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Friday Finds: Christmas & Holiday Decor

Welcome to Friday Finds: Holiday Edition! We’re starting the season off with some good ol’ holiday decor. Get your home in shipshape, or give some beautiful seasonal gifts to loved ones. Lighting, miniatures, ornaments, menorahs and more seasonal decor make the holidays more festive!



Clockwise from top left: Wave Ring – 1.5″ by OBjuanSnowflake Tea Light Ring by GHP, Santa Handwarmer Tea Light Holder by Kimotion, Rocket Christmas Ornament by ptrathos.




Clockwise from top left: Globenest by Gijs, Christmas Pinecone Decoration by macouno, Victorian Christmas Ornament Snowflake by mkermol, Thorn Die12 Ornament, Holiday Ornament: Circle Cage with 2014 Insert by Target.

More Decor


Traditional Menorah by Target


Snowflake Wax Seal by Lightbringer


Solstice Candle Holder by seriaforma


Check out more great Christmas & Holiday Decor in the Gift Guide. Don’t forget, all orders containing Gift Guide products get 50% off or FREE SHIPPING now until November 16th! Happy Holidays!

Friday Finds + Kickstarters: Oinky the Whimsical Piggy Bank

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This week, our Friday Finds feature is a two-for-one, Friday Finds + Kickstarter! Oinky is a 3D printed piggy bank that makes saving your pennies fun. All the intricate patterns make for the perfect marriage of 3D printing with an everyday object made interesting with great design.

Designer Octavio used our “Print it Anyway” option to test the color and polishing, which was essential to achieving minimal production costs. What’s a piggy bank that breaks the bank, anyways? Shapeways 3D printing engineers were able to send many different iterations of models, which is a unique service provided by us. “It shows how your flexibility helped me resolve problems arising from the production of a particularly complex model,” says Octavio. Wins all around! Here are some of our favorites:



Designer Octavio Asensio created fun variations of designs for the banks that are inspired by things one might save up for. The end results are pretty amazing! Available in many colors and patterns, you have plenty of Oinky options to choose from. The Oinky Kickstarter campaign is happening now with 3 days left to go. Help support Octavio and Shapeways!


Friday Finds: Thinker Things

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We’re proudly bringing back Friday Finds – sharing with you products, shops, and designers who are using their creative 3D printing powers in new, fun and exciting ways. This week, we present to you Thinker Things! Bryan Salt is the creator behind the brand. As a veteran of the 3D technology world, Bryan has 27 years of experience including virtual reality, games, television & mobile 3D engines. With Thinker Thing, he wants to make 3D printing accessible to everyone – even children!

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Celebrate 30 Years Of Mac with Mac inspired 3D Prints

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Today marks the 30th anniversary of the debut of the Macintosh. The Mac has revolutionized the technology world and has inspired a generation of innovation and innovators. It can be safe to say that everyone on Shapeways has either used or know someone who uses a Mac product. 3D printing in a way is experiencing its “Mac moment” as 3D printing technology is becoming more mainstream and accessible to the mass consumer. For the Shapies who have been inspired by Mac and Apple throughout the years, check out these Mac inspired 3D Prints.

Apple iMac Style – Picture Frame Part 2 by nufftlo

The throwback Apple Macintosh computer, as a 3D pixel business card holder for your desk.

Siri, Personal Assistant by EddieAdolf

An amazing take on the Iphone personal assistant, Siri.

Apple iMac Style – Picture Frame by nufftlo

This is a very cool 3D print that looks like a mini iMac. It’s a must have desk prop for any Mac fan.

Steve Wozniak bust by sevensheaven

A high-quality 3D-printed in colored sandstone bust of Apple co-founder Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak.

Happy Computer Cufflinks by reecejames

Rock these 3D printed Mac inspired cufflinks at your next tech meetup or company party.

We hope that Shapeways serves as a platform for innovation and creation the same way Mac has for computers and software. We’re interested in hearing how has the Mac enabled or inspired you to get involved with 3D printing or modeling? Do you believe that 3D printing is experiencing its “Mac moment” by disrupting the manufacturing industry?

3D Printed Custom Camera Lens Accessories

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Searching for that particular camera accessory but you can’t seem to find it anywhere? That’s probably because it doesn’t exist. Enter Shapeways and 3D printing where items as simple as a camera lens accessory can be designed and printed specifically for your camera model. There are many photographers out there looking for particular lens components for their camera but not all of them are mass produced. Here are some custom 3D printed camera lens accessories on Shapeways.

Fuji X100 Focus Ring Sleeve with Focus Tab by Schnickerbocker

This is a sleeve meant to slide over the focus ring on your Fuji X100 and X100S camera. This sleeve provides a larger surface to grip when focusing your camera.

Zeiss 50/2 Planar Compact Hood by AnalogueRobot

This is a 3D printed hood for the Zeiss ZM 50mm f2 Planar lens which adds a compact feel on your camera. 

Fuji X mount double lens cap by scottkrebs

It didn’t exist so this Shapie created it!

Follow Focus Ring Gear (Canon Kit Lens) by DrJekyll

This Shapie designed this ring gear to fit on the Canon EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS kit lens.

Nifty Fifty (Canon 50mm F1.8) Follow Focus Adapter by wileydavis

This 3D printed adapter ring allows you to use your Canon 50mm F1.8 lens with the HONDO Garage 50-Dollar Follow Focus in either belted or geared mode.

Lens Cap Holder (customizable) by spruce

Need a place to hold that lens cap? With this lens cap holder you just click your lens cap on your camera strap and are good to go.

In the digital age don’t get too caught up trying to capture the moment that you forget to live in the moment!

Is 3D Printing in your DNA? DNA inspired 3D Prints

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What is DNA? DNA also known as DeoxyriboNucleic Acid is a molecule. It’s a bunch of atoms stuck together forming a beautiful molecular double helix structure. If you’ve ever watched Jurassic Park or studied Biology you should know that DNA is the genetic blueprint for all living things. Every person and living thing contains their own unique genetic code in their DNA makeup. At Shapeways we live and breath innovation, personalization, and 3D printing. You can say that 3D printing is in our DNA. See the molecules of life come to life with these DNA inspired 3D prints.

DNA Ring by by UniverseBecoming

Wear DNA around your fingers to remind yourself that awesomeness is in your genetic blueprint. 

DNA Helix by Plato

Or wear this single strand of DNA as a pendant around your neck.  

DNA Model by Molecule

You can actually get a personalized molecule by contacting designer Molecule

DNA Flower Pendant by Opresco

Show that you’re super into Biology by wearing one of these.

Transfer Pen by Xalo 

Beautiful 3D printed pen based off of the spiral of a DNA helix. It’s named Transfer because both DNA and ink are used to transfer information. 

Everyone has a genetic story, Shapeways provides the means where you can make it, tell it, share it, and print it! #Respect 

Insects, Bugs, and Creepy Crawlers

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Insects get a bad reputation for being disgusting, nasty, and creepy creatures. The fact of the matter is that insects represent a major part of life on Earth and we must co-exist with them and evolve with them whether we like it or not. There are actually plenty of cool 3D insect inspired prints on Shapeways that come in various shapes, sizes, and shiny materials. These awesome insect prints won’t bug you at all.

Articulated Stag Beetle by chosetec 

There are over 1000 species of beetles and the stag beetle is the most fearsome of them all. They have massive jaws that would make anyone think twice before coming close to it. Fortunately this one comes in strong and flexible plastic but still looks real. 

Scarab Pendant by dadrummond

The design on this beautiful scarab pendant resembles something an Egyptian metalsmith would have crafted, had the pharaohs dreamed of direct-metal printing.

Insect Bracelet by paralogical

This little beetle bracelet will look surreal on your forearm. The longhorn beetle curls around your wrist as a slinky cuff bracelet.

Wing Metamorphosis Ring by designerica

Let everyone know that you’re constantly evolving by wearing this insect wing designed ring.

Honey Ring by Jeff 

Honey combs are very attractive and this ring has a very nice looking hexagon design. Wear this ring and you’ll definitely catch people checking it out. 

Keep calm and bug on! #Respect  

Proof Dinosaurs Still Live Among Us: Dinovember

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Have you ever wondered if your toys play around in the night? Or hoped that they do? #Dinovember is the month for you then! Some very creative folks posted to medium this week about a tradition they have in their family every November that involves some serious Dinosaur shenanigans. We’re all about taking creatures from the past and making them a part of the future here at Shapeways, so here are a few of our favorite dinos!

Unstoppable TRex by Ryan Kittleson

Compy dinosaur desktop figurine by vfxguy 

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Friday Finds: Future Flashbacks

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Inspired by our meetup at MAD yesterday, I walked around the museum admiring the incredible art and products that have been made possible through digital manufacturing techniques. 
Besides art, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the other cool 3D printing innovations in recent history.

Lets call it a Future Flashback Friday Finds…

Just as bustling cities attract people, underwater, coral reefs attract sea life. On Bahrain’s coast, like many others in the world, overfishing has had a major impact on the health of marine life. Reef Arabia, a team of artificial reef designers, turned to 3D printed sandstone to create custom structures to submerge: “With 3D printing we can get closer to natural design because of its ability to produce very organic shapes and almost lay down material similar to how nature does it.” 

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Friday Finds: Defying Gravity with the Incredible Power of 3D Printing

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This Friday we are taking a look at some of the more functional designs from the Shapeways community using the incredible power of 3D printing to defy gravity, and other feats of material suspension

3D Print Lightsaber Stand Shapeways

Like this Lightsaber Stand, no longer shall your Jedi weapon (you are a Jedi) lay on your bedroom floor to be accidentally stood on and activated unintentionally at 3am when half awake and stumbling for a glass of water. 

Pliers also tend to obey the laws of physics, falling clumsily to the ground when not held in hands or buried under other tools.  Say NO MORE, peg those bad boys to a wall with the Pliers Holder for a Type A Peg Board. (WARNING: may not work on Type B peg board)

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Friday Finds: The 3D Printed Rings and an Inspiring Story

This Friday we are taking a look at some of the amazing rings by Shapeways designers 3D printed in a range of metals.  Speaking of metal, first up we have some very rock and roll looking rings by SG Designs.

sterling silver 3D print Ring Shapeways WOW

The Kat Von D Replica engagement ring shown here 3D Printed in Sterling Silver has been set with a black diamond and a patina added to make it look AMAZING.

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Friday Finds: All That Glitters is 3D Printed Gold (Plated Brass)

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Most of the items we see 3D printed in our new Gold Plated Brass material is beautiful jewelry, but occasionally we see some designs that make us rethink the potential of the material.

3D Print Golden Snitch Shapeways

Hold the Golden Snitch in your hand and cry sweet victory.

Or forget the Snitch and catch a fish with this Golden Lure.

Of course Gold has been used for trade and coins for centuries, why not make your own as Shapeways Director of 3D Tools Alan Hudson has shared in the Shapeways forum.