Curtis Clark


Minbari Whitestar (Babylon 5), 1/6K
Masterscifiengineer This is a perfect pocket-model!! Durable, beautiful, and not that expensive for Stainless!!!
Masterscifiengineer This Whitestar looks good from any angle!!!
Masterscifiengineer This ship is beautiful in Stainless!! All of the details are so visible and perfect! Whitestars are most durable in Stainless, far beyond WSF or FUD.
Masterscifiengineer Thank you for your quick response. I'll try printing it in Stainless when I can. This is the best version of the Whitestar I've ever seen.
Masterscifiengineer Could a version of this be made in Stainless Steel?
Masterscifiengineer commented on Sovereign 8" Scale Model by Hazza42
April 1, 2017
Sovereign 8" Scale Model
Masterscifiengineer Could you make a Stainless version 2" high? This one is too expensive for me.
Reman Scimitar 1/15000 Steel
Masterscifiengineer This ship is perfect!! 52 disruptor banks, 27 photon (or plasma?) torpedo bays, primary and secondary shields, firing while cloaked, and a Thalaron superweapon-- "She's a predator".
Masterscifiengineer The underside of my new flagship.
Masterscifiengineer All four of my Scimitars. Custom Micro, Attack Wing, Shapeways, Lego. (Another year until the Eaglemoss one.)
Masterscifiengineer SHEER AWESOMENESS!!! This ship in Stainless Steel with Polished Grey Steel treatment is beautiful and almost indestructible!!
Reman Warbird 'Scimitar' 1/15000
Masterscifiengineer I'd greatly appreciate it because there is no diecast version of this ship in the world, nor a stainless version on Shapeways yet. It would fit with my other Stainless Steel ships nicely.
Masterscifiengineer Would any metal be possible? (Heck, I'd even be interested in a less detailed version in Stainless Steel or any metal.)
Masterscifiengineer commented on Archilles Class 1/10000 by coelian276
January 26, 2017
Archilles Class 1/10000
Masterscifiengineer I LOVE this ship!! It makes a perfect pocket model for any conditions. (A pocket model is a model Starship that can be kept in a pocket as a good luck charm.)
Masterscifiengineer Really pretty shot of the aft secondary hull. Note the beautiful contours in the aft undercut to the left of the mounting hole.
Masterscifiengineer Good shot of the aft, showing the embedded warp nacelles and the secondary bridge.
Masterscifiengineer Starboard elevation. Note phaser beam arrays on the nacelles as well as the saucer.
Masterscifiengineer Here is a pic from my phone. The other pics were from my old ipod.
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel task force, one Battlecruiser and one Destroyer.
Masterscifiengineer First battle against a Borg Scout. The Borg lost.
Masterscifiengineer Is Stainless Steel possible?
Masterscifiengineer commented on Carrier 65mm by BelialSC2
December 12, 2016
Carrier 65mm
Masterscifiengineer This looks SWEET! I'll start saving now. Finally the Protoss will have a counter to the Battlecruiser!
Hirogen Venatic Class 1/8000 Attack Wing
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel please? (They did have monotanium armor, after all.)
Masterscifiengineer commented on Freighter by Tempest_512
October 26, 2016
Masterscifiengineer I'd love to see a Needle Kadeshi Mothership too!
Masterscifiengineer commented on Bentusi Cargo barges (3) by Tempest_512
October 26, 2016
Bentusi Cargo barges (3)
Masterscifiengineer These are nice, but what about a Bentusi Tradeship? They were vital to the survival of the Kushan in the first game!
Masterscifiengineer commented on ISN Battleship by coines23
August 22, 2016
ISN Battleship
Masterscifiengineer Here's a pic.
Tusokk Hammer class Battleship
Masterscifiengineer This fleet looks so good, could you make a super-dreadnought? About double the size? I am seriously looking at getting this whole fleet in stainless, one ship at a time.
Masterscifiengineer Looks nice. Reminds me of Narn capital ships. This design would make a perfect pocket-model: no wings or nacelles, compact hull, strong material. I'm gonna start saving for this one.
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel?
Masterscifiengineer commented on Harrower by lord_of_the_red_rings
July 25, 2016
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel please?
Large Whitestar Prototype
Masterscifiengineer As a show of good faith and my sincere desire to expand my Whitestar Fleet, I am buying one of these. I prefer this 2.5" version over the 2" version that I already have. I love these ships.
Masterscifiengineer This looks good, could you do the Thirdspace fighter and capital ship in stainless too?
Masterscifiengineer commented on ISA Whitestar Fighter x6 by AEModels
July 17, 2016
ISA Whitestar Fighter x6
Masterscifiengineer Just how big is each fighter?
Masterscifiengineer These look sweet! I would love to see just one of this fighter about 3", and Stainless Steel and Bronze. No one has ever done a Whitestar Fighter in Stainless.
Masterscifiengineer commented on Bluestar by jamesspecketer
July 17, 2016
Masterscifiengineer Could this be modified to print in Stainless Steel? It would make a perfect pocket model then.
Masterscifiengineer commented on Earther Mega Destroyer 1 by Goji62
July 17, 2016
Earther Mega Destroyer 1
Masterscifiengineer Could you make this in Stainless Steel? It would make an excellent "pocket-model" as it would be very strong.
Masterscifiengineer commented on EAS WARLOCK by rupi100
July 4, 2016
Masterscifiengineer Stainless Steel please? Pretty please??
Masterscifiengineer commented on Earther Mega Destroyer 2 by Goji62
July 4, 2016
Earther Mega Destroyer 2
Masterscifiengineer I would love to see a Shadow Omega version of this in Black Strong and Flexible or even Stainless Steel. I realize that making tendrils in Stainless would be difficult, but in that material the tendrils would never break off.
Vorlon Sentinel (Destroyer)
Masterscifiengineer Could this design be done in Stainless Steel? Then it would be as indestructible as the real thing! (Vorlons were the toughest Ancients in Babylon 5.)
Masterscifiengineer commented on ISA Excalibur by ChrisDraven
July 1, 2016
ISA Excalibur
Masterscifiengineer How about Stainless Steel & Bronze? It would be the first Victory class in SSB.
Somtaaw "Archangel" Dreadnought
Masterscifiengineer Even 1" h would work. This is just such a powerful looking ship, I'd like to see it next to a Star Destroyer or the Enterprise.
Masterscifiengineer commented on ID4 Alien Attacker-big by Havoc4free
June 26, 2016
ID4 Alien Attacker-big
Masterscifiengineer This is nice, but could you do the new ships from Independence Day Resurgence too? (In Stainless Steel would be great!)
Imperial TIE Interceptor
Masterscifiengineer This is cool, but certain toy companies have done TIE, TIE Bomber, TIE Advanced, and TIE Interceptor already. What about TIE Phantom, TIE Punisher, and TIE Crawler?
USASF Crockett class Battleship
Masterscifiengineer I know, there never are any guarantees with the metals and small parts. I really wanted to see how much it would be in stainless first, but also I'd love to try to get this sometime. $108 is not inconsequential.
Masterscifiengineer Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this available in Stainless Steel? I would really want this ubership in this particular fleet in steel.
1/2500 ST USS Relativity 2.5inch :-)
Masterscifiengineer This looks like a great ship, why isn't it available to print?


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