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Freakin’ Sweet 3D Printed Knots

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Do you like Freakin’ Sweet Knots?  How about Freakin’ Sweet Apps?  Meet John Allwine, he’s a master of both!

John is an awesome Shapeways Shop Owner who is using 3D Printing to turn his love for knot tying into a freakin’ sweet
small business! Now that is what we love to hear! He launched his Freakin’ Sweet Knots custom ring app last week.  The app leverages Shapeways API allows shoppers to customize rings based on a variety of sizes and Shapeways materials! I had an awesome conversation with John over Skype and learned all about the future of his app and the reoccurring role of knots in his own life, all while he sat on his front porch(jealous!)

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Flashback Friday: 5 Years of Shapeways

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Happy 5th Anniversary Shapeways! 

Today we want to thank you, our amazing community, for making Shapeways the amazing place that it is!  As much as we love Friday Finds, this week we are throwing it back–join us for a trip down memory lane!

LIC Factory Opening in October 2012.

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Shapeways Helps Make-a-Wish Grant a 3D Printed Wish

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Make-a-Wish might be known for making dreams come true, but so is 3D printing!

Wade Sharp is a young boy from Texas with Osteogenesis imperfecta.  Wade spends tons of time playing video games because his disease limits his physical activity.  His one wish was to see how video games were made and to become a video game character himself. 

Make-a-Wish contacted Robot Entertainment to collaborate and help grant Wade his wish.  After a tour of the studio, lunch with the staff, and a video game creation tutorial, Wade was introduced to his dream video game character–Wade the Super-Master!

Wade’s wish was complete, but Robot Entertainment had even more planned!  At the end of the day, Wade was given an assortment of gifts, including a 3D printed sandstone statue of Wade the Super-Master, made by Shapeways! 

We are so honored to have gotten the chance to work with Robot Entertainment and Make-a-Wish to help make Wade’s wish even more special!

You can see more photos from Wade’s wish here or visit his Facebook page to learn more about him and find out how you can help!

Disabled Duck Gets 3D Printed Foot

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Meet Buttercup!  He was born with a backwards foot, but thanks to 3D printing, now he will be walking with a prosthetic foot!

Buttercup’s owner, a software engineer by trade, saw his struggle and teamed up with 3D printing company, Novacompany.  After looking at photos of Buttercup’s sister’s foot, they were able to design a solution. 

Although the plastics typically used in 3D printing are not flexible enough for walking, a mold was made and is being used to create a silicone foot. 

This lucky duck will be walking in his new prosthetic in a few weeks–all because of 3D printing technology!  Awesome!

Come see Pete and Duann Speak at CE Week in NYC!

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Hey Shapies! Today we are speaking at CE Week in NYC!  Be sure to join us for Pete’s panel at 3:15 p.m. and Duann’s CE FashionWare panel at 4:30 p.m. 

Pete will speak in the CNET Supersession: Bringing 3D printing to consumers.  The panel will be exploring the issues and solutions around taking 3D printing to the mass market.  In the FashionWare segment, Duann will be part of a panel discussing the couture of the future and how technology is establishing new functionality and aesthetics.

Both events are being hosted at the Metropolitan Pavilion on W. 18th St.  Come by and enjoy the CE industry’s official mid-year conference and new technology showcase!  If you can’t make it, follow us on twitter to get live updates!

Hurray for Summer Contest!

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“This Summer I am Going to Make _________ with Shapeways!”

Fill in the blank and one winner will be selected at random by our team on Friday!

We posted the contest on Facebook yesterday, but we will be picking one WINNER from our blog as well. Check back on Friday to see if you won! 

General Assembly Student Spotlight: Kate Zasada

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We are big fans of General Assembly, so we were thrilled when we heard they were featuring Shapeways Product Manager, Kate Zasada, in their blog!

Kate is a talented member of the Shapeways team, and a graduate of the 12-week General Assembly User Experience Design Course.  The program was a big time commitment, but what she learned completely changed the trajectory of her career.

Now a teaching assistant at GA and a Product Manager at Shapeways, Kate has come a long way since she took her first General Assembly class!  Read the interview and find out more about Kate!

Friday Finds: Selections from Shapeways HQ

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This week in Friday Finds we are taking you behind the scenes!  Here at Shapeways HQ, desk accessories are way more than pen holders and coasters.  Thanks to all the amazing designers on Shapeways, desks TOYS have become a necessary form of self expression!

Check out some of the amazing 3D printed objects that live around our office! 

Matt loves memes from neuralfirings, ryankittleson, edrice, and kspaho.

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Weekend Contest #16: Get Your Summer On!

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The first day of summer is June 21st.  Finish up your spring cleaning, and get ready for some summer fun!

What makes summer fun even more fun? 3D printed accessories that make your time outside more enjoyable! So what would make your summer activities more enjoyable? Running, sun bathing, swimming, biking, even spectating some sports.

Whatever it is that you do, improve it!
(Check out the NanoClip by VapourStudios for some inspiration!)

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