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BITGEM commented on Toon Skull Tea Light Holder by BITGEM
2 days ago
Toon Skull Tea Light Holder
BITGEM @Onilx Hey buddy! Had the time to alter this into an espresso cup I know you asked for a coffee mug... that would have to be bigger and cost considerably more. I'll add a bigger version if you like.
BITGEM commented on Aleysha 40cm by BITGEM
2 days ago
Aleysha 40cm
BITGEM @tabert444 Please do send me some images to if you would. I would love to see that!
BITGEM @tabert444 Do you mean you "would" print her at life size or you "did" print her at life size? If you did... (maybe you got the model from our shop) you have got to send a photo! :)
BITGEM @tabert444 ZERO units buddy...
BITGEM commented on Pigeon Bane by BITGEM
3 days ago
Pigeon Bane
BITGEM @ForceRelics Basically you just pull the balloon over one end, insert a dried pea from the other end and then use it as you would a slingshot.
BITGEM commented on Beautiful Squidward Award by BITGEM
3 days ago
Beautiful Squidward Award
BITGEM Thanks guys! @dansic4 yes I have but it's waaaay to expensive to get it printed.
BITGEM commented on Aleysha 76mm by BITGEM
3 days ago
Aleysha 76mm
BITGEM @Harper57 Yes it does.
BITGEM commented on Webcam Privacy Screen by BITGEM
April 27, 2016
Webcam Privacy Screen
BITGEM @el1668 I have not tried it! Maybe someone else has?
BITGEM @nick6 Hi Nick! You can send me a message via
BITGEM commented on CoolEgo Articulate Minifig by BITGEM
October 5, 2015
CoolEgo Articulate Minifig
BITGEM @gabiroseI I hope I can get around to it this month!
BITGEM @guillen_alejandro No male version yet! I have started on it but currently have little time to work on it. I have attempted hair before but it's quite tricky. I expect that I will need to change the head shape to make it easier to attach/detach hair styles. Different sets of hands are a good idea! :)
BITGEM @gabirose The hair brought a few problems with it that I have not been able to solve yet. Will need to find the time to work on it again. Hopefully soon :)
BITGEM commented on My Little Pony Girl Figurine 120mm by BITGEM
September 29, 2015
My Little Pony Girl Figurine 120mm
BITGEM @omigeo Thank you for your kind feedback! I will attempt to thicken up the pinky to avoid this from happening. :)
iMac 6 Privacy Screen (Inside length 28mm)
BITGEM Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. The melting temperature lies at >80C° (taken from the material fact sheet provided by Shapeways So I would say you're on the safe side. The color of the material should not make any difference in temperature unless it is exposed to direct sunlight.
BITGEM commented on Luna Pose 02 - 90mm by BITGEM
April 15, 2015
iMac 6 Privacy Screen (Inside length 23mm)
BITGEM @wellspring Thanks! Glad to hear it :)


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