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Passive Income and 3D Printing with Nancy Liang from Mixee Me

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Generating passive income has been the perennial daydream for developers, hobbyists, and Honeymooners alike. After all, who doesn’t want to lean back and watch their coffers grow? The promise of autonomous cash flows helped to propel Tim Ferris’s Four-Hour Work Week to cult-like status, and there is a whole spectrum of proponents ranging from those who use it to make some extra scratch to those who subsist on it entirely. If the dearth of pop business books is any indication, trying to nail down the mercurial recipe of low effort to high reward is anything but easy. 3D Printing services like Shapeways extend that promise to product designers by providing a marketplace and made-to-order fulfillment, but it begs the question: what are the implications of passive income in the design sphere? To help us navigate the changing landscape, I reached out to Mixee Labs Co-Founder and Shapeways Alum Nancy Liang. Mixee Labs is a web platform that allows developers to create their own applications that generate customizable 3D models using Javascript. Liang’s work includes a full stack of products starting from generating models (like the death-proof Sad Keanu), making creators to generate those models (Mixee Me), and now creating creator creators.  French cuff enthusiasts have reason to rejoice: Mixee Labs’ newest product allows the user to generate their own cufflinks directly from images. 

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Barbie’s 3D Printed Makeover

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first glance, the iconic Barbie Doll looks innocent enough in the hands of a
young child, but a side-by-side with Nickolay Lamm’s anatomically accurate doll
reveals the ludicrously distorted proportions of Mattel’s classic stand-by– if
she existed in real life. Lamm generated a 3D model from the average
measurements of a 19 year-old girl, send it to a 3D printer, and photoshopped the
resulting figure into the Barbie’s likeness. 

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Jake Evill’s Cortex Reimagines the Cast for the 21th Century

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Those who are unfortunate enough to fracture a limb but
fortunate enough to do so after the advent of the 3d Printing technology can
rejoice. Jake Evill, an Architecture and Design school at Victoria University
of Wellington alum and Shapeways user, devised an ingenious alternative to the
classic plaster of paris cast, one day effectively making the smelly,
cumbersome monolithic a thing of the past.

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Introducing our Newest Blogger: Pamela of Langoliers Jewelry

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Hi guys! Over the next few months, I’ll be writing about the intersections of fashion and 3D printing technology. A bit about me: my company Langoliers Jewelry was born out of a lifelong fascination–obsession, really– with handcraft and textiles. As a kid, I would stare as my grandmother conjured elaborate sweaters from nothingness, rapt. I didn’t know at the time that I would one day set up a small collective of knitters and weave gold and silver into elaborate designs like a latter-day Rumpelstiltskins, hopefully inspiring in others the same awe that I felt as a child.  I identify as a craftsperson and took pride in working with my hands, but I quickly realized that I had to reconcile the loftiness of a life in craft with the cold, hard realities of the bottom line. 

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Friday Finds: Ancient Egypt

In celebration of the Spring Equinox, take a que from fashion icons Liz Tyler and Theda Bara and indulge your inner Isis with our round up of Egyptian-inspired jewelry. 3D printing has caused something of a new Egyptian Revival at the Factory of the Future, from entangled serpents to evocative amulets. Here are a few of our favorites.

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