Vincent Greco


3D modeler, Designer
I design for 3D-printing, in particular math-related or geometrical objects like dice, but also jewelry.

Very proud of the latest iteration of the Dual Sphericon puzzle, now with three layers! - Dual Sphericon puzzle with 3 layers - inner layer
Improved version of my Dual Sphericon puzzle, now hopefully blind-friendly - Creased Dual Sphericon Puzzle: half outer shell
Magic favorited Invertible-egg cup by aryser
March 18, 2017
A new creation, the Dual Sphericon Puzzle: Dual Sphericon Puzzle: half outer shell
My first Reaction-Diffusion design: the Reaction Coaster in Porcelain! - Reaction Coaster
And the big brother of the previous one: the Worry Stone with 7 marbles! - Worry Stone with Seven Marbles
For Frosted Detail only: the Worry with one Marble - Worry Stone with One Marble
A new 3d-printed pendant that includes a standard marble: the Marble Eye Pendant Marble Eye Pendant
Because modern worries need modern worry stones - Worry Stone
In the same collection as the D2 Strange die and the D3 Strange die, here is the D1 Strange die - D1 Strange Dice
The D12 Shell die has been renumbered and is now available for sale again - D12 Shell Dice - Gen 2
A new version of the D3, this time with numbers located on faces - D3 Strange Dice v2
A new version of the D2, this time with numbers located on faces - D2 Strange Dice v2
A colorful D6: count the blocks on a face to find out the result of your roll! - D6 Block Dice
The D28 is now numbered and thus available! D28 Sphere Dice
Magic commented on D13 Sphere Dice Cards by Magic
September 22, 2016
D13 Sphere Dice Cards
Magic @PoshFrosh Thank you very much for ordering it and for sharing the picture. I plan to do a D4 Sphere Die with the 4 suits. I am sure such a die can complete this one!
Magic commented on D3 Strange Dice by Magic
September 22, 2016
D3 Strange Dice
Magic @PoshFrosh Yes, Black High Definition Acrylate is now available to all. Added it to D2 & D3. Let me know how it comes.
Magic @PoshFrosh You mean 3D-printed Acrylic? I did not try this material for dice. Is it interesting? I will make it available. I hope the numbers indentation won't cause a rejection. If it is the case I will put numbers on the faces (as I would do for mass-production).
The D28 is still work in progress (no numbering yet), but its shape is now well defined: D28 Sphere Dice (WIP)
And this is the related 3-sided die: D3 Strange Dice
My own interpretation of the two-sided die: D2 Strange Dice
Following the Triacontahedron, here is the Rhombic Dodecahedron: Rhombic Dodecahedron
A new Kickstarter based on two dice designed my myself and prototyped with Shapeways (13- and 15-sided):
Magic commented on D13 for Impact! Miniatures by Magic
May 11, 2016
D13 for Impact! Miniatures
Magic @CelestialCanoe Yes of course. I have added it in Metallic Plastic for $10. Personally, I would recommend the Polished Metallic Plastic (this material was not available yet when I ordered this die): more expensive but great finish. But this is your call! :-)
My Nested Rings arrived: more info in this post:
Magic commented on Average D6 Hollow Dice by Magic
February 29, 2016
Average D6 Hollow Dice
Magic @katie_lopez Yes, I did it myself with some fabric dye. Honestly I wanted to reach a darker color, but as long as the number are easily readable, I am satisfied.


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