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Tag Tuesday: The Animal Edition

Shapeways 3D Print Bison
Shapeways 3D Printed Snake Ring

This week we take a look at the animalistic 3D prints in the Shapeways galleries.

Every Tuesday we update the Shapeways homepage with your designs based on a particular tag.  This week we are featuring products with the tag animal to curate the homepage, and show some of the massive diversity of designs within a set theme.
Be sure to tag your designs so that we, and others can better find your designs.  It only takes a few seconds and makes your design infinitely more findable.  If we can find your design via your tags, and feature them on the Shapeways homepage you will see an immediate spike in traffic, and hopefully sales too. 
If your design on Shapeways has some animalistic qualities, be sure to tag it animal and it just may make it’s way on to the Shapeways homepage too….

Shapeways 3D Printed octopus ring silver
Shapeways 3D Printed Panda iPhone case
Shapeways 3D Printed piggy bank
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Tag Tuesday (The Wednesday Edition)

This week we feature 3D printed products tagged with ‘miniature’ in the Shapeways gallery.

Every Tuesday we refresh the homepage with products from the Shapeways gallery tagged with a certain theme.  We are encouraging you to tag your products to make it easier to find your designs and to help us curate relevant content on the Shapeways site, blog and social media.
This week we are (belatedly) featuring items tagged with ‘miniature’.
If your design is a miniature be sure to tag it and we will continue to add more products to the homepage over the next few hours.  If you have an idea for next weeks Tag Tuesday, let us know in the comment section of the blog.


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Tag Tuesday: Picks from the 3D Printing Meme Machine
Tag Tuesday : YOU Decide ???
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Tag Tuesday : YOU Decide ???

Today it is your turn to decide. What tag should we feature on the Shapeways home page.

sensitive noise / obvious 2

This may be especially important considering the current sale on Full Color along with White Nylon (WSF) 3D printing

What tag should we promote to make the most of this sale? Characters, Sculpture, Meme, Math, you decide.

Place your suggestions in the comments for this blog and we will choose from your ideas to promote. 

Tag Tuesday : The Gift Edition : Are You Ready for Black Friday

To celebrate the launch of the Shapeways Gift Guide and the impending Black Friday avalanche of traffic to your Shapeways shops this weeks Tag Tuesday is gift. Tag your designs with gift to help people find your designs that are suitable for giving this holiday gifting season.  Over the course of the day we will take a look back at the tag gift and will try and include more in preparation for Black Friday.  We will be doing some promotions over Black Friday so ensure your shop is ready with tags, descriptions and images, yes images!!!!.

Following are a few products in the Shapeways shops tagged with gift, what are yours tagged with?

3D Printed Silver Ring

Shapeways 3D Printed Silver

3D Printed Alumide

Tag Tuesday: Picks from the 3D Printing Meme Machine

Shapeways now has hundreds of thousands of 3D models just waiting to be 3D printed.  Sometimes it can be a little hard to find exactly what you are looking for (unless you design it for yourself).  Giving your design a descriptive title will help people find your product in both Shapeways and Google search, adding your model to a category is essential to them appearing in the galleries and adding tags makes it easier for people to discover products around a very specific theme.

Shapeways Meme 3D print

To help make it worth your while to head in and tag your products, we are going to feature a new tag every Tuesday, and so, Tag Tuesday is born. This week we are featuring products tagged meme.

Take a look at our Shop Owner tips on getting found in search and tag your designs with relevant terms.

Let us know what tags you think we should feature next week?