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More Jalyrkieon Hierarchy starships out! - JAL305 Aruisiki Battleship
AotrsCommander commented on MG72-01A Dirt Bike Team by AotrsCommander
November 16, 2016
MG72-01A Dirt Bike Team
AotrsCommander @erudite511 I'm afriad not, for two reasons. The first is that scaling them down (any level of significance) would essentially require a rebuild due to ensuring all parts can make the minimum wall thickness, which requires a fair bit of time (which basically means it would require a commission if I was gong to do it). (While I was able to straight scale them for the gentleman who wanted them at 1/87th, that was a small enough change to still be (just) in the margins of error). Secondly, the absolute smallest scale it would be possible to do them would be 144th (12mm), due to the wall thicknesses. Smaller than that and you are really getting out of acceptable scale distortion for printability.
Third wave of Xyriat ships released! - XH202 CH01A Xoyriet Heavy Cruiser
First wave of the Xyriat Hegemony has arrived! - XH303 SDN01 Kaxvyit Dreadnought
MG144-Aotrs08 War Droid Command Element
AotrsCommander @Bob00001Neither, these are 144th (10 or 12mm). (For reference, the scale of my models is always in the product code e.g. "MG144" as here; though the majority of my models are 144th in anycase (aside from the starships.)
Delta Supercruiser, SDN upgrade and Beta screen frones are up! - GDH:D306 Delta Supercruiser
Mk 3 and Mk 5 Cheiftain released! - MG144-UK03 Chieftain Mk 3
Revised spruing and turret printability fix on M113: the result is the price is now reduced by approximatelty 20% - MG144-NATO01 M113A1 Platoon
ZD303 Dûn Morogh Battle Cruiser
AotrsCommander 3.878inches according to Shapweay's model data. (i only work in mm myself.)
SSA001 Pegasus Heavy Bomber
AotrsCommander The measurements quoted by Shapeways are always the size of the sprue for model that are on them, since the measurements are automated and for the bounding box.. (On some of the earliest models I put the actual dimensions for stuff on sprues in the descriptions, but I don't generally bother with that now.) Each indidividual Pegasus, then, is about 10.7mm wide, 9.7mm long and about 4.3mm tall. That is, a little big bigger than the fighters from places like Ground Zero Games or Brigade Models as these vessels are supposed to be rather bigger than fighters: the Pegasus is a "bomber" in the "B-52" sense, as opposed to the "Y-Wing" or "A-6 Intruder" sense, if you follow my meaning. For reference, my working assumption is the starship scale is 1:10000th. Fighters and smallcraft I work at a sliding scale (made necessary by having the models big enought to actually play with), centred around 1:1500 (which makes a 10m fighter around 7mm), with the assumption that, smaller craft like the Generic Shuttle woud be 1:750 (half the size of a fighter) and with fightercruisers (which the Pegasus technically is) at something up to 4000th (making them about 40-50m). (This will likely only matter if I ever follow through with possibly making the fighters and myabe fighter cruisers into 1:300 scale for fighter combat games. And I only know the numbers because I made myself some Star Wars ATRs for my home printer for both my 6mm/300th fighter game and my star fleet and actuall sat down to fiddle with the model scales to work it out so I could scale them right....!) Of course, the necessary exaggeration of features on my models to be visible (like bridge windows and whatnot) means thatthey can be treated with a rather broader range of scales.
GDAC002 Spectre II Fighter (Sprue x 12)
AotrsCommander No problem! Happy to help!
AotrsCommander @whynotspeakup To attach the fighters on? I generally just go with a 1mm diameter, and leave about a 1mm gap (it's 0.8 in this particular case, thoug this is an early model) between the sprue and the surface I'm attaching it to (enough to comfortably get a stanley knife in.) Experience with another print house (with a similar WSF machine) that requires 2mm sprues says that they are still relatively easy to remove at that size, though.


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