(Armada) Resurgent Battlecruiser Finalizer 2 PARTS
Mel_Miniatures @pknking THANK YOU! For sharing all these amazing pictures on every model. They look just amazing with the lights. Thanks for sharing your awesome work.
Mel_Miniatures commented on (Armada) Lancer Frigate by Mel_Miniatures
February 17, 2020
(Armada) Lancer Frigate
Mel_Miniatures @jonathan_steffens The model is compatible with Armada stands, you don't need any special stand.
(Armada) Customs Corvette V2
Mel_Miniatures @Wilson669 Thank you for the great pictures!
(Armada) Eclipse Dreadnaught Top (1/3)
Mel_Miniatures @danielm93 This is just amazing, thanks for posting that picture!
Mel_Miniatures commented on (SSD) Rebel Fleet 1/30400 by Mel_Miniatures
August 13, 2019
(SSD) Rebel Fleet 1/30400
Mel_Miniatures @Brigadier_Smith They would be too tiny for a Star Destroyer Hangar
(1/47) 6x Clone Trooper Phase 1
Mel_Miniatures @Seraphim09 Which configuration would you want?
Delta-7 Hyperdrive Module
Mel_Miniatures @dylan1kenobi It does, but the clamps on the bottom do stay open. In my mind I designed it more as a prop or an objective for the fighter to reach by the end of the match or keep safe during the match.
(MMch) Heavy TIE Fighter "TIE Brute"
Mel_Miniatures @per_a_e_holmgren Sorry... There is a version available that it is X-Wing compatible.
(Armada) Kandosii Dreadnaught
Mel_Miniatures @riesstiu2khunning Love the paint scheme you chose. They look threatening and dirty. They are perfect. Love seeing a lot of transports in the fleet too!
(MMch) Venator Star Destroyer
Mel_Miniatures @kriswhenray1 No, you will need to search for the one that has Armada on it's name. This one will be very very small.
Mel_Miniatures commented on (Armada) Eternal Flagship by Mel_Miniatures
January 9, 2019
(Armada) Eternal Flagship
Mel_Miniatures @paul_sutherland1991 Which one are you refering to? Do you have a picture?
Transports, Transports, Transports!! - (Armada) 24 Transports Set
(Armada) Nebula Star Destroyer
Mel_Miniatures @sawndause Yes. I'm doing it this week.
Mel_Miniatures commented on (MMch) Munificent Frigate by Mel_Miniatures
November 19, 2018
(MMch) Munificent Frigate
Mel_Miniatures @StarwarsFan Yes, that's upcoming this week.
Mara Jade for Legion, with the face of Sigourney Weaver! - (Legion) Mara Jade
(Armada) Bellator Star Destroyer
Mel_Miniatures @cmajnseeger The model requires only 2 stands.
Mel_Miniatures @maxime_harge Really apreciate the suggestions. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do all four sooner or later.
(Armada) Bellator Star Destroyer 2 PARTS
Mel_Miniatures @boromirbountyhunter No, they only fit together but there is nothing to make them lock.
Specialized Clone Troopers Phase 2! - (Legion) 7x Specialized Clone Troopers Phase 2
The gigantic Bellator Star Destroyer! - (Armada) Bellator Star Destroyer
(Armada) MC80-B Mon Remonda
Mel_Miniatures @boromirbountyhunter Im working on thr Bellator.


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