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Introduction Michon van Tuijl; “My life at Shapeways”

We are proud to introduce Michon, another integral member of the Shapeways team based in Eindhoven.  Michon will be keeping you up to date on the blog with all things supply chain related.  She will let you know if you can expect any delays in your deliveries, the status of each of the materials as well as any new milestones such as installing a behemoth new 3D printer into our workflow (stay tuned).  Please join us in welcoming Michon to the Shapeways blogosphere and of course if you are in the area, take a tour of Shapeways and meet Michon in person..

Hi Shapers, my name is
Michon and I work for the Supply Chain Management at Shapeways.  We are in direct contact with our partner
production facilities and strive to deliver your models earlier than yesterday.

I am delighted being
part of the Shapeways family, because I believe the technology of 3D printing
and Shapeways are revolutionary. It is a perfect relation and together they can make a change,  as big of a change as the invention of the
wheel and you and I are part of it, how
amazing is that!

The last couple of
months we have introduced a lot of exciting new materials and we are constantly learning ways to improve the 3D printing process for you.  We are
studious and keep on striving to constantly give you a wow effect after unpacking your Shapeways delivery and in
every interaction.

Show me what you can
make, how you are part of the change, let creativity lead the way.


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