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Holiday Finds: 3D printed gifts for the petrolhead

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It might be a little late to get 3D printed gifts in time for the holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still give the gift of 3D printing! Check out our digital gift cards – they’re a great gift for those on your list who you still don’t know what to buy for!

Jeremy Burnich of 3D Racetracks was kind enough to put together a list of some of his favorite 3D printed products, perfect for petrolheads! This is a collection of items from seven different designers that are sure to have something for fans of cars, motorbikes, and racing.

For people into classic Italian cars check out designs by TonyRR.  He makes all sorts of neat keychains other items like this  cool Ferrari 328 tie clip.  For your inner Magnum PI – check out his Ferrari 308 Logo keychain – yep, that’s the car you saw cruising around Honolulu driven by a certain mustached man in the 80’s.

3D printed tie clip men's accessories ferari


3D printed keychain metal ferari

Don’t have $1.5 million to spend on the Easy Rider “Captain America” Chopper? We have something that might be more in your budget; this ”bad to the bone” silver Easy Rider Skull Pendant by UrbanoRodriguez.  Peter Fonda would be proud.

3D printed easy rider metal pendant

Moving on to four wheels, any Formula 1 fan, though maybe not Nikki Lauda fans, would be happy to receive this very cool McLaren M23 keyring/pendant, which was James Hunt’s 1976 car by aegidian.  This designer has other really neat F1 items.  Interesting collection!

3D printed steel metal McLaren pendant

Sticking with F1 and ahem, acknowledging a little self promotion, check out what for many F1 fans is their favorite track – the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.  The Belgian GP in all it’s topographic glory. You like Monaco more? Don’t worry, that one and many other tracks available in my Shapeways store.

3D printed racetracks

I had to throw this one in. A neat doodad to have on your desk or charm on your keychain or even as a pendant for you über petrolheads out there – the benzene molecule!  (That’s what’s in gasoline – petrol to those in the UK).

3D printed molecule gasoline

Are you or someone you love apt to tinker with the looks of your bike? Do you happen to have one of the most iconic bikes of the modern era from one of the most iconic motorcycle manufacturers of all time?  Want to upgrade your motorcycle with 3d printed parts? My shop Joy Complex has you covered with these steel heel guards for your Moto Guzzi Griso – photos on an 8VSE in Tenni Green, nice bike!

3D printed heel guars steel moto guzi

Last but not most definitely not least. – Mini F1 Drivers!  Figurines that are printed by Shapeways. You have to PM the designer on his Facebook page to make a purchase though. These little guys are so cute and I know any F1 fans would love to have one. Look at this awesome Lewis Hamilton (with Shapeways box in the background.)  Wow!  Now if only he would also make some MotoGP riders – that would be a holiday miracle!

3D printed formula 1 figurine



A Conversation with Target Designer: Stephanie Grotta

As we announced last month, we’ve been really excited to work with Target this holiday season on a special, exclusive holiday collection available in their Target Shapeways Shop. The collection features a variety of beautiful pendants, rings and ornaments that make for amazing gifts. We love hearing more about a designer’s process and after seeing all the products ourselves, we just had to hear from a Target designer on what inspired this collection!


Who are you?

Hi, I’m Stephanie Grotta, a Landscape Architect and Product Designer. I work for Target, where I lead a team of designers and engineers who create all of our kitchen, table, and organization products.

Where are you located?

I live and work in Minneapolis, MN.

How long have you been a designer?

I’ve been a designer for thirteen years, not including a lot of school!


What inspires you?

I love watching people, and I love watching people in cities. You can learn so much about a place and a culture just by sitting, observing, walking around and getting a little lost. There is something great about every city, but some of my favorites are Copenhagen, Denmark; Austin, Texas; and Truckee, California. I also love out-of-the-way places. A few years ago I bicycled across Idaho and Montana, that trip and all of the small towns continue to be a great source of inspiration for my work.


What do you love the most about 3D printing with Shapeways?

I love that Shapeways makes the ‘making’ process so accessible and so democratic. Accessible in that the tools for creating and prototyping are truly available to all; and democratic in that the same design can be printed in affordable plastic to rare platinum. This to me is very exciting as it flips the concept of scarcity on its head — which is compelling.

How is designing in 3D different than what you’ve done in the past?

The immediacy is powerful. In my other work, a design is not realized for at minimum a year. And as a landscape architect, those projects were many, many years in the making.

With the 3D aspect,  designing in 3D gives access to forms and connections which are not always achievable by traditional making or designing methods, which is cool. But the best part is then figuring out what to do with them. For me, it’s all about how you abstract the forms and connections so they make sense, have purpose, and communicate a larger vision.

What are your favorite pieces from the Target Shapeways Shop?

My favorites are the friendship keys, the love letters, and the menorahs.


What’s the story behind your designs?

This first jewelry collection is about the idea of giving and receiving, and how memorable that experience should be whether you are a giver or a getter. We all know gift giving can be incredibly stressful, and often it’s not memorable (in a good way). I like the idea that this collection could add a bit of magic and anticipation to the experience, while resulting in beautiful and very personal pieces for a friend, loved one, or yourself. For me personally, the friendship keys and love letters are my favorite expression of the give and receive concept. The collection of holiday pieces was a natural extension of these ideas.

Who are your favorite designers or artists?

My favorite artists are Ed Ruscha and the photographers Wolfgang Tillmans and Wing Young Huie. My favorite designers are Michael Maltzan (Architect), and Roberto Burle Marx (Brazilian Landscape Architect). I also am in awe of the roasters at Spyhouse Coffee and the brewers at Surly Brewing, both here in Minneapolis where Target is based.

Everyone on my list has a clear vision and point of view which isn’t influenced by trend.

Are there any 3D modelers who you are inspired by?

In Product Design at Target, we have three amazing modeler guys: Stacy, Sam, and Terrence. They model almost all of the designs my team dreams up (1000s of products a year), and they are integral to making everything and anything work. They each have their own style and approach which influences the end result in great and unexpected ways. Stacy was the maestro behind our jewelry collection.


If you weren’t limited by current technologies, what would you want to make using 3D printing?

I would want to figure out how to 3D print seeds. I like the idea that someday we could use new technology to bring back lost heirloom plants and trees.

Anything else you want to share?

We are at such an exciting crossroads of technology, anywhere/anytime access, and a growing societal interest in design. It’s the perfect time to try making something if you haven’t yet dipped your toe in the water!

Gifts for the Fitness Buff

Friends who have very specific interests are generally pretty easy to shop for, right? If they love to cook, you can never go wrong with a fun new kitchen gadget. Have an artistic friend? Get them something that will really showcase their creativity. And for those friends who rarely miss a workout, we’ve got unique gifts for them right here on Shapeways!

Help them accessorize their fitness tech, without missing a step. Below are some of our picks for the fitness buffs in your life.

Pendant or Keychain Holder for Fitbit Flex


Pebble Watch Bike Mount625x465_1051070_1011461_1411576427







Don’t forget to check out our Gift Guide for other gift ideas!

Our biggest sale ever! Happy Cyber Monday!

Happy Cyber Monday! To celebrate the season we are offering you our biggest sale ever – today only get 20% off 3D printed products site wide when you enter the code CYBER20 at checkout! Cyber Monday 3D printed sale

The fine print:

This promotion is non-transferable and valid once per customer with a maximum discount of $100. 20% discount applies only to 3D printed products, not gift cards, sample kits, shipping, wrapping, or other services. If you order a design during the promotion period that cannot be printed, we cannot apply discounts to future orders (even if these designs are repaired). If you return your purchase, you will be refunded the amount paid. Offer expires December 1 at 11:59pm PST.

3D printed holiday gifts inspired by nature

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Selected by MG of Sloris

I’m a fine artist and designer who lives and works on the road. My home and cultural setting change frequently, my connection with the outdoors remains constant. From Thailand to Tunisia; the contrasts, diversity and magnificence of nature astounds me. I selected 3D printed products that reflect the fun and playful, as well as the austere and enduring aspects of nature.

Waterways Collection

3D printed, jewelry, ring, organic forms, metal

My newest line of jewelry stems from my fascination with water. The designs are semi-abstract representations of the qualities of the element itself as well as its impact on its surroundings. Each piece makes a unique and elegant statement.

Moon Lamp

3d printed lamp

The image of Santa flying his reindeer powered sleigh across the face of a full moon embodies the magic of the season. Catch a glimpse of Mr. Claus delivering your gifts as he passes by your own lunar light.

Neolithic ‘Tree of Life’ Pendant

3D printed jewelry metal

This pendant transforms a Neolithic stone carving found in North Yorkshire, UK into a beautiful and modern piece of jewelry. To me, it represents the endurance of nature in the face of man.

Blowfish Valve Caps
3D printed bike valve caps

Wrapping a bike can be a bit of a challenge. Give these super cute valve caps, hide the bike and let the recipient put two and two together.

Toothbrush Tree – Six Branched
3D printed home decor toothbrush holder

This imaginative product transforms a mundane everyday object into functional art. Distract your guests from going through your medicine cabinet by focusing their attention on something totally cool.

Black Friday Holiday Deals at Shapeways

Happy Holidays! To kick off the holiday season this weekend we are offering 20% off when you order your own models or a $10 credit when you buy products in our marketplace!

3D printing black friday deals shapeways

The fine print:  Orders shipped to the United States are eligible for free shipping (USPS First Class).

20% discount applies only to 3D prints of your own designs, not products from the Shapeways marketplace, when you enter promo code DESIGN20. It is non-transferable and valid once per customer with a maximum discount of $100. If you order a model during the promotion period that cannot be printed, we cannot apply discounts to future orders (even if these models are repaired). If you return your purchase, you will be refunded the amount paid.

$10 store credit will be granted for ordering a product from a Shapeways shop other than your own between 8:00pm on November 26 and 11:59pm on November 30 (PST). Credits are limited to one per customer and will be distributed via email December 2-5, 2014.

All offers expire Sunday November 30 at 11:59pm PST.

Shapeways Holiday Shipping Dates

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been thinking about your holiday shopping for weeks now. If you’re still getting your list ready or are having trouble deciding what to get your loved ones, we wanted to share the dates orders need to be placed by to arrive in time for Christmas. Since all of our products are made to order, we recommend you plan ahead. Below you’ll find specific cutoff dates for our various materials, but you can find all this information plus notes on other specifics to be aware of on our Holiday Shipping Page.

For US:

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.08.05 PM

For Europe (some exceptions):

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.08.23 PM


For other countries:Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 12.08.42 PM


Remember, the earlier you get your shopping done the more time you have to truly enjoy the holidays!

Be Extravagant With These Beautiful 3D Printed Home Accessories

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, our community of designers make some seriously beautiful products. Some of our favorite gifts to give this season are those that truly showcase the unique properties of 3D printing and turn anyone into a fan. These are the type of gifts that demand to be seen, and are perfect for your friends and family who need a little help sprucing up their home!

ZooM lampshade


Hyphae lamp


Quaternary tree mobile


Warthog bottle stoppers


Twist lamp


What’s your favorite 3D printed home decor piece? Tell us below!

Holiday Finds: How to Open a Beer With 3D Printing

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By Shapeways Crew Member John Fitzpatrick

Hi, my name is John Fitzpatrick and my friends call me, “Fitz” or on Shapeways, “Phits”. I am a web developer by day and a 3D printer by night. I chose a theme around creative bottle openers which can be a great conversation starter at holiday parties .

Below are some of my favorite!

Customizable Surfboard Bottle Opener

surfboard bottle opener 3D printed

By Phitz

What better way to open your bottles than with the customizable Surfboard Bottle Opener. It’s a great gift that can be personalized with a short name or initials. Surf’s up!

Klein Bottle Opener

Klein Bottle Opener Bathsheba 3D printed mathematical art

Klein Bottle Opener by Bathsheba

I like this creative bottle opener because it is a mathematical joke, a surface with only one side and is fashionable as well as elegant. A perfect gift for you favorite mathematician.

Gargoyle Bottle Opener

3Dprinted bottle opener gargoyle

Gargoyle Bottle Opener by JCGCCY

I can’t think of a better way to open a beer than with a gargoyle. This would be great for your friends and family who love really interesting decorative pieces.

Shark Bottle Opener

shark 3D printed bottle opener

Shark Bottle Opener by AndyZoer

It’s always Shark Week with this creative bottle opener. Just watch out for your fingers on this one.

Cuttlefish Bottle Opener

Bathsheba Cuttlefish Bottle Opener

Cuttlefish Bottle Opener by Bathsheba

If the shark bottle opener is a little too aggressive for you, just cuddle up with this bottle opener that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Bottle Opening Ring – Sz9

3D printed ring bottle opener

By Evan Dewhirst

This is a great stylish and functional ring that can come in handy when you suddenly realize that you or a friend is in need of a beer and no one has a bottle opener. You will save the day.

Fish Bottle Opener 9

3D printed fish bottle opener

by Plain Orb

What a great looking pendant! You would never know that it is a bottle opener as well, and makes for a great gift idea for this season.

Shop All Bottle Openers

Best Gifts for Your Stylish Friends

Looking for the perfect gift for that stylish friend of yours? It can be nerve-wracking to find something original that’s also perfect. Luckily the Shapeways community is full of amazing designers who have created some super unique pieces for both fashionistas and those stylish men in your life. Check out some of our favorites below!

Statement Rings

Statement rings are for just that – to make a statement. That could mean super big, like showing your New York pride with the Brooklyn Bridge Two Finger. But they can also just make a funky statement, like the Lines Ring, for something different but subtle. Head over to our rings section and Women’s Jewelry section of the Gift Guide to browse more.


Lines Ring by geekprints, Brooklyn Bridge Two Finger by RandallStein, and The “Rule” Ring by TheRogueAndTheWolf.

Customizable Pendants

Monograms are in. They’re classic and personal. Designer zazzy has created a lovely design that’s made it super easy to get your own monogram pendant in a fun font; perfect for everyday wear.


Men’s Jewelry

Guys like bling, too! Cufflinks and tie clips are easy, but there are also some amazing pendants, rings, and more from our designers for the guys who like to accessorize.


Top row: Easy Rider Skull Pendant by UrbanoRodriguez, Anchor Charm by Target, Dodecahedron by vertigopolka. Center row: Skull Ring by bitstoatoms, 3D Printed Lion Ring Bottle Opener by kspaho, Tool Ring XII by Tofty. Bottom row: Skull Cufflink by JulienLePocher, Cufflinks of Success by clipart, Lieutenant Bar Cufflinks by bluelinegecko.

These are just some ideas to get you started! Browse Jewelry for all designs, and the Women’s Jewelry & Men’s Accessories section of the Gift Guide for even more stunning pieces. Happy shopping!

Holiday finds: Unique 3D printed jewelry

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My name is Daphne Laméris and I’m an Industrial Design Engineering student in the Netherlands and Shapeways Crew Member. I simply love to design jewelry that fits with the everyday outfit. I started making jewelry because the jewelry available in the normal stores bored me a bit with their simple shapes, so I designed complex jewelry (that sometimes can only be 3D printed) without being too overbearing. The jewelry I selected to highlight from my shop is mostly inspired by nature with flowers and organic shapes since it can appeal to a wide range of people, tastes and styles.

Leaves Butterfly Pendant

3D printed neckalce pendant butterfly leaves

This butterfly pendant exists of four leaves that form the butterfly. It’s elegant and feminine. It looks absolutely gorgeous in polished brass or silver and goes with any holidays party dress.

Rose pendant

rose pendant 3D printed necklace jewelry

This pendant is a small highly detailed rose surrounded with leaves on a curled wire. The pendant is shaped elegantly and is perfect for women of all ages.

Flower earrings

3D printed flower earrings

These wireframe earrings are inspired by the shape of flowers, and stand out because of their size while still being lightweight. The earrings are very comfortable to wear and are great for women who love to have notable earrings but want to avoid weary ears.

Teardrop shaped earrings

3D printed earrings

These teardrop shaped earrings have a complex shape that can only be produced with 3D printing. The earring is detailed with a complex outer shape containing two subtle hearts and with a little drop on the inside of the earring. While the details of the shape are very unique, the outer contours confirm to the standard shapes used in jewelry.

Bracelet of 36 squares

3D printed bracelet

This elegant bracelet consists of many connected squares that can move separately. It’s a great example of the amazing, unique pieces you can make with 3D printing. Each square contains a little space that can be decorated, for example, with hotfix stones.The closing mechanism is easy to use and prints with the rest of the bracelet.

Tie clip

Tie Clip 3D printed men's jewelry

Tie clips are perfect gifts for the man whose only jewelry is a watch (and already has too many of them). This stylish tie clip suits the fashionable men and its unique shape lightens up every tie at an affordable price.


Best Gifts for White Elephant & Secret Santa

Finding gifts for White Elephant and Secret Santa is really fun. Within the Shapeways marketplace, you’re sure to find the perfect gift that will earn you the title of most popular Secret Santa around, and make every White Elephant gift pale in comparison (you could even gift an actual 3D printed white elephant!). Shapeways has a wide variety of products, from functional to fabulous, and we are never lacking in fun products. Desk toys, memes and original designs will make you the best gift giver at your next holiday function.


Elephant by MarkWheadon


Let’s start with memes. Who doesn’t want to hold a meme in their hand instead of laughing at it on a screen? Grumpy Catdoge, and Creepy Horse Head are some of our favorites at a favorable price point. Find more memes in our Gift Guide.


Fun & Games

Whether you need a break at work or something to entertain family and friends, our community has come up with games and entertainment for every day. Practice your aim/annoy your coworkers with the catapult. Thanks to 3D printing, the day has come where we can hold emojis in our hands! Show someone you love them emoji-style (because you do that every day anyways) with 3D Emoji Love. Keep your travels entertaining with the Credit Card Chess Set. And finally, who wouldn’t want a viking hat for your finger!?


Conversation Starters 

If you really have no idea what to get, check out our Conversation Starters section of the gift guide. With original pieces, much like the ones above, you can give a gift you’ve likely never given (or seen!) before! Like Bacon mobius strips, Blowfish Valve Caps, Viking Finger Hats (again), XS Gyro the Cubes, and an amazing Stereographic Projection structure.


Shapeways is full of amazing products and these are just a few to get your imagination flowing. Check out the Gift Guide for more, and don’t forget to file an unboxing video to capture the gift-revealing moment!

Gifts for the Gamer

One of the best things about 3D printing is that you can create incredibly unique pieces that you aren’t able to find anywhere else. This really comes in handy when you need to find the perfect gift for a friend who has very particular tastes. Many of us know (or are!) someone who considers themselves a “gamer,” and while most people think of video games when they hear that term we actually imagine a whole other group of people – the tabletop gamers! From card games to board games, there is plenty fun to be had with these 3D printed game accessories. Find something special for the gamer in your life!

Steampunk Dice Set


Intricate Card Holder


Catan Card Management System


Globe-On-Pillar: A different board game counter


For more unique, customized gifts check out our full Gift Guide!

Make A Shapeways Holiday Wishlist And Win Up To $500

The holiday season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about giving the most unique and unexpected gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones. Shapeways is here to your shopping rescue with our 2014 Shapeways Gift Guide! To encourage you to gift 3D this holiday we’re launching the Shapeways Holiday Wishlist Contest.

There will be a daily winner Monday-Friday for posting their most wanted 3D printed product and when the #ShapewaysWishlist contest is over, one lucky winner will be selected to win $500 in store credit towards printing their wishlist! Contest runs through November 23 11:59 ET.

To enter all you have to do is the following:

1) Create a wishlist on Shapeways with at least 10 products. To add products to your wishlist , hit the “Wishlist” button under buy on the product page. It will automatically add the product to your wishlist. Access your wishlist by clicking on your lists

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 4.01.54 PM

2) Share your Shapeways wishlist on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to mention @Shapeways.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 4.12.05 PM

3) In addition to sharing your wishlist with us, post your favorite 3D printed product from Shapeways on Twitter or Facebook and mention @Shapeways using the hashtag #ShapewaysWishList for your chance to win that product. A winner will be selected each weekday.

Happy wishlist-making!


Friday Finds: Christmas & Holiday Decor

Welcome to Friday Finds: Holiday Edition! We’re starting the season off with some good ol’ holiday decor. Get your home in shipshape, or give some beautiful seasonal gifts to loved ones. Lighting, miniatures, ornaments, menorahs and more seasonal decor make the holidays more festive!



Clockwise from top left: Wave Ring – 1.5″ by OBjuanSnowflake Tea Light Ring by GHP, Santa Handwarmer Tea Light Holder by Kimotion, Rocket Christmas Ornament by ptrathos.




Clockwise from top left: Globenest by Gijs, Christmas Pinecone Decoration by macouno, Victorian Christmas Ornament Snowflake by mkermol, Thorn Die12 Ornament, Holiday Ornament: Circle Cage with 2014 Insert by Target.

More Decor


Traditional Menorah by Target


Snowflake Wax Seal by Lightbringer


Solstice Candle Holder by seriaforma


Check out more great Christmas & Holiday Decor in the Gift Guide. Don’t forget, all orders containing Gift Guide products get 50% off or FREE SHIPPING now until November 16th! Happy Holidays!