1. Andy

    Fricking amazing.

    It is good that such a big company knows about 3D Printing.

  2. Marcus

    Totally agree, Andy. I find it ironic that Google used Cinema 4D instead of Google Sketchup to model it…I’m guessing that’s because its such a PITA to export color models suitable for 3D printing from Sketchup.

    Hear, hear, Sketchup developers!! :-)

  3. Michael Williams

    How ironic that they are showing their app on an iphone instead of an Andriod phone.

  4. Dolf Veenvliet

    So eh… that looks like it wasn’t “google” 3d printing a town, but some add company creating an advertisement for the google search app… Still cool! Now… is that commercial on-line as well? Too bad they didn’t add the end product at the end of the video.

  5. Julie

    Love this! This is totally cool! It’s a great application of Z Corp’s 3D printing technology using the ZPrinter 450.

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