniatures @Vykes Your paintjobs are as amazing as always. Thanks for always posting pictures.
(Armada) Imperial Star Destroyer I Mod Kit
Mel_Miniatures @Annatar Yes, you should contact Shapeways and let them know there was a piece missing from this set. If you can take a picture of the pieces you have, or a picture where you make clear which piece is missing with a circle, it will make it easier for them.
Mel_Miniatures @Sifu_Steve That is absolutely amazing, thanks for posting those, sincerely.
Clone Z-95 Headhunter 1/270
Mel_Miniatures @mssiberts Yes! Sorry, It is 1/270. But be mindful that is a much larger ship than the normal Z-95. This one is made for a Large Stand.
XG-1 Assault Gunboat 1/270
Mel_Miniatures @GSEditrod They look amazing! Thanks for posting those.
(Armada) Hammerhead Corvette
Mel_Miniatures @Pilot1000 Sorry if you felt my comment was sarcastic. I was only asking because many people mix this ship with the one from The Old Republic which is larger. And yes, I assumed you played board games because that's what most of my buyers do. So I was trying to confirm/understand why you wanted it bigger before explaining the issues of resizing.
Mel_Miniatures @Pilot1000 That seems uncalled for. Resicing a model also requires redoing the model a lot. No only I would have to increase details but also redo some details to fit the size. I was just asking to know if the reasons granted the effort. Pretty much doing an entire miniature just for one buyer is not worthy. I saw your comment before you changed it, and that "Jesus" was much longer and insulting.
Mel_Miniatures @Pilot1000 Why would you want it that large? This is not the Old Republic ship, this is the one from Star Wars Rebels which is smaller than a Corellian Corvette.
Mel_Miniatures commented on Preybird 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
July 12, 2016
Preybird 1/270
Mel_Miniatures @SubmersibleFox Don't! The ship was too large to fit a small stand so I made the hole for a Large stand. This is more similar to the IG-2000 than the Z-95 in size.
Mel_Miniatures @RSFHorn Yes, it was long overdue...
Interceptor Class Frigate 1/490 + 2 Large Stands
Mel_Miniatures @jeffrey_starwars Sorry about the delay. The right measures are: 357x128x98 mm
Mel_Miniatures @jeffrey_starwars The width is wrong because the two stands affect shapeways measurements. Im not home right now, but as soon as I can Ill give you the exact measures of the ship.
Mel_Miniatures commented on YV 929 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
June 30, 2016
YV 929 1/270
Mel_Miniatures @Pilot1000 Thanks for the detailed pictures :)


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