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Ceramics Trial is Ending.. Next Steps

Hey all,

We are coming up on the end of our 3 months trial with 3D Printed Glazed Ceramics. We’ve seen some pretty amazing pieces and once again, are wow’d by the creativity of our community. We’ve also experienced some hiccups in the process, heard your complaints and improved based on your feedback, and are learning everyday about how to better the quality of this material, and improve the reliable of production.

We would like to continue offering this material permanently, but we need to take some time to improve on some of the things we’ve learned in the past few months–everything from glazing techniques to operational logistics, from increasing structural strength of the material to implementing more secure shipping methods. Thanks to you–our very vocal, creative, and passionate community–we have a lot of feedback to work on over the upcoming weeks. Rest assure, your feedback has not gone unnoticed! Now our team is going to start chipping away to make things better for you guys. We hope to re-introduce this material in the future (we will have news very shortly–be on the lookout next month for updates), and re-introducing with better quality and more consistent lead times. With that said, we will stop offering this material Monday at the start of the business day (NYC time).

Last but not least, I like to thank you all for your enthusiasm and creativity–stay passionate about creating!


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