Ready to Eat: 3D Printed Shoe Burger

The Shoe Burger made with 3D Printing is 3Delicious

Shapeways Community member Tristan Bethe created the Shoe Burger for a competition at his work.

“Bit of an unusual project but I created a shoe hamburger with a 3d scan, Shapeways print and a bucket of food save silicon”

Check out the recipe as Tristan 3D scanned his shoe, made a food safe silicon mold, poured in some viscous bread mix and baked himself a shoe.  Tristan also created a chocolate shoe for those with a sweet tooth.

See the making of below.


  1. Damian Keeley

    Waiter waiter. This burger is so tough, its like shoe leather!!
    Great project, love to see creativity like this, and people really having fun with their work. What’s for dessert?

  2. droon

    It’s very funny, love the final result, but printing the shoe is just a big waste of time and money,
    why not just get a shoe in a thrift store, make it hard with some resin and make the mold with that. How is 3d scanning and printing intrumental in this project?


  3. Shapeways Blog

    Shapeways joined thousands of design enthusiasts experiencing stimulus overload yesterday and kicked off Dutch Design Week 2011, unveiling 3D printing awesomeness to the well-heeled masses. Located in the Klokgebouw Building, Stand #53 (Klokgebouw

  4. Giftxoxo

    Its a different thinking of Tristan Bethe and not the waste of time and money.You must do the other innovations speedy.

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