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Ultra exciting news for Frosted Ultra Detail

We’re happy to announce that, thanks to a recent machine upgrade, the Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD) Plastic bounding box has increased its maximum to 284 x 184 x 203mm, from its previous maximum of 127x178x152mm; a 220% x 3% x 34% increase respectively. This train by our Shapie Customer Service expert Mitchell shows off the new bounding box quite well.


While most FUD products will still ship within six business days, please allow up to 10 for products that are over 70mm in each bounding box dimension.



So, what will you be printing in our new, bigger FUD?

New Faster & Cheaper Shipping Option for US Customers: Introducing USPS First-Class Shipping at $4.99

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Our goal at Shapeways is to make 3D printing more accessible and affordable. So we’re excited to share that starting today, customers in the US can now have products delivered by United States Postal Service First-Class for a flat rate of $4.99, with expected transit time of 1-3 business days.

This is a faster, cheaper option that will hopefully make 3D printing even more affordable, whether you’re prototyping or getting a gift for a loved one. USPS also offers some unique benefits, including delivery to PO Boxes or to properties where entrance by private carriers is limited or prohibited. You’ll be able to track your package and gleefully watch as it leaves our NYC factory and make its way to your front door.

From our factory to your door. Image: Shapeways 

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Introducing our newest color: Orange

You asked for it, so today we bring you orange! That’s right, all our new colors are World Cup related. Last weeks Green and Yellow launches were for Brazil, the host country* and today we are rolling out Orange, for our Netherlands team ORANJE!

Flowers Bangle by Marmalade Park 

This brings our color palette for our dyed strong and flexible family to a full rainbow, just in time to show our support for Pride Month here in the USA.

Join in the Orange conversation in the forum or let us know your feedback here in the comments. We are trialing this specific shade of orange for four weeks, so let us know your feedback about the shade and we may adjust after the trial.

What will you make with orange? Will it be as good as Van Persie’s goal? What other colors do you want for your team to 3D print in?

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New Color Alert: Announcing Shapeways Green and Yellow

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Yesterday, we lowered lead times on the majority of our metals and today we are excited to announce the addition of two new nylon colors to our palette, Green and Yellow! Just in time for the world cup in Brazil. It’s the Shapeways GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL to continue to bring you more materials faster and we’re committed to holding our top spot in the 3DP bracket!

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Introducing Castable Wax: Our Newest Maker Only Material

We know you’ve been asking for it for a long time and we’re beyond thrilled to announce our next Maker Material: Wax!

From the moment we introduced metals, you asked if we could just ship the castable wax. As of today, you can order the wax of your model, ready for you to cast into any number of metals, either in your studio or at a casting house. Our wax can be cast just like normal investment casting wax, for which there’s a large variety of methods. 

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New Shop Owner Tool: Pricing

You have finished your design, uploaded it to Shapeways and put it up for sale. Now it is time to set your prices. Pricing is a key part of product merchandising, but we often hear from shop owners that it is challenging to choose the “right price.” Today, we are making changes to help on this front. 

When it comes to choosing the right price, there are many factors to consider outside of base price and markup. These can include: What type of product am I selling? Who is my ideal customer? What’s the value to my customers? The right price will resonate with your audience in the same way that descriptions, photos, and videos do. And that means you could improve your sales.  

The best way to do this is to always think about the prices your customers will see. With the new pricing tool, you will find the following changes to make the experience simpler and more efficient: 

  • Dedicated space for pricing, with a cleaner interface
  • Ability to edit prices for multiple materials at once
  • Emphasis on editing total prices
  • Customized tips to help with pricing

Shop Owners in European countries will also find the following changes:

  • Price entry in USD, while viewing both USD and EUR prices 
  • Prices displayed with VAT

We’re excited to share these changes with you today. Improving our pricing tool is just one of the many steps we’re taking to provide you with a great Shop Owner experience. 

If you’re interested in helping to test other shop owner improvements, please reach out to our Community team at And as always, we welcome your feedback either here in this blog or in the forums.

Notes for advanced users:
The CSV Wizard will be changing, and the current APIs will still be supported. Please check out our forum post for more details. 

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Welcome to the Golden Age of 3D Printing: Introducing 14 Carat Gold to Shapeways

Update: As of May 22nd, Gold is now available worldwide and can be set as the default material for the products in your shop. 
Featured models from left to right: Hibiscus Ring by alaswadi, Cousin Gabriel Ring by cousingabriel, Rock Ring by thefuturefuture, and Arrow Ring by courtneyetc

Today, we’re proud to welcome the most precious of metals to the Shapeways family – 14k Gold. We’ve been inspired by the accessories and jewelry you’ve made with our Silver, Brass, Bronze, and Steel; and we have heard your requests for more premium metal options. 

Droplet Pendant by LIFIC

Our solid, hand-polished 14k Gold is simply stunning. It’s meticulously polished to a beautiful, smooth sheen. With a high-shine look that’s perfect for rings, cufflinks, pendants, earrings, charms, or whatever you decide to create. Not to mention, wedding season is right around the corner, ladies and gents!
Greek mythology deemed the people of the Golden Age the “golden race” of humans who came first. You’re all part of the Shapeways Golden Age, so which one of you fearless designers will try our Gold first?

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Updated US Shipping Options on Shapeways

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We’re excited to share that for those shipping to the United States, you’ll now be able to choose from the following options on Shapeways: Standard, Two Day and Next Day. This enables you to get your Shapeways products faster than ever!  We want to make these options affordable and accessible, so we’ve priced them as low as we can. Standard shipping will cost $6.50, with Two Day costing $9.50 and Next Day costing $15.50. You’ve asked for improved shipping solutions for some time, and these updates are the foundation for future enhancements.

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Introducing the Custom Ring Creator: a new way to design and 3D Print your own ring

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Today, we’re really excited to announce our new Custom Ring Creator app, which allows anyone to make their own ring in minutes. You can personalize existing ring templates as well as create and customize a completely unique design of your own. It’s easy to change the pattern, size, height and even add engraving. For all the illustrators out there who want to hold their drawings in their hands, now’s your chance. Just upload your jpeg and wrap it around the ring! To get you started, some members of our community have already created some great example patterns.

Built on top of our new API, the app is pretty intuitive, but for anyone interested in the specs, here’s whats possible…

  • Customize existing template patterns or create and upload your own pattern with a jpg image
  • Adjust ring measurements such as size, height, background, and thickness with easy to use sliders
  • Size = Slider that uses US jewelers sizes in a range of 4-14 to pick the diameter of the ring. (Find your US ring size here)
  • Height = “Width” of the ring
  • Background = “Thickness” of the ring band (if applied behind the pattern)
  • Thickness = “Thickness” of the pattern, or how high the pattern will sit off the band
  • Add borders to the ring by adjusting top and bottom border sliders
  • Engrave rings with a solid background with your custom text
  • Choose a material that fits your budget including sterling silver
  • Check your ring for printability instantaneously through our printability visualization tool
In addition to being a fun app that all of us in the office can’t stop playing with, the Custom Ring Creator shows off some new technology that our community of makers and shop owners have been asking for, including wall thickness and printability visualization. And for you API users out there, the Ring Creator’s documentation is available on GitHub. Head over to the forums for more info.

Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

Make Apps that Make Products with the New Shapeways 3D Printing API

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Shapeways Director of Product Brad Dickason (@bdickason) and VP of Engineering Josh Levine introduce the new Shapeways API.

We are proud to announce for formal launch of our 3D Printing API hosted at

Our mission is to enable anyone to make anything they want. Today’s launch is a huge step towards that goal and we’re hoping that you will join and celebrate with us and our community about Shapeways’ revolutionary marketplace and manufacturing platform.

Our marketplace of 3D printed products is a new economic engine for product designers. Now we introduce the endless possibilities of Shapeways apps. Think about it: Just as new materials at Shapeways have created new product categories, this API creates the opportunity for developers all over the world to make apps that make products.  In 2012, 8,000 Shapeways Shop Owners earned nearly $500,000 in profits, and many of these Shop Owners were app developers who took advantage of our tools for mass customization.  We are bringing the power of digital fabrication to the masses, and Shapeways’ mission is becoming reality.


This first release of our API focuses on our marketplace and manufacturing. We’ve tried to make life easy for developers to upload 3D models, sell to others, and 3D print in over 30 materials and finishes including our newest material Premium Silver.  

The functionality available via the 3D Printing API is continually growing, so if you are coding with us, you should regularly check our docs or the browse the JSON discovery (get JSON View).  We have also developed several reference clients that showcase the API functionality and can help you get started right away!


While our new API was in private beta, we worked closely with several users to test and refine the features. Here are a couple examples of the possibilities.

Mixee Me

Mixee Me enables you to create your own army of little people. Each character is created using a collection of clipart that the user can choose from.


Tinkercad is an easy to use, web-based CAD app designed specifically for 3D Printing. Users can create their own 3D models with no previous CAD experience and print directly to Shapeways by clicking ‘Order 3D Print’ within the app.

Creators Project

The Creators Project in collaboration with Softlab, Sosolimited and Sticky Monster Lab, accesses your Facebook profile to create a 3D Printed visualization of your interaction with family and friends, your likes and sharing patterns, so you can see yourself as others might see you, abstracted though the lens of the three artists and their applications.

Nu Bracelet

Nu uses audio analysis to transform music into a unique piece of wearable art.


“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

–Martin Fowler

We’re a passionate and creative team spread over 3 time zones in 2 continents. We listen to each other and prefer to add and improve ideas rather than point out why something will fail.  We strive to enable intuitive leaps of understanding and readable code.  To make sure that we were hearing you, we offer direct contact via email (, IRC (#shapeways on, and dedicated Skype chatrooms.  We want to ensure frequent and open communication with everyone using our APIs. It is extremely important for us to maintain an extremely low barrier to entry for anyone who wants to create real-life products from digital 3D objects.

We hope you’ll join us in making the future. We’re here to help you create!



Track Your 3D Printing with Our New Order Status Page

Today we are excited to announce a brand new Order Status Page!

What once was a bland and static page detailing your order has gone through a transformation and is now the almighty “Order Status Page”. Why is it so awesome? Because it not only offers more transparency into the current status of your entire order, but also shows you what’s happening with each individual item. In addition to being taken to this page immediately after checkout, you can also get here from the My Orders overview.

We’ve also added detailed information on refunds and credits on a per-order basis for all new orders. Additionally, this overhaul lays the foundation for some even cooler features that will be coming in the near future.

With that said, let us know what you think!

New Website Feature: Photo Comments

We have been working on an exciting new feature for adding photographs to your model comments. You’ll be able to share YOUR copy of a model that you ordered and show how you use it, how it looks in your home, how you painted it, even point out possible improvements and suggestions to the designer.

I talked to Brad Dickason, our VP of Product and the initiator of this new function. Brad says:

“There are tons of products that have been purchased on Shapeways and used in unique and innovative ways by our community. I’m ridiculously excited to see those photos start to show up so the designer can see how his/her products are being used and loved!”


You may notice these photo comments starting to appear today, as we’ve been busy testing them. But now it’s your turn!

To attach a photo to a comment, simply click the camera icon and follow the prompts to upload your photo. You can even do it easily from your mobile device. We know you have some cool 3D printed products on your desk, so snap a pic and show the designer their work in the wild!

Lastly, just a little bit of fine print:

As with our general policy on comments  and the forum, please use common sense when uploading photos, and keep them polite, relevant and constructive. We’re not uptight, but we do need to make sure people feel comfortable. If you’d feel weird about your boss looking over your shoulder at whatever photo you’re about to post, you probably shouldn’t post it. For argument’s sake, let’s assume you’ve got a cool boss. That said, if you see something that offends you, hit the flag button and tell us why it offends you.

Big Changes Coming to Shapeways this Weekend

Our VP of Engineering Josh Levine shares what’s in store for Shapeways this weekend and moving forward:

Last month, we announced that we have taken on a seemingly impossible task: to rebuild the architecture of Over the past few months, all of us at Shapeways have contributed to this massive undertaking and through hard work, determination, and a lot of listening to our customers, the time has come to reveal the fruits of our labor!

Notice the little man standing next to this massive 200 ton stone in the
temple Baalbek. This stone is a metaphor for ~60% of our current
software architecture. Most of what you’d like us to build involves moving
the “little” stones (several tons each!) laid neatly beneath the 200
ton monster.

Tonight we are rolling out a major milestone for Shapeways – internally this project is called Inshape 2.0. Tonight, we’re moving the 200 ton monster.

Inshape 2.0 completely replaces our back-end systems for Order Placement and Order Fulfillment systems with up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology and processes.  In the past, we have had to hold off on so many great ideas from the community – 99% of that is washed away with this release. We anticipate faster turnaround times on orders, and on improvements to our systems.

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Introducing the New Shapeways 3D Printing Material Selector

We have updated the Shapeways 3D Printing material page to make it easier to select the right material for your 3D Printing.

You can compare and select 3D Printing materials based on price, detail level, strength and smoothness so if you are new to 3D Printing it can help you find the right material for your needs and/or budget. 

Shapeways 3D Printing Material Selector

If you have a 3D model ready to 3D Print and you want to choose the right material you can enter the volume, surface area, thinnest walls or model size in bounding box to choose what 3D Printing materials can be used with your model.

This is especially handy if you know your model has very thin walls as it will let you know what materials are possible to reduce the chance of your 3D Print being rejected after upload. 

This is another update as part of our recent refresh of the Shapeways experience

Shapeways 3D Printing Material Selector

New Styling Makes it Easier to Contact a Designer on Shapeways

By now you have seen we have given the styling a much needed refresh on Shapeways but we have also improved features across the site.  One feature that was a little hidden in the previous layout was the ability to contact a designer.  We have lifted the Contact Designer button to the top left corner of every product page to make it easier for people to communicate with the designers of 3D Printed products on Shapeways. 

contact a shapeways designer