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HO Scale EMD GA8 w/Bachmann N Scale F7 Adapter
DaminKeenan @make22 I'm sorry, the CAD file is not available.
DaminKeenan @danamarseille Thank you for your feedback regarding the adapter. Please let me know what you find regarding using a GP35 or a GP40. I can go ahead and make the appropriate changes to the design.
CNSM 741 - 776 Silverliner series coach
DaminKeenan Just received one of these in FUD; it's a very nicely detailed model. What paints would you recommend for finishing it? Are there any decal sets available?
DaminKeenan commented on CNSM 712 - 733 series coach by 3rdboxcar
November 22, 2016
CNSM 712 - 733 series coach
DaminKeenan Just received one of these in FUD; it's a very nicely detailed model. What paints would you recommend for finishing it? Are there any decal sets available?
DaminKeenan commented on HO Scale EMD F40PHM-2 (Metra) by DaminKeenan
October 14, 2016
HO Scale EMD F40PHM-2 (Metra)
DaminKeenan @ddx3_14 Thanks. Regarding decals, send me a message once you've placed your order.
DaminKeenan @spospisil I cannot say, the shell was designed for a Walthers Trainline F40PH.
DaminKeenan @desoto66 @ryanvince I have added some photos of the test-printed shell to the description. I am working on getting decals so that I can get her painted up for a proper photograph.
HO Scale EMD F40C (Milwaukee Road)
DaminKeenan @cnw400s Thanks. I would love to see pictures of the model once you've finished it.
N Scale Baldwin-Westinghouse Steeplecab
DaminKeenan @fbb738a Yes, inside the roof would probably be the only option.
DaminKeenan @fbb738a The Bandai chassis 3 should fit as well with a little filing.
DaminKeenan @Skytop47 Your welcome and thank you for sharing a photo of your finished model.
DaminKeenan @theboss69 Congratulation on your 2nd place win. Thank you for sharing the photo of your model.
DaminKeenan @rking1688 Thanks for your comment. I look forward to seeing the finished models.
DaminKeenan @Skytop47 Thank you for your interest in my steeplecab design. The design includes three different roofs, simply use the one you prefer. The design includes sideframes; they are meant to fit into the slots on the sides of the Bandai trucks.
DaminKeenan @kharstin @glip Thank you for your orders. Please let me know what you think of them when they arrive. As for photos, I decided not to photograph the latest test shell due to the broken parts on one end. While I was thickenning those parts on the digital model, I made a slight revision on the roofs as well; so the photos would have been out of date anyway.
DaminKeenan @kharstin @3railgreg @justinr11 @theatermotorman @glip @ChicagoNW The latest test print revealed that the footboards and the stirrups were a little too thin; making these parts prone to breakage while handling the model. I've thickened these parts and ordered another test print. In the meanwhile, I've opened the design for sale for those of you who'd like to "beta test" the model.
DaminKeenan @justinr11 The design has "starter" holes in the appropriate locations on each of the roof parts. You can use a drill in a pin vise to enlarge the holes to whatever size you need. Shipment on the test print was delayed (it was supposed to ship on 12/22, but didn't get shipped until 12/31). According to the UPS website, it'll be delivered on Saturday.
MILW/CRIP Budd Bilevel Gallery Coach
DaminKeenan Would you consider offering this in Frosted Ultra Detail? Also, do you plan to offer a cab car to go with it?
The HO scale Milwaukee Road F40C is now available on my Shapeways shop! - http://shpws.me/M6oE HO Scale EMD F40C (Milwaukee Road)
The HO scale Metra F40C is now available through my Shapeways shop! - http://shpws.me/M6op HO Scale EMD F40C (Metra)
All-Weather Window for O Scale Diesels (4 pack)
DaminKeenan @facebook37 I will work on it and will let you know.
DaminKeenan commented on N Scale EMD F40PHM-2 (Metra) by DaminKeenan
February 19, 2016
N Scale EMD F40PHM-2 (Metra)
DaminKeenan @surftram20 Yes, I have hear of them. But I haven't used their products.
DaminKeenan @surftram20 When I designed the model, I intended to use Microscale Kristal Klear for the windows. The model shown in the photos was finished by Jeff King. I believe that he used windows cut out of clear styrene. Another idea would be to use a piece of clear acetate (like the kind used in blister packaging) glued to the inside of shell.
DaminKeenan @screeh Please consider sharing photos or videos of the model when you've finished it. I'd love to see them!
DaminKeenan @screeh Thanks! I've added Frosted Extreme Detail (FXD) as one of the available materials.
DaminKeenan @huberperea An HO scale version is in the works. However, it will be some time before it is ready. I'll send you a message when it's ready. Thanks.
HOn30 GE 25-Tonner (Hook & Loop Couplers)
DaminKeenan @npautler Yes, I've created a version for knuckle couplers. It is available at http://www.shapeways.com/product/SJBM6WEE8
N Scale GE 25 Tonner (Non-Powered)
DaminKeenan @intermodalman123 I updated the listing to include options for FXD and Raw Brass. I don't know how well it'll print in these materials. I have ordered a test print in FUD.
DaminKeenan commented on Nn3 GE 25-Tonner by DaminKeenan
June 14, 2015
Nn3 GE 25-Tonner
DaminKeenan @intermodalman123 I've uploaded a new version of the design. It has provisions for assembling into a non-powered, free-rolling, model using NWSL wheelsets and Micro-Trains couplers. It can be found at http://shpws.me/Ige2
DaminKeenan @intermodalman123 What chassis did you have in mind? I designed a powered version around a Tsugawa TU-7T (pictured). But the performance was not satisfactory.
DaminKeenan @intermodalman123 Certainly! I can also modify the design to enable it be built into a freerolling model. Would you prefer narrow gauge or standard gauge? And would you prefer the design include 3D printed wheelsets, or provisions for user-installed metal ones?
N Scale EMD F40C (Milwaukee Road)
DaminKeenan @Milw156 Thanks for sharing your pictures. I hope to see your models in-person someday!
DaminKeenan @Milw156 The Amtrak SDP40F, and as well as the Santa Fe SDF40-2, are in the works; but it'll be a while before they're ready.
DaminKeenan @Milw156 Sorry that I missed you as well. I was there early on Saturday and had to leave due to a family commitment. The finished model in your photos looks really nice. I haven't even started mine yet. I'll be at the O Scale Meet next week at the Lombard Westin as well as the Dupage NMRA show in La Grange on March 28th. In both cases I'll have my O scale switching layout on display. Please stop by and say "Hi" if you can.
DaminKeenan @Wuttermelon The decals were created by Jeff King. You can contact him through his website: http://milwaukeeroadtrainshop.com.


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