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Santa Claus came to town

Last year, we were thrilled to have Santa Claus and one of his reindeers come to the factory the day before Christmas. It was one of the best ways to cap off a great holiday season, and this year we knew we wanted to include them in the fun once more.

Santa Claus made his return to our factory in Eindhoven and once again brought his reindeer. This year we had the pleasure of scanning the duo and were able to present Santa with his own 3D Selfie!

Social Shot 2

Check out that awesome scan! Think Mrs. Claus will like it?

Social Shot 7

Just like last year, Santa took a little tour of the factory and checked out all the amazing products being printed and processed:

Social Shot 4

And of course, he was wearing his 3D printed swag (check out that belt buckle!):

Social Shot 1

As always, we love being so connected to a community that helps us make the holiday a little brighter. Santa knows he’s always welcome to our factory, and we can’t wait to see him again.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Special thanks to: Our amazing community member, Roel Ruwaard, for donning the suit and bringing the Reindeer out to the factory!

A 3D printed set that makes chess easy to learn

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We’ve talked a lot about how 3D printing can make life a little easier and a little more fun. Whether you’ve designed a replacement part for a product you already own or are looking for a new piece for your favorite game, 3D printing can be your answer. Recently, an artist took things one step further and used 3D printing to create a classic game designed to be easy to learn.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.37.21 PM


Artist Nova Jiang has reimagined the way a chess set is designed and created a version that actually makes it easier to learn the game itself. Interviewed by Boing Boing, Jiang said that the design of the game pieces was done in a way so that the pieces themselves suggested their function in the game, and make it more intuitive. This is just part of her exhibit Orthogonal/Diagonal.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.31.38 PM


The shapes are done in a way that allow you to know exactly which way a specific pieces is able to move on the board thanks to the way it “splays outward.” Whether or not someone who has never played the game of chess before can learn by just looking at the pieces remains to be seen, but Jiang is sure that this design will “work well as guides in addition to the instructions.”

Be sure to read the full story to learn more about Jiang, this chess set and more ideas behind her exhibition.

3D Printed Solar System: A Rotating Mini Planetarium

Another week is starting, and that means we’re that much closer to the holidays. For those of you who haven’t finished your gift shopping yet, be sure to check out some of the gift ideas we’ll be sharing this week focused on “fun and games.” From miniatures to your favorite game accessories, we’ve got something for everyone (including you!).

And speaking of miniatures, recently we had a chance to chat with Bo Jansen and Tim van Bentum, the minds behind the 3D printed Strandbeest (in collaboration with artist Theo Jansen). They’ve created a new, mesmerizing product that’s not only fun, but educational too; the 3D Printed Solar System! Taking advantage of 3D printing’s “no assembly required,” characteristic, it’s just as fascinating to hear about the process as it is to play and learn with this piece. Learn more about how the 3D Printed Solar System came to be from Bo and Tim below.

solar system 2 detailing

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Gifts for the gadget lovers in your life

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As the holidays get closer, it seems like our list of people to buy gifts for is getting longer. The good news is that most people these days have gadgets and are always looking for new, fun accessories to go with them. So if you’ve got someone on your list who seems to be hard to shop for, consider getting them a gift that will make their favorite gadget even cooler!

Below are some of our picks for great gadget accessory gifts that anyone will love:


Still looking for that perfect customized gift? Find it here (and for 20% off this week!)

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We’d argue that anytime is the right time for personal, customized gifts but even we can admit they are especially fun this time of year. Amidst all the gifts being given and received, the ones with a small, personal touch always seem to mean a little more (of course, a new phone is fun too!).

If you’re still looking for that perfect customized gift, check out our marketplace! We have a ton of customizable products to browse through – from phone cases to beautiful jewelry, these products are the perfect base for you to customize and make your own. Check out some great products below:

Don’t forget, all customizable models AND your own models (including those using our creator apps) are 20% off this week!

The Necessity of Accessories

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.21.27 PM
3D Printed accessories designed by FabmeJewelry 

Without a doubt, any fashionista will tell you that the greatest outfits are always punctuated with beautiful accessories. Accessories have the ability to transform look from day to night, fall to winter, or chic to boho.

Below are some of our favorite, 3D Printed jewelry accessories!

Shapeways hosted its first DIY 3D making party!


This past Wednesday, November 11th, we invited our community members and local NYC Makers to join us for a DIY Holiday Gift Making party at our office to try out our newest creator apps and CustomMaker. Using these DIY-ers that want to try their hand at making gifts with the latest in 3D printing can make a keychain or a pendant for their friends in a snap!

“It was great to host a 3D making party. Seeing the excitement of our community members when they discovered how easy it is with our new tools to make perfect gifts is amazing,” said Pete, our CEO. “Enabling anyone to make amazing products is what we are all about. ”

“My friend and I had a lot of fun at the Shapeways maker party,” said Ruth Gallogly, a communications and marketing consultant who works with creative brands like Shapeways. “My friend is building her own fashion business and was blown away by how she could upload a 2D print to the Shapeways site and design a pendant from it without knowing a thing about 3D modeling. After seeing everything she could make, she can’t wait to take things to the next level and work with a Shapeways designer to create custom designs. And we both loved the selfie statues. Getting scanned and watching the scan get rendered into a 3D, full color replica of yourself, and all in less than five minutes, was the coolest thing. It’s like getting a mini action figure of yourself!”


Notable Maker Paul Lowe, Editor-in-Chief of Sweet Paul magazine was in attendance as well.   He and his buddies not only made keychains and pendants but were also 3D scanned and will receive little 3D selfie figurines of themselves to enjoy as holiday cake toppers or just fun conversational pieces to have through the holiday season!  “I’m blown away by the possibilities of 3D printing with Shapeways, I can see so many uses… from weddings to parties and crafts to gifts…. the future is 3D printed!”


As we’ve talked about before, 3D printing has opened up new ways to be creative for so many industries and groups of inventors, designers, and artists.   At Shapeways we know that EVERYONE has a creative idea they are eager to bring to the physical world.   Professional quality 3D printing is the perfect emerging tool for all creative ideas and holiday gift giving is a great time to try new applications and materials.

Our creator apps give new makers easy tools to get started and customize all sorts of 3D printed products right on our site.  Anyone can turn a design they’ve sketched out in 2D into a custom pendant, keychain or more in just a few steps. Perfect for those who want to make something special for the holidays, but don’t have the time (or maybe patience) to deal with the ins and outs of traditional 3D modeling software.


For those looking for something even more simple, clicking the “Customize” filter in our marketplace will bring up all the products that can be personalized before ordering. Whether you want to add a secret message or fun image, you can customize a ton of products already on Shapeways!


And don’t forget, we’ve added to our more than 50 materials and recently introduced Porcelain into the marketplace. It’s your best bet for finding beautiful, unique home decor items this season.

As Black Friday/Cyber Monday gets closer, everybody is starting to think about holiday gifts. This year, surprise your friends and family and make them a custom 3D printed gift they’ll love forever. Be sure to keep our material cutoff dates in mind, as we have our own Santa Elves working hard 24/7 to print, polish and pack your gifts for on-time delivery under the tree!

3D print your decorations this season

As the air becomes a bit crisper and the nights become a bit longer, we begin to think about the decor that will transition our homes into the holiday spirit. Decorations are a staple to the holidays, as they add a sense of brightness and joy to days that are ever darker.

If you’re looking to make your home inviting and warm this season, take a peek at our 3D printed holiday decor.


A 3D Print for Every Room

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With the launch of Porcelain, we’re seeing more and more amazing home decor products in our marketplace. Whether it’s a coffee mug, planter or book holder there is so much you can do to decorate your home with this beautiful material.

Of course, Porcelain isn’t the only material that can take home decor to the next level. From plastics to metals, there is something for every room you can think of. If you’ve got someone on your list this holiday season who just moved into a new place, or just really likes interior decoration, think about giving them a great, unique decoration they won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Below are some great examples from our gift guide:


Living Room

Dining Room



Bonus: Holiday!

What are some of your favorite home decor items? Don’t forget to share you wishlist with us for a chance to win $100 in Shapeways credit!

Share your Shapeways wishlist

If you’re trying to figure out how to tell your friends and family about all the 3D printed goodies you want this holiday season, consider using Custom Lists. Formerly known as wishlist, Custom Lists has been updated to be a better way to save, organize and share products.

Using this tool, you can create multiple lists on Shapeways to save your favorite products and set them to be either public or private. So if you have a list of products you want to get for others you can create a private list for yourself, or make a list of what you want and share with your friends and family for easy shopping. Creating your list is very easy!

When you click on “Favorites and Lists” from your account you’ll see this page. This is where all of your different lists will live. They will be split up by Public Lists:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.06.56 PM

And Private Lists:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.20.20 PM

You just need to follow a few steps to create each list and populate. As you can see above, you can create a new list on the lists page. When you’re ready to populate, just go to your favorite products and hit “Add To List”:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.13.08 PM

From there a box will pop-up and prompt you to pick which list you would like to add the product to. If you want to create a whole new list, you’ll be able to from here as well:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.13.25 PM

Below you’ll see what a list looks like when it is populated. From here you can share with your friends and family (and even us!) to let them know what you’ve been eyeing:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.12.04 PM

Be sure to share your wishlist with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and you could win $100 in Shapeways credit (open to US residents only)! Just share the link to your list of your favorite 15-20 products  and make sure to use the hashtag #shapewayswishlist and #contest. We’ll pick a winner every Wednesday through December 9th.

Shapeways Sweepstakes Rules
Eligibility. This contest is operated by Shapeways. It is open to Shapeways users in the United
States over 13 years of age at the time of entry who live in a jurisdiction that does not prohibit
this contest. Employees, officers, and directors of Shapeways and their immediate family are
not eligible to enter. Individuals may enter more than one entry into the competition but may
not do so by way of automated means. By entering this contest, you agree to be bound by
these Rules.

Prize. The winning entrants will receive $100 in Shapeways credit.

Contest period. This contest is open from November 5, 2015 to December 9, 2015. All entries must be received by 5 p.m. EST on December 9, 2015.

How to Enter. Share a link of your Shapeways holiday wishlist. Entries must include the hashtags #shapewayswishlist and #contest. Entries that do not include @Shapeways, #shapewayswishlist, and #contest will be considered incomplete and discarded. You may also enter by sending a postcard with your name, phone number, and email address to:

  • Shapeways
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  • Suite 900
  • New York, NY 10016

Postcards must be received by the end of the contest period in order to enter.

Winner Selection. Shapeways will select the winners from the cumulative pool of applicants on every Wednesday through December 9, 2015. There will be only one winner each week.  Individual winners are disqualified from winning in subsequent weeks. Shapeways will be prepared to award the prize to a runner-up in the event the winner cannot be contacted in a reasonable amount of time. Shapeways will determine the winner by randomly drawing an applicant from the entire pool of applicants.

Winner notification. The winners will be notified via Twitter. Upon contact,
Shapeways may need to obtain confirmation of the winner’s eligibility. If Shapeways cannot
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Shapeways will select a third place finisher to receive the prize.

Taxes. The winners will be solely responsible for paying all federal, state, and local taxes that
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this Contest in the event of hacking, security breach, or other tampering. Any questions
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Other Restrictions. Users discovered creating multiple Twitter accounts in order to enter this
contest will be disqualified from entry.