First community tutorial live, from Solidworks to Shapeways

We’re very proud to announce that our first community made tutorial is live! It is the tutorial, “Exporting from Solidworks to STL for Shapeways.”  The tutorial was made by designer/artist, Shapeways member and Solidworks-head Cris Rose. I would like to hear a round of applause for Cris!!! If you are a user of Solidworks and want to export to Shapeways this tutorial is a great walkthrough on how to do this. Check out the Solidworks tutorial here or check out Cris’ site along with his great work here.

We would love to have more tutorials up. So, are you an expert with a particular 3D modeling tool and would you like to help the Shapeways community and the people that use the same tool as you do? We’re very interested in tutorials that help people convert files to Shapeways. Email me! joris (at) shapeways (dot) com Tutorials on how to design for 3D printing or with tips such as how to invert normals are awesome too. We will credit your work on the tutorial as well as place a shrine in your image at the Shapeways offices.   

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