Alberto Melchor Ruiz Antón



(Armada) The Others
Mel_Miniatures @tank_santa I doubt I will make more Babylon 5 ships. I haven't seen the show (the only one I haven't seen from the Set) I only made this one because people would kill me if I did a set like this without Babylon 5.
(Armada) Assault Frigate Mk I Type VI
Mel_Miniatures @boromirbountyhunter Nah, thats how it is supposed to look:
Transports, Transports, Transports!! - (Armada) 24 Transports Set
Mel_Miniatures commented on ID4 Alien Attacker by HavocsSpaceShipyard
June 11, 2017
ID4 Alien Attacker
Mel_Miniatures @ZINO117 About 1/450. It's an incredible looking model.
(Armada) Recusant Destroyer
Mel_Miniatures @joshdonaldson2 Glad you like it. It is one of my favourite models.
Defender Class Corvette 1/270
Mel_Miniatures @timh1319 Yes, sorry, the problem is BHDA. You were the first to order it in that material. Technically BHDA can be printed in models this size (that's why it passes the automatic checks), but it gives problems with models that are this big and they get canceled... I don't know why Shapeways doesn't just limit the automatic checks. Sorry for the inconvenience... :S
Mel_Miniatures commented on Delta Shuttle 1/270 by Mel_Miniatures
May 11, 2017
Delta Shuttle 1/270
Mel_Miniatures @Captstu Sorry for the late reply. No, the ship is made in one part and the wings can't fold.
Mel_Miniatures commented on Supa Fighter (1/270) by Mel_Miniatures
May 11, 2017
Supa Fighter (1/270)
Mel_Miniatures @Captstu Yes, large base. The ship is quite big.
The original X-Wing Prototype! - 3x Cantwell's Prototype X-Wing (1/270)
Mel_Miniatures commented on (Mmch) Rogue One Set by Mel_Miniatures
May 5, 2017
(Mmch) Rogue One Set
Mel_Miniatures @lordtrayus The middle one is the TIE Reaper, the ship that carries the Death Troopers into battle. The sizes are: Profundity (19.53 x 70 x 29.55 mm), TIE Reaper (37.28 x 54.6 x 10 mm), Hammerhead Corvette (22.78 x 50 x 20.58 mm)
(Armada) Home One "3.2 km version" (Paneled)
Mel_Miniatures @willcbrick Unfortunately it is too large for the BHDA printer.
(Armada) Super Star Destroyer Executor (3 PARTS)
Mel_Miniatures @OmniJackal I believe I should have. Its a flaw of my design and I accept my responsability (I just dont understand how Shapeways didnt just cancel it). If they do not do it, I will pay for your broken part. Its too expensive a model to just let go of my responsabiliy.
Mel_Miniatures I've fixed the issues @OmniJackal had with the model. I've added a triangulated structure on the inside so the model won't collapse (you can see it in the rotating 3D image). It will make it more difficult to add lights or resine, but it's clearly necessary.
The Phantom II + Mod Kit (1/270)
Mel_Miniatures @jmarnock Sorry, I forgot to reply. You need to take out the Phantom piece in the Ghost miniature first.
Mel_Miniatures @Obverse None, its a 3D render.
Mel_Miniatures commented on (Armada) Strike Cruiser by Mel_Miniatures
March 1, 2017
(Armada) Strike Cruiser
Mel_Miniatures @WatchKeeper @ReckerW I plan on doing another version based on the style the guys from Freeworlds: Tides of War made. I don't know if it would be what you want, but it is very different.
(Armada) Lucrehulk Star Destroyer
Mel_Miniatures @OmniJackal Do you plan on painting it red or grey?


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