Fixed scaling on 1/600 and 1/700 SH-2G FUD - 1/700 SH-2G x8 (FUD)
I'll stop taking requests at the end of June.
Work begins in July.
Echoco commented on 1/700 PAK-FA with Gear x4 (FUD) by Echoco
June 16, 2017
1/700 PAK-FA with Gear x4 (FUD)
Echoco @ryantam00 Thanks the model is pretty old.
Echoco commented on 1/600 P-80 x4 (FUD) by Echoco
May 18, 2017
1/600 P-80 x4 (FUD)
Echoco @TSKK5 I'll add it to the to-do list
I'm taking requests again until the end of June.
Echoco commented on 1/600 VF-2SS x6 by Echoco
May 17, 2017
1/600 VF-2SS x6
Echoco @Scouls502I'm glad the nose gear came out safe.
Echoco @Scouls502 done, might have to wait a few hours before the render updates but I'm not 100% sure if it will. The 3D view should show the correct model.
Echoco commented on 1/1250 Cars (WWII) (FUD) by Echoco
May 1, 2017
1/1250 Cars (WWII) (FUD)
Echoco @Prbtx Thanks for the photo, that was pretty funny with the rice.
Echoco commented on 1/4800 Sampson x6 (FUD) by Echoco
April 15, 2017
1/4800 Sampson x6 (FUD)
Echoco @arklite You're welcome
Echoco commented on 1/600 J-20 x4 (FD) by Echoco
April 15, 2017
1/600 J-20 x4 (FD)
Echoco @KOOLHOVEN I have them under 1/400. Is that incorrect?
I'll be taking request for Cycle 4/July 2017 from early or mid May to June/July.
1/350 and smaller, no ships this time.
Also no longer doing 1/900 WSF aircraft.

I'm put what's already up on the next list at the usual place on the store page.
Updated model, fixed missing parts. - 1/350 A400M
Update, tweak, fix and change for 1/600 MV-22B - 1/600 MV-22B w/Gear x2 (FUD) (Edited)
Echoco commented on 1/1000 VF-1 Valkyrie x15 (FUD) by Echoco
March 25, 2017
Echoco commented on VF-2SS SAP x2 by Echoco
March 25, 2017
Echoco @Scouls502 at this scale it'll be too expensive.
Echoco @ZINO117 Sorry I have no plans to do these. It'll be spreading into too many ganre.
Echoco 2 modes?
Echoco Added 1/285 as a scale option
I will gradually be taking down 1/900 WSF aircraft items starting from April 1st.
I'll be happy to give away the .stl files to anyone who wants them.
Echoco commented on 1/1000 VF-2SS w/gear x15 (FUD) by Echoco
March 17, 2017
1/1000 VF-2SS w/gear x15 (FUD)
Echoco FXD option is up
Added 1/3000 scale option - Bogue/Attacker/Ameer/Ruler x2 (FUD)
Echoco commented on 1/600 F-16XL x4 (FUD) by Echoco
March 9, 2017
1/600 F-16XL x4 (FUD)
Echoco The set is updated to 1/600 only
Echoco The model was requested in 2 scales so i bundled them together.
Dropped the Chinese vehicles, I can't find 3 views for them
DF-41 Long-Range Ballistic Missile TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher)
DF-26 Medium-to-Long Range Ballistic Missile TEL
DF-10 Cruise Missile TEL
Shaanxi SX-2300 Heavy High Mobility Truck – Fuel Tanker and General Utility Versions
Shaanxi SX-2190 Fuel Tanker and General Utility Versions
Shaanxi SX-4400 Tank Transporter
LD-2000 Short-Range Air Defense Mobile Truck
Type 90-II Armored Recovery Vehicle
PGZ-07 35mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
LLQ-305B 3-D Acquisition Radar Vehicle
WZ-55D 4x4 Anti-Tank Vehicle
Dropped the following from the list
M978A4 HEMTT Fuel Tanker
LVSR MKR15 Wrecker

Better models already available from
Updated the model, made a lot of the fragile parts a lot thicker and extended the frame to protect the landing struts more. - 1/700 CH-54/S-64 x4 (FUD)
Updated the set, replacing 2 vehicles with Biber AVLB - 1/700 Leopard ARV, AEV & AVLB x12 (FUD)
When ordering models with scale options please check the scale you've selected.
Hovering mouse over the item cart on the top left will show scale of items but the basket page doesn't.


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