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ENGINEER vs DESIGNER: Get your weekly dose of 3D news/tips/gossip

FINALLY a podcast of 3D CAD fueled edutainment for the tweet attention span generation…

According to the bio:

Engineer Vs Designer is the dankest product design podcast on the block all thanks to JOSH MINGS of, and ADAM O’HERN of Each week we’ll bring you the latest digital design news, tips & tricks, Q&A, and an industry special guest.

Engineer Vs Designer is an entertaining and informative twenty minute podcast on all things 3D CAD and product design related, delivered at Red Bull speeds.  Subscribe to the podcast to get your weekly fill and listen to the likes of our very own Jeff Bare discuss the division of the brain when designing, being part engineer, part designer, and (ahem) Shapeways..

Image: iPad 2 Wrap: Hexstar by Jeff Bare

Note: I cant believe my spell check let edutainment slide..

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