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Shapeways 3D Printed Awesome at SIGGRAPH: Day 2

Showing off the 3D printing awesomeness.

The Shapeways booth at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver has been an incredibly exciting place to be over the last few days.  We have seen thousands of people come through and the most common word I hear from almost everybody’s lips is awesome.

The Shapeways team here have been doing a fantastic job of explaining how 3D modeling experts, teachers and students can use Shapeways to make their 3D models into reality with 3D printing.

Our booth is one of the busiest at SIGGRAPH with many people returning multiple times a day, bringing friends and colleagues to see examples from the Shapeways community to show the huge range of what can be produced with 3D printing with popular items including the work of Batsheba, Virtox and Ceramic Wombat.

Even our booth is 3D printed with the entire structure held together by 3D printed connectors to showcase the strength and flexibility of 3D printing, an ambitious endeavor that even caught the attention of some seasoned booth designers/constructors… The booth would not have been possible without the hard work of John Briscella, many thanks.

If you are in Vancouver be sure to drop in to booth 816 to say hello.

Oh, and….
Happy Birthday Bart !!!!!!!!!!!!

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