Showing Your Designs at Events

To promote Shapeways we are increasingly taking the 3D printed show on the road to trade shows, design events, Maker Faire and the best way for us to promote Shapeways is with your designs, after all it is your creativity, skill and passion that makes Shapeways such an amazing place.  Giving people an opportunity to see, touch and play with your designs is a great way to make a sale so we have created event landing pages such as our SIGGRAPH11 page so that people who come to the event can easily find and buy the cool designs they see.

Shapeways at SIGGRAPH 2011 Vancouver

The models we show at the events are used until they are damaged, at which point they are destroyed and we never sell your designs without giving you your specified mark-up. When we would like to use your designs for promotion we will contact you to ask your permission, we will only request permission for items that are on public display on the Shapeways site.  We hope that you are excited to have us promote your designs as we do see an increase in sales with promotion of items both online, and in the flesh.

If you would like us to consider your models for use at shows please email me duann (at) with the subject ‘Use Me’ and I will send you a permission document and add you to our database.

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