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Friday Finds: Release Your Inner Child

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Since Maker Faire is a kid-driven event, we dedicate this week’s Friday Finds to kid friendly products to help remind us that we’re never too old to be inspired. 

Keep it silly with the Nose Ring by zheng3.

Nose Ring

Help keep your kiddies a little more organized with the Porcupine Crayon Holder Base by JamesSaunders

Porcupine Crayon Holder Base

Make brushing more exciting with the adorable Brush’eM Kids! Toothbrush Holder by NovaStarDesign.

Brush'eM Toothbrush Holder

Rock out on the Electric Guitar Lego add-on by Chaffmar (and maybe it’ll help inspire your entry to the Lego Add-on Weekend Contest!) 

Lego Electric Guitar

Release your inner child this weekend, have some fun, and don’t forget to come visit us at Maker Faire if you’re around California!

Friday Finds: California, Here We Come

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In honor of our exciting West Coast adventure next week, we dedicate today’s Friday Finds to the beautiful Golden State. Check out some California-themed uploads below!

Rep California on your finger with the CA Ring by madebydan.

California Ring

Gather some collectibles left behind in the sand, like this Mini Tuskshell by Bathsheba

Mini Tuskshell

Brighten up your outfit with the ocean-inspired Coral Cuff by ecken.

Coral Cuff

Get in the mood to surf some waves with the Surfing Fin Pendant by intual.

Surfing Fin Pendant

Dress your iPhone 5 in appropriate beachwear with the Ocean case by cinemo.

Ocean iPhone 5 Case

Happy Friday, Shapies – and don’t forget to come visit us next week if you’re around!

Friday Finds: Cinco de Mayo

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Señores y Señoritas! Time to put on your sombreros and hang up your piñatas – Cinco de Mayo is almost here! Check out these products below to help get you in the mood for a fiesta.

The Cinqo de Mayo Cactus by nynm8r is the perfect party decor accessory.

Cinqo de Mayo Cactus

The Sombrero Coat Rack by JoostWaltien is both festive and functional.  

Sombrero Coat Rack

The Mustache Pendant Necklace Slide by CuteNComfy is a great conversation starter.  

Mustache Pendant

Happy Partying! ¡Olé!

The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day, surprise mom with something better than the usual dozen roses: a custom creation, made just for her.  

With a few weeks left before the big day, you can create a gift from scratch, customize an existing product (like ceramics for the kitchen), or choose from hundreds of beautiful designs in the Shapeways marketplace. For inspiration, check out these products below that are sure to get her bragging to her friends.  

The adorable Crayon Creatures by cunicode are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.  

Crayon Creatures

Frame a precious memory with the 3D Photo Frame by arthurditlef.

3D Photo Frame

Give mom a little love to wear around her neck with the Love Mom Pendant by kcaly.

Love Mom Pendant

For those going the flower route, why not get mom the Origami Vase by susantio to put them in as well? 

Origami Vase

Or perhaps the unique Floralia Pink by Eragatory is more up her alley. 

Floralia Pink

The stunning Bracelet Constructionist by mcode will add some extra flair to any of her outfits. 

Bracelet Constructionist

Happy gifting!

3D Print Sculptures of Your Flight Routes

Take your vacation memories to the next level with loci, a 3D Printed sculpture of your flights.


With loci, users are able to highlight important flights to them, such as their
honeymoon or a memorable summer adventure, through a custom software.
The software also connects to Tripit or Foursquare data to help make the
tracking process a bit easier. 


Each loci comes with a special card with a map featuring all the airports flown to in order to help the user visualize his or her travels. The card also displays a chosen title, total distance traveled, number of airports visited and the number of flights taken.


The product is currently a prototype made by Netherlands based interaction and sound designer Andrew Spitz, who also co-created a soon-to-be-released iPhone app called Flying. A large part of the app is the ability to track one’s flights, so he hopes to eventually include loci directly in the app. 


Check out the video below for more information!

Alchemy and Art- Part 1

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Check out fellow community member Lily Su‘s fine arts exhibition, Alchemy & Art – Part 1, opening this Friday and Saturday in New York’s Lower East Side.

Alchemy & Art - Part 1

Alchemy & Art - Part 1

The exhibition focuses on the use of 3D data as a tool for creating work that partakes in the dialogue of contemporary art, and it will feature 3D prints from Lily Su and Heidi Lee with collaborative efforts from designer, artist, and instructor Stuart Rentzler

In addition, there will be live demonstrations, including Kinect body scanning and 3D printing with Ultimaker and Up! desktop printers.

Congratulations Lily! 

3D Printed Product of the Day: Darwin’s Cladogram Tree

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Whether you’re fascinated by evolution theories or not, check out this amazing replication of Charles Darwin’s first ever sketch of a tree of life by joabaldwin.

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree

The detailed replication pays homage to Darwin’s original sketch found in his private notebook, “Notebook B on the transmutation of species,” 1837-1838.

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree

The finches perched upon the end of each branch represent the
A, B, C and D marks on the original drawing. Each is slightly
different; the more apart the finches are from each other in the
evolutionary tree, the more distinct are the differences between

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree

From a side view, the shape of the printed tree mirrors Darwin’s sketch exactly.

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree

This fantastic piece also comes in the form of a necklace.

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree Necklace

As taken from Darwin’s notebook itself, “I think … Case must be that one
generation then should be as many living as now. To do this and to have
many species in same genus (as is) requires extinction. Thus between A
& B immense gap of relation. C & B the finest gradation, B &
D rather greater distinction. Thus genera would be formed.—bearing

Friday Finds: Spring Showers

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We have become closely acquainted with the phrase “April Showers Bring May Flowers” the past few rainy days here at Shapeways. This week’s Friday Finds is an ode to Mother Nature and those good old spring showers.

Don’t let raindrops get in your eyes! Protect yourself (or just look really cool) with CLOUD Eyewear by ColorsofBirch.

3D Cloud Eyewear

Dress up your ears for the weather with the quirky Umbrella Girls earring set by dominikraskin

3D Printed Umbrella Girls Earrings

Cookies make everything better, right? End your day with these Rain and Cloudly cookie cutters by EWK25.

Rain and Cloudly

Stay dry this weekend!

As Seen on “The Today Show”

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We are very excited to announce that a handful of Shapeways Shop Owner’s designs were featured on the Today Show this morning! We wanted to give a special congratulations to the creators and highlight the products that were mentioned. Check them out below!

Green to Yellow Mesh Pendant

Green to Yellow Mesh Pendant by seedlingdesign

Woven Pendant

Woven Pendant by seedlingdesign

Rhizome CuffRhizome Cuff by Nervous System

Nu Bracelet

Nu Bracelet by InvisbleLightNetwork

Watch the full segment here: 

Congratulations again!

3D Printed 28-Geared Cube

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Check out the latest addition to our collection of steampunk themed uploads: the mesmerizing Steampunk Geared Cube by Maundy.

Steampunk Geared Cube

The cube contains a total of 28 gears, all of which turn from manually rotating only one (though the designer notes that rotating two gears results in a smoother motion). The outermost gear on each side has handles for easy rotation, and each is linked to its adjacent gear in an interlocking pattern. Once one gear is spun, the others correspondingly spin along.

Steampunk Geared Cube

In addition to the fascinating pattern and mechanics, the cube has a tray in the middle for holding various small objects. The product also comes with a stand and a lockable lid, which is placed on top of the cube and can be locked and unlocked by rotating the gears. 

Steampunk Geared Cube

The piece comes printed as one fully assembled object straight off the printer. Check out the video below to see it in action!

How do you plan to test the limits of 3D printed moving parts?