Mark Moreland


19mark93 commented on Bellator Carrier Refit by EpytronOmega
December 26, 2016
Bellator Carrier Refit
19mark93 Hi this is Mark I was wondering is it possible to make a Frosted Extreme Detail to the Bellator Carrier Refit?
19mark93 Hi this is Mark do you think you can fixs the bending problem on the Bellator Carrier? I would like to buy it.
19mark93 Hi it's Mark I just want to say thank you for the Bellator Carrier it is incredible in fact I just myet buy another one. If you can till me if there is another star wars ship I will look into buying it my email is
19mark93 WOW!!! That ship is wait I have been searching for a long time. Hi my name is mark and I am a fan. I have pechist the Bellator Carrier Refit in White Strong & Flexible and was wundering if you got more star wars ships in mind? I am willing to buy them in fax I mite buy anther Bellator Carrier Refit in Frosted Ultra Detail. My email is Thank you
1:200 - Fighter [Independence Day - Resurgence]
19mark93 @Speed Here is the pitcher of the ship
19mark93 @Speed The scale of the ship is up to you. But I do not make alot of money I can go as fare as $75. It does not matter to me what mother ship you make. I will buy ether. Thank you for replying.
19mark93 Are you going to have the mother ship from Independence Day I will by it?
19mark93 commented on VHC Battlecruiser 7000 by 1sickbastard
February 3, 2016
VHC Battlecruiser 7000
19mark93 Hi this is Mark Moreland I have order from you before. The star ships I pay for in Frosted Ultra Detai has this oily residue. I know dise that the ship would turn yellow or if I handle it would have this white puffy stuff on it is the oil doing damming the ship? Please email me at
19mark93 commented on Hiigaran Fleet Carrier by OmniJackal
July 28, 2015
Hiigaran Fleet Carrier
19mark93 Hi this is Mark and I would like to know if the Hiigaran Fleet Carrier, Hiigaran Heavy Carrier and the Hiigaran Light Carrier are in the same scale. Please email the me answer back at
19mark93 Hi my name is Mark Moreland I am wanting to order one of your ships the Hiigaran Fleet Carrier in Frosted Ultra Detail but I will not have the money for seven weeks. Can you leave the site open until I have the $150 to by the ship. I promise I will by it. Please email me at Thank you
1/1000 Scale Super Scamper, Crockett Class
19mark93 Thank you I will be able to buy it by July/10/2015
19mark93 Hi my name is Mark Moreland Can you make the 1/1000 Scale Super Scamper, Crockett Class in Frosted Ultra Detail. I am willing to pay pulse more if you can't that is ok I will buy them any way. please email me at Thank you
19mark93 commented on 1/1000 Scale Personal Runner x4 by Mechanoid
May 1, 2015
1/1000 Scale Personal Runner x4
19mark93 Thank you thank you so much I will have the money by tomorrow 5/2/2015 and purchase 1/1000 Scale Personal Runner x4 in Frosted Ultra Detail by then. Thanks again.
19mark93 Can you make the 1/1000 Scale Personal Runner in Frosted Ultra Detail I would buy it.


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