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Production Parts

Upload customized models for 3D printing to ensure durability and strength in materials that result in end-use products meant to last.

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Rapid Prototyping

Take the guesswork out of product development! Use 3D printing services in Silver Spring for prototypes and models required for client meetings, product testing, and perfection of final parts.

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Whether Silver Spring designers prefer polishing, smoothing, dyeing–or a combination of finishing techniques – Shapeways 3D printing services can perfect those final touches with shine, gloss, and color.

Shapeways: The Leader in 3D Printing Services for Silver Spring

Enjoy the benefits of 3D printing services in Silver Spring. Shapeways offers advanced technology and a wide range of materials for 3D printing your creations with accuracy, complex detail, and no minimum or limits in terms of mass customization or single-part orders.

Additionally, Shapeways is committed to advancing STEM careers at the college/university level through 3D printing. Students and faculty in and around Silver Spring who join the Shapeways EDU 3D-Print Program enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on orders. Terms and conditions apply.

Shapeways has worked with over 1 million customers in 160 countries to 3D print over 21 million parts. Read about case studies and find out more about Shapeways additive manufacturing solutions. Shapeways has developed purpose-built software and maintains a wide selection of materials and technologies to streamline the supply chain, lowering manufacturing barriers and expediting delivery of quality 3D printed products. Find out more about OTTO 3D printing services in Silver Spring. Find out more about OTTO 3D printing services in Silver Spring at ottosoftware.com.

3D printing services from Shapeways are intended to be more accessible to everyone through advanced automation, innovation, and digitization.

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Cutting Edge Technologies for Silver Spring
3D Printing Services

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Shapeways SLS 3D printing services remain as the standout technology for manufacturing high-performance parts. An excellent choice for manufacturing complex structures with moving or interlocking parts, SLS 3D printing continues to appeal to designers, engineers, and industrial companies of all sizes.

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA technology is powerful and highly respected by designers and engineers engaged in a wide range of applications. SLA 3D printing services in Silver Spring are sought out for creating intricate 3D models, master patterns for industrial molds, and detailed, functional parts. With SLA 3D printing designers and engineers have the ability to create strong, intricate prototypes quickly. Industrial users are able to manufacture durable, functional parts with high resolution and tight tolerances. SLA parts can be 3D printed on the small or large scale with precise, complex geometries.

Wax Casting

Casting with metal is multifaceted, and usually includes numerous, careful steps. At Shapeways, the process is accompanied by modern technology like 3D printing services in Silver Springto make wax patterns for building plaster molds. Wax Casting requires considerable expertise, and a supply of sophisticated tools and materials.

Binder Jetting

With the added capability for 3D printing services in Silver Spring with metal powders and alloys too, high-performance prototypes and parts can be manufactured efficiently. There is also the opportunity to create complex geometries never before possible with conventional technology. Metal and alloys are popular for manufacturing strong yet lightweight parts, while Sandstone is used for production of full color Binder Jetting.

Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

SLM is a subcategory of Powder Bed Fusion. SLM technology relies on a powerful laser to melt fine metallic powder particles for creating extremely precise parts. SLM technology provides the edge for 3D printing spectacular metal parts in Silver Spring for spectacular metal parts.

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing services in Silver Spring stand apart due to the capacity for fast and powerful production. MJF 3D printing services in Silver Spring offer remarkable new opportunities for manufacturing prototypes but more so with quality end-use parts.

Material Jetting (MJ)

Material Jetting 3D printing services take inkjet technology to the industrial additive manufacturing level, delivering outstanding prototypes and functional, end-use parts, with options for robust color too.

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