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Dalton Bissell


3D modeler, Animator, Designer, Product designer, Artist, Maker, Artisan
Zbrush Artist and Freelance 3D Print Designer. Send an email to DaltonBissell@live.com for a free quote.

Check out this incredible air assisted spinning top! - http://shpws.me/N12q Tornado Top - Orignial
DesignbyDalton commented on Spinner Bauble by DesignbyDalton
November 18, 2016
Spinner Bauble
DesignbyDalton @tysun Thanks Tysun, I just posted some new pictures of mine I've carried for months it and spun it thousands of times. You can see how the gold plating wore off the edge from over use. But the steel stays intact even though I have crashed it into some hefty objects.
DesignbyDalton @tysun also, I forgot to say it would work in other metals but might lack momentum in plastic.
DesignbyDalton @tysun Hello Tyson, I chose to test this one out in "Gold Steel". It worked great but the gold flaked off around the edge when it got going too fast and crashed into something. I made a video of it in action too. I will post the video right now.
DesignbyDalton @Lambdaf I hav't quite made a video for this yet but I have tested it out. I'll post a new picture of it in action this week. here is what I learned from the prototype. It spins alot like a coin, but your first try is going to be a failure most likely. Don't let it discourage your attempts, it's pretty hard to get down. When you figure it out it's not so hard anymore. Once it is started spinning clockwise you can blow on it to keep it spinning for as long as you want. It's super fun to chase around the table. It's also heavier than I expected. Another thing, when it runs into things it bucks off of them, so clear the table to avoid scratching the egde. Mine is beat to hell from not listening to myself lol. All in all I think this prototype was a success. I will post back here to let you know when update with a video/pictures.
Pokemon GO! Poke'coin pendant, gotta look good while you catch 'em all. - http://shpws.me/MBaS Pokecoin Pendant
The Spiro Begleri flipping set turned out incredibly well! - http://shpws.me/Mmty Spiro Begleri Bead (Edited)
DesignbyDalton commented on Tornado Top XL CW by DesignbyDalton
June 5, 2016
Tornado Top XL CW
DesignbyDalton @tinyursapudge, I uploaded a new version for you. Tornado Top XL CW : http://shpws.me/Mhla Tornado Top XL CCW : http://shpws.me/Mhl9
DesignbyDalton New Tornado Top XL just arrived. It's big! Really big! Come check it out.
Tornado Top - Orignial
DesignbyDalton @majocourt You can track your order on your shapeways account. Go to https://www.shapeways.com/orders
DesignbyDalton @TimErkelens Thanks, I'm flattered. You should check out the Turbine Top too. It's similar but with a totally different look and feel. Here's a link to it. Item Page : http://shpws.me/LP9M Youtube Video : https://youtu.be/GHSssgOBhN4
DesignbyDalton @TimErkelens Hello Tim, personally I have one in Nickel Steel and one in Bronze. A customer has also tried out Gold plated and Rhodium with success. The steel is cheap but will work great, even better if you polished the tip to reduce friction. Bronze spins just a little better and a little longer, it also rings like a bell when it hits the spinning surface. I love it. It was worth the little extra. So even though I have 2 of them already, I am greatly tempted to get a 3rd one in a precious metal.
DesignbyDalton @phnghue Thanks! Aluminum is exciting right?
DesignbyDalton After extensively blowing on this top to get it up to speed I was able to get it to spin for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
DesignbyDalton My longest recorded spin with this top is 1:15!
Tri-Fractal Spinning top, come check it out. - http://shpws.me/MbJp Tri-Fractal Spinning Top
Come take a look at the Impeller Top v2! A jet driven spinning top thats a ton of fun to play with. - http://shpws.me/M7Fp Impeller Top v2
Check out this new spinning station! What do you spin your top on? - http://shpws.me/M5Rk Wave Spinning Station - (For 75mm Lens)
Designed this new "Spinner Bowl". It's lid secretly doubles as a spinning top! Come check it out. - http://shpws.me/M57Y Spinner Bowl
Spin Station for 75mm Lens
DesignbyDalton Just ordered one of these, can't wait!
DesignbyDalton commented on Impeller Top V1 by DesignbyDalton
March 23, 2016
Impeller Top V1
DesignbyDalton The Impeller top prototype was a success! Lots of fun to blow around the table. I'm addicted to air powered spinning tops.
DesignbyDalton commented on The Turbine Top by DesignbyDalton
March 22, 2016
The Turbine Top
DesignbyDalton Rhodium spins way better than steel!
DesignbyDalton @TimErkelens Thanks Tim, you're too kind.
DesignbyDalton commented on Dust Devil Spinning Top by DesignbyDalton
March 18, 2016
Dust Devil Spinning Top
DesignbyDalton Record assisted spin time a little over 2 hours. I had to blow on it every 5 minutes or so.
DesignbyDalton commented on Monado Sword Pendant by DesignbyDalton
March 13, 2016
Monado Sword Pendant
DesignbyDalton @aebkea It does certainly look difficult to keep adding details when relying on a traditional modeling program but you geometry looks alright. There is one issue that might be hard for you at first with this geo. There is a crease that runs the length of the blade, it's very straight but your geo in that area is a little messy from creating the 2 holes. When your making the crease you might consider refining some of the geometry in that area.
DesignbyDalton @aebkea Thanks for the complement. I've been modeling for about 15 years now and I attended the Art Institute of Seattle. So I have quite a bit of experience modeling. My weapon of choice is always ZBrush, it really does a great job of freeing you from the constraints of topology. I also save the finer details for last, getting the full shape of the sword done before adding any of the sharper details helps a lot.
DesignbyDalton @dragontoy10two You should be able to find similar chains at a jewelry supply store. I found some nice ones on etsy too, here's an example but be sure to shop around a little. https://www.etsy.com/shop/AmazingCrystals?ref=l2-shopheader-name
DesignbyDalton commented on Eclipse Pendant by DeannaConnell
January 29, 2016
Eclipse Pendant
DesignbyDalton This would look awesome in interlocking brass or aluminum.
DesignbyDalton commented on Smoke Trail Tie Clip by DesignbyDalton
January 7, 2016
Smoke Trail Tie Clip
DesignbyDalton @bruxamagica Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it. I just ordered one in Rhodium and I'm excited!
DesignbyDalton commented on Jelly Bell by DeannaConnell
January 4, 2016
Jelly Bell
DesignbyDalton I love this little jelly! It's my favorite thing in your shop so far.
Spinning Top / Tol Lightweight
DesignbyDalton Cool top, how well did it spin in the light weight plastic? Have you tried the same design in metal? I'm curious how much longer metal would spin than plastic.


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