HP’s Vyomesh Joshi ‘Kind Of’ Answers Questions on 3D Printing

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A recent interview by Johnny Ryan with Vyomesh Joshi, Executive Vice President of HP’s Imaging and Printing Group, focused on questions of HP’s foray into 3D printing

. Vyomesh answered all of Johnny’s questions with a fair degree of abstraction that basically said they think 3D printing is important, but not sure how important or when it would become important.  They see it as an extension of their professional, industrial, large format, plotter market but did not see the consumer market being a focus in the near future. The interview did however reiterate multiple times that HP has 25 years of experience in the ‘printing industry’ but it is very rare for the old guard to be the new guard after a revolution such as that promised by 3D printing.


It’s easy to imagine that in the future, 3D printing will enable people to be creative and express themselves in entirely new ways. Just as color inkjet printing opened the door for consumers to use photos and images in creative new applications, I could envision people using 3D printing to design unique, personalized items such as jewelry, eyeglasses or other accessories.   Vyomesh Joshi

We don’t really need to imagine this in the future as it is already happening now on Shapeways.

Read the entire interview on Johnny’s blog.


  1. Glenn Slingsby

    Yeah, it always amazes me when I hear people at the top of their professions where 3D printing will have a major impact speculating on “…it will be wonderful to be able to do this and that”, etc, when WE ARE ALREADY DOING IT! The word clueless comes to mind.

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe the lack of enthusiasm is due to HP’s decision to sell off most of its hardware division, HP may be out of the hardware game altogether by the time home 3d printing becomes a mass market.

  3. Arun Rodrigues

    This interview shows a lack of knowledge, leadership, and vision on Mr. Joshi’s part.

    Its not like Shapeways is a secret. Do a search for “3D printing” and Shapeways is the 3rd or 4th link. People are already using 3D printing for personalization.

    I am saddened by how everything is “long term” and their focus is on traditional markets. It seems that, like with the doomed HP Touchpad, HP is waiting for the market to just appear, rather than trying to _create_ a new market themselves.

    1. Andy

      I agree Arun. My feelings of the interview is that they are in the 3D Printing market as a reactive step.

      They are not really saying anything that is amazing or revolutionary.

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