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Mechanoid commented on Spacer1999 Transports 1/1000 Scale by Mechanoid
November 27, 2016
Spacer1999 Transports 1/1000 Scale
Mechanoid @fb40e38, Well maybe my 1/3200 scale set of these will improve the "KIT" and make it worth while. And your welcome.
Mechanoid @fb40e38, This set is more true to scale for 1/1000 scale, each eagle has been scaled by the side pod hatch. So each eagle is 31 millimeters long. As for the Moonbase Alpha kit, I actually made a complete set just for that. These are as perfect as I could get, I can't go smaller, they barely print at the scale they are now. And don't worry, I don't plan to take them down. Far too many people enjoy this set as it stands. And thank you for the support. Makes me feel like the pain is worth it. Thank You.
Mechanoid @Greigor, The full color picture is of a painted and detailed set that came from a customer sharing the finished set with me. But that's not how the set is shipped out. The other picture is of the model set itself. against a blue screen. Which does just barely show the spur. The last option is the 3D rotated screen. Which clearly shows the spur. Again I am sorry you didn't click those other pic's to see it, or that you didn't ask questions about the scale. And then judged the entire set against a painted and detailed set from a customer. I am however also concerned that your continued ranting about the size of this set, is on purpose in some manner. Like you want to make sure I have no choice but to remove this set. I have already had someone mention your rant to me personally, as an issue for them.
Mechanoid @Greigor, If you look at the description, the measurement states width at 6.57mm, That is all 5 ships lined up next to each other. I have not given wrong information, lied or mislead the public. I am sorry you misread it. But that is not my doing. If you want a special scale of this, I maybe willing to do it. This model has been up and working at this scale since 2013. I made a small change when ShapeWays made a guideline change. But the scaling has not been changed. Again I am sorry. But you misunderstood the scale.
Mechanoid @Greigor, Out there on the world wide web, is many different idea's of what the true scaling is. These were scaled using actual footage from the show and adjusting the scaling to also take into account the interior shown. For 1/1000 scale, 1 mm is equal to 1 meter. Meaning that the side hatch on the pod had to be 1.9 meters or 1.9 mm tall. I am not sure what you get 20 mm is 1/1000 scale. But I'd like to know. Because I know that data with the size of 76 ft (23.16 m), the Pod door is 4.2 ft (1,3 m) x 4.2 ft (1,3 m) and is a little bit to small for a man to pass thru. Which the show showed possible, which means that the 76ft data online is wrong. The scaling was as stated above, done to fit the pod bay side hatch's.
Mechanoid commented on 2001 Mini Monolith by Mechanoid
October 26, 2016
2001 Mini Monolith
Mechanoid @teafaerie, I do believe so. Ratio should be 1x4x9.
Mechanoid commented on 1/1000 Scale Spacer1999 Ultran Probe by Mechanoid
October 22, 2016
1/1000 Scale Spacer1999 Ultran Probe
Mechanoid @fb0148b, Please contact ShapeWays Service Team. That is a bad print, it should not have been shipped this way. I am going to ask that you contact me privately with your order number, so that I can speak with the Service Team about this bad print. Thank You for bringing it to my attention. I will endeavor to make sure they print you a replacement at no cost to you.
S:AaB SA-37 Endo-Exo Hammerhead Fighters x10
Mechanoid @weregobbie, So you want these at 19mm length, each. Is that correct? That wouldn't be 1/1000 scale. So I would post them under the 'Odd Scales' section, if I understand your request.
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October 3, 2016
Mechanoid added products to a list
October 3, 2016
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July 27, 2016
Mechanoid commented on Spacer1999 Emergency Shelters by Mechanoid
June 21, 2016
Spacer1999 Emergency Shelters
Mechanoid @johnmck21870, Please check my shop again. I didn't realize the 2 different Eaglet sets I had, had gotten shut off. But they are now updated, spurs to keep them together so ShapeWays doesn't lose them, Even lowered the price because of the spurs. Enjoy. I'll send you a private message linking you to the sets I updated since your post.
Mechanoid commented on Rob-Bot 1/87 V2 by Mechanoid
June 8, 2016
Rob-Bot 1/87 V2
Mechanoid @fatherjay, If the dome was missing, then it had a print issue that has never happened before. Start by contacting the ShapeWays Service Team. Provide them with your order number, and if you can a pic or 2 showing the area that the dome was suppose to be attached at. That will help them figure out what happened. Also Contact me thru the Contact Designer tab just below the Favorite tab, up the right side of the page. Include all info and a pic, Please. So I can try to work with ShapeWays to get this resolved at no cost to you.
TT Type 40 Mark 1 TARDIS 1/87 Scale
Mechanoid @fatherjay, The hole up top is 1.40mm diameter. I wish that Radio Shack still did the electronic parts racks. I would have just told you to go there. But I am not sure where to send you to get a blue led node at. Maybe a hobby story. I wish you the best of luck at it. The hole may require being drilled out to allow for something bigger. At any rate. Good Luck. Please share pic's when your done, it sounds like it would be neat to see.
Mechanoid @fatherjay, You could try something like these.
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May 22, 2016
Check out this cool product! - Updated info Explorer One 1/1000 Scale
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May 8, 2016


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