Have you ever dreamed about your products gracing the shelves of big department stores? Or doing a collection for a huge household brand?  

Big name brands are very interesting in the 3D Printing spaces, and as it continues to penetrate the mainstream consumer market, big brands often reach out to incorporate our Shop Owners and designs into their product lines. Today we are excited to announce a partnership with featuring two Shapeways Shop Owners, Bathsheba Grossman, and Roger Pearce!

How do I become one of these featured designers? 
Start by getting featured on Shapeways! We are always looking for new designs and designers to feature on our blog, and from there we select our launch models. Posting to our Feature This forum thread is the first step!
Roger Pearce was chosen for this opportunity because he entered and won our pendant contest a few months back. Neiman Marcus loved the design, and are offering it personalized through their website as an exclusive Shapeways on Neiman Marcus collection. If Roger hadn’t been proactive in entering the contest, he may never have had this opportunity. *hint* *hint* We do at least one contest a week, so be sure and check the blog and the forum for the latest, the contests often give you secret insight into the Shapeways roadmap. 
Bathsheba Grossman is “lifetime” Shapie and respected artist across the global design community. Always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the technology, Bathsheba’s refined sculptures and products are often already known by the big brands that approach us. She is a fantastic designer we love working with, and someone I feel lucky to know personally. 
What Brands have you dreamed of working for?
Remember, new Shapeways customers save $15 on their order of $75 through midnight pacific time tonight with code “ghost” – Happy Halloween Shapies!