The winner of our DDW contest is…..

We saw some truly exciting work for the Dutch Design Week contest! It ranged from a cute pencil monster, a musical instrument, a suspended cup, modular bubble lamps, a wallet replacement to a plate, a platter and a photoholder. There were also a lovely vase and inventive bowls.

We were really impressed by the contest entries and the quality and inventiveness of the work. When Shapeways started out we mainly had character modellers on site. It really amazed us how well Shapeways members could do product design. I would really like to thank everyone that participated for pointing the way to the future of mass customization and personal manufacturing, making us smile and inspiring us. I would also like to thank everyone that voted..and drum roll please..selected Peter Hermans and his DDW Punnik2.0 Waistband as the winner!

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